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Social Shaping Technology: Critical Analysis
3rd Dec 2020
Introduction: This assignment provides critical analysis about The Social Shaping Technology, more specifically, military technology. Social relations thus influence technological change by defining the market....

Educational Benefits of the United States Navy
3rd Dec 2020
Introduction: This paper will discuss military education benefits such as officer programs, tuition assistance, the G.I. Bill, and numerous other education opportunities available for service members and their families....

Poor Strategic Air Power in Rolling Thunder
23rd Nov 2020
Introduction: The Vietnam War proved extremely costly for the United States of America.  Despite being the world’s most technologically advanced superpower, America was held to a long stalemate by what was essentially a third world nation....

United States' Attack of Baghdad International Airport
23rd Nov 2020
Introduction: On the morning of April 3, 2003 United States troops marched on Baghdad International Airport, this decision would set the tone of the Battle of Baghdad and the rest of Operation Iraqi Freedom....

Prevalence of Rape Culture in the Military
4th Nov 2020
Introduction: This paper will be analyzing the prevalence of rape culture in the military as well as dissecting the reasoning behind its existence and will discuss measures that can be taken to prevent it...

Challenges for Female Services in the Male Dominated Military
4th Nov 2020
Introduction: The United States military comprises of both genders and various racial and ethnic groups, but it still mainly consists of White males. In today’s military, racial minorities make up about 30% of the 2.1 million Depart of Defense...

The Land of Vietnam: Advantages and Disadvantages to the War
4th Nov 2020
Introduction: The Land and Climate of Vietnam gave many disadvantages and advantages to the war. Due to the nature of Vietnam, climate and land was an important aspect to the war. The complexity of Vietnam made it hard for the Americans...

Irregular Warfare and Military Strategy
4th Nov 2020
Introduction: As the United States deals with the threat of near-peer competition, current irregular warfare (IW) doctrine is insufficient to with adversary irregular strategies which are intended to disrupt and degrade the National power over time...

War Tactics Throughout History
18th May 2020
Introduction: War Tactics Throughout History War tactics have been very relevant throughout the world’s history, and it has changed the outcome of significant events with tactics and strategies....

Analysis of the Battle of Bhutan
18th May 2020
Introduction: Introduction  Over the course of World War 2 there are many points in which soldiers have made imperative decisions for advancement through tactical knowledge. By usage of critical ...

Fight Command's Near Defeat in the Battle of Britain
18th May 2020
Introduction: Fighter Command came close to defeat during the Battle of Britain. How accurate is this statement? Smith CA, 383, A Flt, D Sqn The Battle of Britain was an aerial campaign launc...

Levels of Leadership in the Military
18th May 2020
Introduction:  The purpose of this essay is to tackle what the Levels of Leadership are in the military.  Leaders are the competitive advantage that can possess the technology and cannot replace or s...