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International Business refers to transactions and operations that occur across national borders, with two or more countries involved in the transaction. The transactions involved in International Business can include services, goods, capital, technology, and more.

International Business


International Trade Structure Lecture Notes
3rd Mar 2021
Introduction: International trade functions in much the same way as individual trade, except that the trade normally occurs with firms and, by definition......

Toyota International Marketing
9th Dec 2020
Introduction: This essay explores international marketing at Toyota, taking a look at the Toyota business environment, including segmentation, target market, micro/macro environments, and SWOT and PESTEL analyses....

International Management of McDonald's
8th Dec 2020
Introduction: This essay is based on the analysis of the international business strategy of McDonald’s. Firstly, this essay would discuss the international operations of McDonald’s. Secondly, it would give an in-depth on McDonalds cultural difference management....

Lidl Internationalisation Strategy: Competition and Challenges
2nd Nov 2020
Introduction: The company that is going to be used here is Lidl, an international giant in the food industry, which has global reputation for managing better quality every day. To clarify the strategy that has to be taken to make an entry in the...

Modes of Entry for International Markets
1st Jun 2020
Introduction: Critically discuss the various modes of entry for which an organisation can internationalise their operations. Is there one mode that is preferred above others? Introduction to Foreign Market Entry Mo...

Challenges Faced by IKEA
9th Oct 2017
Introduction: IKEA is a house furnishing store that have been franchise store. IKEA was firstly opened in Sweden, the owner and franchiser of IKEA is from Netherlands and store in almost in 31 countries. Their busi...

Importance of culture in International Business
1st Jan 2015
Introduction: Terrorism, development of ethnic violence, gender inequalities, poverty and diseases…etc. has driven societies to be more opaque, uncertain about their future. Since the 11th of September 2001, ...

Similarities between Domestic and International HRM
1st Jan 2015
Introduction: HRM plays a key role in any organisation. It is the core of corporate strategy as HRM could help company improve their performance, form sustainable competitive advantages, and have a guiding role in ...

The international market strategy of Mcdonalds
1st Jan 2015
Introduction: Executive Summary Mc Donald’s is one of the world’s largest chains of fast food restaurants. They operate thirty two thousand restaurants serving more than sixty million customers daily. T...

The International Growth Of Zara Marketing Essay
1st Jan 2015
Introduction: The emergence of global fashion has transformed the way fashion is perceived in the contemporary world (Nobukaza & John 2003). In the recent years, there has been a surge of global fashion brands...

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