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How to write a Geography Essay

There are a host of topics within the discipline of geography to write a persuasive and interesting essay. Geography deals with diverse areas of topics, such as our cultural and physical environments. This gives us great latitude when determining our focus.

The study of our Earth's topography to how cultural influences dictate our views and opinions are a small sampling of areas to write within the geography discipline. If you have free rein to determine your own topic, look to an area of interest to find an interesting topic to research. Your geography essay will have a specific topic.

Determine your focus and begin researching material. If your focus is in the cultural geography field you will find a wealth of information from within the fields of psychology, sociology, political science and philosophy. Be creative when searching for source information.

Course material and books from other humanities classes can be used to augment traditional sources of information, such as library books and online sources. Prepare a detailed geography essay by supplying your reader with a rich source of documented and factual information that conveys your subject-matter knowledge.

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A critical analysis is often imperative when preparing a geography essay. You might be asked to analyze cultural influences within a subset of the population or analyze the influences of trade winds on the Earth's agricultural communities. A well-researched analysis will provide you the foundation to craft a stellar geography essay.

A typical geography essay will explore a specific topic and move into detailed points within each paragraph. Supplemental supporting analysis will confirm your viewpoint and each subsequent paragraph will reinforce your general message. Adding bullet points and short blocks of information can make your essay easier to read. Allow sufficient time before your paper's due date to carefully proofread for errors in logic, grammar and spelling, and flow.

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