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Get the grade from your tutor or your money back

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We don’t want things to go wrong, that’s why our service extends beyond our guarantees.

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Get the grade from your tutor or your money back!

New for 2016

Industry first - No other essay writing company in the world offers you this guarantee. Yet, through the continual developments in our quality control process and heavy investment into the best academic writers, we are able to bring this to you. We are so confident in our ability to produce top level academic work that we are prepared to back it with a full Money Back Guarantee. Never before have customers within this industry had such security, reassurance and peace of mind.

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£5,000 No Plagiarism Guarantee

Every single order we deliver comes with a plagiarism scan report from Viper - our custom-made plagiarism scanner.

Viper scans against online resources, just like TurnItIn or WriteCheck, as well as our own private database of all previous work.

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We always meet deadlines

We ensure every order is delivered on time. This involves working with your writer throughout the writing process and having a second writer on standby to complete the work if we're not happy with the progress being made. It's extremely rare that anything goes wrong but, even if your order is only a minute late, it's free.

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Extensive quality controls

When you receive your order, it will have been through our quality control processes to ensure it meets or exceeds the grade you ordered. We're proud of our extensive quality control measures, so we release a document that details all of the quality control checks and the results of your works plagiarism-detection scan with every order.

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Far exceeded the quality standard ordered. I think there should be an option to say if you want the same writer again!

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Our comprehensive quality checks are there to ensure your work is delivered right first time.

Beyond Guarantees

Most academic writing services provide guarantees so that you know you can get your money back if your order goes wrong. We know your education is worth more than the amount you pay for your order, which is why our guarantees are just the foundation to our service.

What makes UK Essays different is that, with every order, we provide evidence that we've done everything within our control to meet our guarantees and provide you with reports detailing the checks on your work.

No other writing service provides a comprehensive quality report and plagiarism scan so, as a UK Essays customer, you know that you'll always get the best academic work in the industry.

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