How to write a Social Work Essay

Preparing a social work essay will require you to research the role social work has played within our society. The guiding principles, government legislation, and personal relations have all shaped and directed the role of social work within the community.

As a researcher, you must gather source material from a variety of places. Start with your textbook and lecture notes. Newspapers can prove a valuable resource for current issues in the social work field. In addition, search online databases and Google Books for rich sources of verifiable information. Another technique for gathering information on social work is to personally interview two or three different social workers to gain insight to their role.

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Prepare a detailed list of questions before you arrive at the interview. Be ready to adlib questions if they verge off-course. Be prepared and do your research ahead of time so you don't get caught off-guard. If you are lucky enough to have a professor provide you with a topic on social work, begin researching that specific area. If not, think in terms of political motivations, world affairs, and current community relations and how social work has influenced each of these areas.

There are multiple topics and securing a suitable topic will be easy when you focus on the forces of social work within the political arena. When you have completed your essay and are ready for submission for grading, take one more opportunity to carefully proofread your essay. Search for errors in spelling and grammar, sentence structure, and punctuation.

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