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Macroeconomics is the element of economics focused on the economy, studying how and why various factors can have an economic impact. Macroeconomics concerns itself with the economy as a whole, considering wide-scale factors such as employment, inflation, productivity and more.



Demand and Supply in Macroeconomics and Microeconomics
11th Mar 2021
Introduction: Economics is a study of how to use limited resource to satisfy unlimited people wants. Demand and supply is the two main concept of the modern economic. Demand is what people want and sup...

How a Manager Uses Macroeconomics for Decision Making
11th Mar 2021
Introduction: Decision making is an important job of corporate managers. They have to take decisions regarding the employment of land, labour, and capital in such a manner that output may be maximized at least possible cost....

Economic Growth Lecture Notes
3rd Mar 2021
Introduction: Economic growth is the inflation-adjusted increase of the final market value of all goods and services produced in an economy over time....

Income and Expenditure Lecture Notes
3rd Mar 2021
Introduction: This chapter will consider Income and Expenditure. To provide an overview, the chapter will first consider the circular flow of money through......

International Trade Structure Lecture Notes
3rd Mar 2021
Introduction: International trade functions in much the same way as individual trade, except that the trade normally occurs with firms and, by definition......

Macroeconomic Fundamentals Lecture Notes
3rd Mar 2021
Introduction: The chapter sheds light on a fundamental set of economic notions and instruments that are crucial to understand contemporary economic relations......

Labour Demand Lecture Notes
3rd Mar 2021
Introduction: Labour economics seeks to understand the functioning of labour markets, and how such impacts on supply/ demand and wages. As with other goods......

Poverty and Inequality Lecture Notes
3rd Mar 2021
Introduction: Before we begin the chapter, it is vital that we mention the difference between poverty and inequality. To provide a definition, poverty......

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