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Turbocharger Petrol Engine
1st Jun 2020
Introduction: The quest for higher efficiency of the internal combustion engine will always be pursued. Increasingly stringent emission regulations are forcing the manufacturers to downsize on engine displacement a...

Audi A8 Spare Wheel Well Benchmark Analysis
18th May 2020
Introduction: Introduction: A spare wheel well, also called spare wheel baffle, is a recessed storage tub located in the trunk of the vehicle. As the name suggests, it houses the spare wheel and tyre, along wi...

Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor
18th May 2020
Introduction: Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Efficiency plays an important role in increasing the productivity in industries. As a result, most of the companies now have become automated. Motors w...

Double Piezoelectric Micropump
18th May 2020
Introduction: Abstract    This paper discusses the development of a new micropump based on microfabrication techniques that can be used for drug delivery. First, actuation methods a...

Impact of Corrosion in Aviation
18th May 2020
Introduction: Corrosion is a major problem no matter where one encounters it. In its simplest definition, corrosion is the weakening and destroying of metal over time. On your car, home appliances, jewelry, so...

Industrial Automatic Box Sealing Machine
18th May 2020
Introduction: Industrial Automatic Box Sealing Machine Introduction The previous two many years of years has an important in advancement in the field of robots application. A lot more app...

Use of Ultrasonic Waves for Stress Analysis
8th Feb 2020
Introduction: Introduction Since it was proposed that ultrasound could be used to identify flaws in metals using transmission techniques, non-destructive examination methods involving ultrasound h...

Analysis and Control of Press Fit
8th Feb 2020
Introduction: Contents Nomenclature 1. Introduction 1.1 Aim 1.2 Objectives 2. Literature review 2.1 Finite element analysis 2.1.1 The fi...

Use and Applications of the Miner’s Rule
8th Feb 2020
Introduction: In a static load that does not change in time, a structurally safe object can often be easily found in the environment when it receives a dynamic load that fluctuates with time. This phenomenon i...

Strategies to Program an Arduino Device
8th Feb 2020
Introduction: Robotics Systems Project 1 Introduction:   1.1 Abstract The investigation into different ways to program an Arduino device as well as PID control systems ...