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Translating from Major Language to Minor Language
1st Jun 2020
Introduction: Translation from a major language into a minor one is very different from translating in the opposite direction. Introduction It has been suggested that minority languages are not even acknowledged ...

Using Pragmatic Theories in Translation
23rd Sep 2019
Introduction: Using Pragmatic Theories in Translation By: Brian Friel famously said of translations that, “it is about language and only language.” Could that be true? Is translatin...

Impact of Globalization on Translation
15th Sep 2017
Introduction: Introduction Under the circumstances of globalization, the demand for high-quality and high- speed translations has been increasing worldwide. Satisfying these demands may result of the increasing of ...

Development of Translation Studies and Approaches
15th Sep 2017
Introduction: Introduction The present monograph is an attempt to demonstrate the fact that Translation Studies is not a mere branch of linguistics but an extensive discipline with many branches and very significan...

Medical Translation: Functionalist Approaches
15th Sep 2017
Introduction: Medical Translation: functionalist approaches Translation is used in every day life and is used in multiple fields of work. Translation is defined in the Collins Dictionary as “a piece of writin...

Contributions of Functionalist Approaches to Translation
15th Sep 2017
Introduction: INTRODUCTION The 1980s saw the birth of a number of approaches to Translation Studies (TS henceforth) collectively termed functionalist, which brought about a paradigm shift in the system. This essay ...

Polish Brewery Market Analysis
15th Sep 2017
Introduction: MARKET AND COMPETITION ANALYSIS Shareholders, employees with their families and collaborators with their families benefit from the beer business. According to the industry estimates this branch and co...

Chritiane Nord's Notion of 'Function Plus Loyalty'
15th Sep 2017
Introduction: INTRODUCTION The emergence of functionalist approaches to translation in the 1970s and 1980s was quite revolutionary in that it marked the move from what Munday (2001: 72) describes as ‘the stat...

Features of Non-literary Translation
17th Jul 2017
Introduction: This essay aims to explain the features of non literary translation. The texts are both specialised, but the specialist fields differ: text 1 belongs to......

Strategic Planning Methodology
1st Jan 2015
Introduction: Strategic analysis is a process which is based on three stages: analysis, planning and management. We can divide it into two types: function sense, and tool sense. In case of the function sense strate...

Translation Essays - Sir Frank Whittle
1st Jan 2015
Introduction: The pioneering work of Sir Frank Whittle in developing the jet engine. The pioneering work of Sir Frank Whittle in developing the jet engine helped transform the way civil aviation operates today.  I...