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Human Resource Management (HRM) relates to the management of people within an organisation. HRM focuses on the human aspect of a business, contributing to a smooth and efficient operation.

Human Resource Management (HRM)


Recruitment and Selection Lecture Notes
3rd Mar 2021
Introduction: This Chapter examines the recruitment process in depth, discussing how selection is a mutual process for both the employer and potential employee....

Organisational Behaviour Lecture Notes
3rd Mar 2021
Introduction: This Chapter examines organisational behaviour, considering what people do in an organisation and how their behaviour affects the performance......

Motivation Lecture Notes
3rd Mar 2021
Introduction: Motivation seeks to understand how to maximise employee productivity in the work environment. This Chapter seeks to consider the complexities......

Knowledge and Training Lecture Notes
3rd Mar 2021
Introduction: This Chapter explores the concept of knowledge and knowledge management, discussing the issues surrounding organisational learning....

Groups and Teams Lecture Notes
3rd Mar 2021
Introduction: This Chapter provides an overview of the core theories and issues surrounding the operation and associated dynamics of teams and groups....

Employee Relations Lecture Notes
3rd Mar 2021
Introduction: This Chapter outlines the major factors shaping and defining the employer-employee relationship, discussing the concept of the employee......

Organisational Culture Lecture Notes
3rd Mar 2021
Introduction: Organisational culture influences the behaviour of organisations but as it is intangible it is difficult to define and understand....

Effectiveness of HRM in Ford Motors
15th Dec 2020
Introduction: This paper is an outline of how the steps that the Human Resources at the Ford is taking to ensure its alignment with the organisational strategies for better organizational performance and fulfilment of objectives....

The Walt Disney Company Human Resource Management
10th Dec 2020
Introduction: This report will discuss what a human resource plan is and how to develop a human resource plan, before exploring human resource management at the Walt Disney Company....

Business Ethics on Human Resource Management
8th Feb 2020
Introduction: Introduction Business ethics are the moral doctrines that direct the way to business behave. Business ethics determines the actions of every individual that distinguish the right or wron...

Mcdonalds Human Resource Management (HRM)
6th Dec 2017
Introduction: In this report it has been analyzed and found out the kind of Human Resource management theories and techniques are in reality implemented or practiced by the McDonald’s Human Resource Managemen...

Importance of Strategic Human Resource Management
12th Jun 2017
Introduction: The business that I have chosen to study as part of this assignment is TESCO. TESCO is a public limited company, which is very successful and renowned in all over the world. I am always interested abo...

The Process Of Human Resource Development Business Essay
1st Jan 2015
Introduction: Human resource development is the process of assisting employees in a certain organization to improve their personal and organizational skills, their abilities and use of knowledge. This includes hel...

Importance of Human Resource planning in an organisation
1st Jan 2015
Introduction: This assignment is about human resource planning. For the purpose of this assignment, I selected McDonald and consider myself as human resource senior manager. McDonald is the world’s largest fa...

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