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Accounting Essays

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Analysis of Financial Annual Reports

Whilst the two companies operate in the same market and are keen rivals, with Lowe’s’ being the nearest competitor to The Home Depot, the actual…

Construction of Investment Portfolio

The equity securities are all FTSE 100 securities. These securities belong to five diverse sectors, namely, Airlines, Real Estate, Banking, Retail and…

Revenue Recognition and Corporate Governance

Revenue recognition is one of the most important accounting concepts to organisations across the globe. Basically, there are two main ways in which…

Auditing Risk and Liabilities

Auditors are naturally nervous of the potential liability that they face when undertaking their role. This is particularly the case when it comes to…

Concepts in Creative Accounting

Creative Accounting is usually depicted as a smeared subject and hence considered as an adverse deed. It is quite common that as and when the words…

ICT Innovation in Accounting Education

ICT has created significant benefits for accounting. ICT networks and computer systems have shortened the lead time needed by accountants to prepare…

Principles of Fairness in Taxation

Is it true to say that some forms of taxation are fairer than others? How might the present taxation system in the UK be improved to make it fairer?

How to Write an Accounting Essay

In your accounting essay you are looking to carry out a sustained study of a specific topic, and therefore this topic must be well researched.

Market Based Accounting Research Impacts

The focus of this dissertation will be on examining how market-based accounting research impacts the kind of common stock traded in major stock exchanges.

Comparison of Financial Reporting Systems

This paper compares the systems used in four member states, being the UK, France, Germany and Poland. In addition, it will also provide an evaluation…

Basic Assumptions in Accounting

Accounts are produced by all companies as a way of providing information to all third parties interested in the company’s performance.

EU’s Adoption of IFRS

The intention of this paper is to discuss why the EU felt it necessary to adopt the IFRS; provide an understand of the IFRS main goals and to ascertain…