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Spinal Muscular Atrophy
1st Jan 1970
Introduction: Spinal Muscular Atrophy Spinal muscular Atrophy is a disorder when the spine and muscles are affected. The Neurons on the spinal cord that control movement of muscles are infected and causes the Neu...

Marfan Syndrome Disorder
1st Jan 1970
Introduction: Marfan syndrome In the early centuries some people might have had Marfan syndrome. Most will ask “What is Marfan Syndrome?” or “Do I have Marfan syndrome?” But our scientists answer theses qu...

Pregnancy Foetus Mother
1st Jan 1970
Introduction: Pregnancy is a state whereby there is a symbiotic union between a mother and her foetus. During this period, all systems of the body change to accommodate the trophoblast, the immune system (a complex...

Mercury Contaminated Fish
1st Jan 1970
Introduction: Summary: This is a 7 page paper on, Effects of Mercury Contaminated Fish on Consumer’s Health. The paper further summarizes how mercury contaminated fish’s effects on consumer’s heal...

Pathophysiology Disease Body
1st Jan 1970
Introduction: Ulcerative colitis. Pathophysiology is the study of disturbance of normal mechanical, physical and biochemical functions either caused by a disease or resulting from a disease or abnormal syndrome or ...