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APA Referencing

An Overview

APA Referencing is the referencing style of the American Psychological Association which is often used in the social sciences. APA is much the same as Harvard Referencing, following the format to cite a book:

Thus, the citation of a book in APA would be like this:

Taylor, T. (2014). How to Reference. London: Macmillan.

To cite a journal, follow this layout:

The citation of a journal in APA would be like this:

Taylor, T. (2014). Good Referencing. Referencing Today. 2. 11-26.

To cite an electronic text in APA follow this structure:

The citation of an electronic source in APA would look like this:

Taylor, J. (2007). APA Referencing. Online Referencing Guide. Retrieved Jan 5, 2015, from

In the body of the essay, referencing is parenthetical, as for Harvard Referencing.

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