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How to write an International Relations Essay

An international relations essay can address issues such as diplomacy and foreign affairs, our world economy, the international political climate, and current affairs. If you are a political science major, you will be well-briefed on each of these topics matters. Typically, your professor will present an outline specifying topic, format requirements, length, and other general guidelines.

Carefully review these guidelines to ensure compliance with your assignment. The beauty of an international relations essay is oftentimes it will focus on an international current affair and how it relates to our political situation, economic condition, or the international community as a whole. National newspapers and large foreign newspapers can serve as a trusted source for current affairs information. Respected periodicals, journals, and books can be located online and at Google Scholar to gauge the current mood and accurately access your topic.

APA or Harvard formatting is typically used in political science disciplines. Consult with your research notes as you begin constructing your international relations essay. International relations essay follow the standard guidelines of a brief introduction and presentation of your main ideas and arguments. Your succeeding paragraphs will expand of your introduction and provide detailed arguments and supporting information to substantiate your claims.

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In your closing paragraphs, focus on highlighting each main point you touched on. Give a brief acknowledgement to each point to provide a strong foundation of believability. To portray your essay in the best possible light, take the time to thoroughly proofread and check for errors. Simple spelling and grammar errors, faulty logic and conclusions, and lack of smooth transitions can spell disaster.

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