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Scrap Tires as Seismic Isolation Material
8th Feb 2020
Introduction: Abstract Nowadays, many techniques are invented to prevent structures from the damages caused by earthquakes but the most effective design is isolation technique. However, the technique ...

Are Neoclassical Buildings Fascist Architecture?
8th Feb 2020
Introduction: Are Neoclassical buildings Fascist architecture, and should the political foundations of a building besmirch the aesthetics and style of the design? Architecture should arguably take res...

Community Architecture in the Global North and South
8th Feb 2020
Introduction: Community architecture is based around the idea of ‘self-build’. There are various definitions by a number of key figures linked with the movement but the essence is the importance of user in...

Adaptive Redesign for Jose Marti Park
8th Feb 2020
Introduction: Due to climate change, global natural disasters are becoming more frequent and intense, sea levels rise, extreme weather and floods occur frequently, and become natural disasters, causing massive...

Role of Culture in Promoting Architectural Identity
23rd Sep 2019
Introduction: Culture is“the complex of distinctive attainments, beliefs, traditions [which establish] the background of [a] racial, religious, or social group” (Kenney, 1994). “Architecture is...

Critical Regionalism, Interplay and Formalism
23rd Sep 2019
Introduction: Critical regionalism, interplay and formalism This essay discusses the inherently rich means of describing and thinking about architecture seen in Gadamer’s notion of interplay and Fr...

Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw, Poland
23rd Sep 2019
Introduction: The Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw, Poland “The last battle of the colonized against the colonizer will often be the fight of the colonized against each other.” Franz Fanon...

Methods for Assessing Building Sustainability
23rd Sep 2019
Introduction: Taking a BREEAM scheme and its comparable schemes from other environmental assessment methodologies, please describe their differences and advantages and disadvantages CONTENTS ...

Living with Buildings - Wellcome Collection
23rd Sep 2019
Introduction: Living with Buildings – Wellcome Collection   The Wellcome Building located in London, England. Source: WilkinsonEyre The impact of buildings on our physica...

Simple but fascinating build idea of a small house.
23rd Sep 2019
Introduction: Simple but fascinating build idea of a small house. This essay will be analysing the function, aesthetics, form of construction and the use of materials of the Moore House designed by C...

Poli House: Deconstructivism vs Minimalism
23rd Sep 2019
Introduction: ­­­­  Deconstructivism vs Minimalism  Poli House – CASAPOLI The Poli House is a modern cubical residence located on the Coliumo pen...

Perception of Human Spaces
23rd Sep 2019
Introduction: Perception of Human Spaces Can perception of public spaces be altered by their surrounding physical and metaphysical environments? Introduction and Narrative “The mo...