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Great Wall of China: Importance and Latest Findings
30th Apr 2018
Introduction: (Use related reports, other published or on-line material to analyze the selected site) Introduction (250) The Great Wall was reckoned as the world’s largest human-made structure made up of sto...

A Study on Roman Ampitheatres
30th Apr 2018
Introduction: Roman amphitheatres If one were to ask any person what first comes to mind when they think of Roman civilisation, most people would instantly respond with the Colosseum in Rome, or the Gladiatorial g...

Domestication of Maize in Mesoamerica
30th Apr 2018
Introduction: One of the most basic needs of a human being is that of food. We most eat and drink to survive. Subsistence is a natural thought which consumes every modern humans day. What will I eat for breakfast? ...

Textiles of Mesoamericanos
30th Apr 2018
Introduction: The many cultural and artistic differences between the Pre Columbian societies made the Americas a breeding ground of beauty and fashion. The three famous societies; Aztecs, Mayans and Incans; each ha...

Theories for the Development of Agriculture
30th Apr 2018
Introduction: Question #2: Agriculture was one of the greatest advancements in human history as it provided a foundation for the development of social hierarchies or rank societies, population growth, greater acces...

Contributions of Feminism to Archaeological Theory
30th Apr 2018
Introduction: Introduction In its stages of conception, archaeology was considered to be merely a sub-discipline of both history and anthropology, and, in many cases, was restricted as a rich man’s hobby. Dev...

The Kennewick Man Controversy
30th Apr 2018
Introduction: An Exploration of the Kennewick Man Controversy The Kennewick Man controversy is one of the most well known federal court cases dealing with NAGPRA and Anthropological research. The case is influentia...

Archaeologists' Interpretations of Sex and Gender
30th Apr 2018
Introduction: How have archaeologists’ attempts to interpret sex and gender relations in the past changed? Gender, as a point of request in the investigation of prehistoric studies, has not been of essentia...

Analysis of Human Fossil Findings in Indonesia
30th Apr 2018
Introduction: Indonesia is an important country to examine about human origins and evolution, due to many sites within central Java, such as Sangiran and Ngandong which account for 75 percent of the world’s Homo...

The Meaning of Wine in Egyptian Tombs: Article Analysis
30th Apr 2018
Introduction: The find of Tutankhamun’s tomb is significant in its being one of a few intact royal tombs to have been discovered in Egypt thus far. Many of the artifacts in the tomb were spectacular, but the thr...