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How to write a Communications Essay

Often assigned in business classes that focus on the communications aspect of business transactions, including negotiations and influencing others, the communications essay can cover a wide range of topics, including listening, non-verbal techniques, communication styles and communicating for influence.

While a topic may be assigned, there are other situations where you will have to develop your own topic and thesis for your communications essay. Think about something that interests you on this topic as this often helps to write a more effective and convincing argument. Often requiring an MLA or Harvard format, a communications essay needs to have a specific framework based on the basic essay structure of introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion, but there may also be specifics related to spacing, subheads, in-text referencing and reference page that must be identified upfront.

If you incorporate this style as you write the paper, you can save valuable time at the end of the communications essay process that you can use to review and revise. A communications essay can be enhanced with extensive research so spend most of your time on reading and gathering articles and books found in your library or on sites like Questia, Highbeam, and Google Scholar.

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There are also ways to access academic and scholarly journal databases where you can get updated case studies and examples of communications applications and examples. These can all form the basis of an outline that will guide the organization of ideas within your communications essay. Use the introduction to create a general context for why the topic is being written about it followed by your thesis statement. Then, use each of the body paragraphs to write about one of the main ideas related to that thesis statement.

End it with a conclusions section that summarises the ideas and offers some further illustration that you were able to analyse the information rather than just repeat the research. Finally, reread and revise to hook sections together in a logical fashion and look for consistency and accuracy in format, spelling, and grammar.

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