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Global Effects on Local Food
18th May 2020
Introduction: Think Globally, Act Locally:  Analysis of a Simple Breakfast Rural Indiana towns boast small, family-run diners where a Hoosier breakfast often consists of local eggs, ham and sausa...

Impact of Commercialized Urban Spaces on the Public
8th Feb 2020
Introduction: In the case of Shanghai and Hong Kong, how does commercialized urban space in Chinese metropolitan cities affect the public, from the aspect of culture, the economy, and urban planning? ...

The Landscape Urbanism Reader, Charles Waldheim
8th Feb 2020
Introduction: Intro:  Landscape Urbanism, in a globalized capitalist society, argues for an ecological integration as a cultural and social relief to urban environments. Charles Waldheim explains...

The Elements of Risk in the Great Smog of London 1952
8th Feb 2020
Introduction: Introduction  In the winter 1952 of London England, it experienced a disaster that severely impacted the city due to a dense combination of fog and smoke, otherwise known as smog, w...

Future Conflicts Due to Urbanisation
23rd Sep 2019
Introduction: Conflict in future will increasingly take place in the urban environment. Using examples since 1991 analyse the validity of this statement. Over the previous two decades there has alrea...

Strategies for Sustainable Agriculture
23rd Sep 2019
Introduction: Introduction Agriculture is a crucial engine of economy not only in developing nations rather worldwide. It accounted for one-third of global gross domestic product in 2014 and was foun...

Landscape Metric Analysis Toll Development
23rd Sep 2019
Introduction: Thesis Proposal A new tool for Landscape Metric Analysis Introduction Landscape metrics measure the composition and configuration of habitats within the Landscape frag...

Career Opportunities in the Environmental Field
23rd Sep 2019
Introduction: The Environmental Field Executive Summary   The environmental field is an important field for everyone living in the world as the way the environment is managed is im...

Ecological Degradation due to Globalization
23rd Sep 2019
Introduction: Ecological Degradation due to Globalization Globalization has led to many technological advancements; connecting people from all around the world and propelling us to new monetary heigh...

Contributions of Biotechnology to Agriculture
15th Dec 2017
Introduction: Introduction The Food and Agriculture Organization some 20 years ago released a paper stating that the amount of food produced worldwide will not be able to provide the constant nutritional needs for ...

Benefits of Environmental Law
15th Dec 2017
Introduction: Introduction Dating back to 1970’s the concept of environment and resource management in New Zealand has gradually developed to adjust to internationally addressed environmental issues fist reco...

Impact of Overpopulation in India
15th Dec 2017
Introduction: REFLECTIVE 1 IMPACT OF OVERPOPULATION IN INDIA Executive summary: On the conceptual note evaluation of overpopulation is highly straight forward. Groups usually rely over the local geographical area f...