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Visual Style And Elements Of Gameplay Video Games Essay

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Video Games
Wordcount: 2495 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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The first level starts with the character Gandalf helping at the Battle of the Hornburg. You are shown by a tutorial how to fight by using the controller, and also told where to go to. Completing this level splits the next one into three separate missions with different characters. One path is as Gandalf the wizard. One path is as a king with Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli. One path is hobbits with Frodo and Sam.

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The theme contains villainous creatures for example orcs, uruk hai, cave trolls, Gollum, Witch-King of Angmar, Mûmakil and Wargs. These are all are NPC (Non Playable Characters). Also when playing single player there will be good people with you, for example, if you are playing as Aragorn the NPCs will be Legolas and Gimli and other good soldiers. It shows lots of different of atmosphere themes, for example, rock, smoke, fire, walls, trees and buildings.


A wizard style character is a powerful character.

He would use swords, spells and his white staff. He would attack the enemy from both long and short range. He wears white hat and white cloak. This example is Gandalf.

A human style character would be strong and quick. He would use swords, and he would be better at sword skills than other characters in the game. He also knows how to use bow and arrows and is good at archery but not as good as Legolas. He would be able to attack the enemy from both long and short range. He wears black clothes and a green cloak, but when the game is nearly finished he wears a red and blue cloak. This example is Aragon.

An elf style character would be quick and strong. He would be able to use bow and arrows are be extremely good at targeting and fast. He also uses two swords and is a good fighter but not as good as Aragorn.

He would attack the enemy from both long and short range. He wears clad green and brown and good green cloak. This example is Legolas.

A dwarf style character would be a strong and slow character. He would use a battle axe with good strength. He has throwing axes, but is not as good as Legolas. He would attack the enemy from both long and short range. He wears dark red and brown clothes and helmet. This example is Gimli.

A hobbits style characters would be a weaker than the other characters. All hobbits can use swords and throwing sticks. One of hobbits is called Frodo, and he uses a special blue sword, and when the enemy gets closer the blue will glow. All hobbits would attack the enemy from both long and short range. One of the hobbits wears a green cloak, one wears a grey cloak, one wears a light brown cloak and one wears a dark red cloak. These examples are Sam, Merry and Pippin.


The genre is adventure and action. It is third person which is easy to use and means you can see everything thats going on.


The player and the enemy NPC (Non Playable Characters) both show a HUD to show their lives. Both fighters will get effects on their life, for example, Gandalf using a sword to hit the enemy body and the effect is life will decrease a little, but if Gandalf uses a sword to hit the enemy head the effect is life will quickly reduce. That will show us the enemy’s weakness areas and will also make the enemy fight slow and weaker. There are lots of weapons, for example, you have to kill a big enemy and use strong weapons to kill it. If you use weak weapons to kill it will take longer or you die.


The player can get rewards by killing the enemy and gaining experience points, to up to the level of the character. This will unlock better weapons, for example, buying a fire sword and using it.

GTA: San Andreas (Third Person Sandbox)

Game-world and Setting

This uses states based on California and Nevada. They also use three fictional cities; Los Santos based on Los Angeles, San Fieroo based on San Francisco and Las Venturas based on Las Vegas. They use the name of deserts; Nevada and Arizona. They also have the half mile tall Mount Chiliad, which the character can climb. There is another mountain, Mount Diablo and different peaks and skyscrapers. Character can visit 12 country towns and villages placed in three counties, Red County, Flint County and Bone County. It has lots of NPC (Non Playable Characters) for example lots of people walking on the street and driving cars. It also has a day and night time cycle.


There is only one character that can do walking, running, sprinting, swimming, climbing and jumping. He can also use weapons and different kinds of hand to hand combat. The character can drive different type of vehicles for example boats, airplanes, helicopters, motorcycles, bikes, buses, trains, tanks and automobiles. The character can leave vehicles and steal other better vehicles. This character lives in a living, breathing city. This character can wear any clothes; he just has to go to a shop to buy clothes. Also he can go to his safe house to change clothes and it has special uniforms, these are for missions.


The genre is sandbox, which means you can do whatever you want to do. It is third person look at that person where to go to and wide range.


The player has a HUD to see their life and the enemy NPC (Non Playable Characters) has same but the player must target the person to show it. Targeting lets the player kill the NPC. The player can just use explosives to bomb everything. For example, Carl can fly a jetpack and use an AK 47 to shoot the lower ground to kill all the bad gang members. To protect player life the bad gang have the weakness of not being able to fly. It will show violent blood.


The player can get rewards by killing the enemy which will leave weapons and money. The player must complete the missions and will gain the reward, for example, a gun will be stored at the safe house and player can collect it anytime they want. Also they could get good cars. The player can kill people, policemen and gangs on the street; they will then show weapons and money.

WWE: Smackdown Vs Raw 2009 (Sports)

Game-world and Setting

The theme will show the boxed ring. It will show the targets HUD. You fight peoples to injure them in different ways. There will be fans on the crowd seats. All the characters can be NPCs (Non Playable Characters) also you can play on multiplayer to fight friends on the game.


There are lots of characters that the player can be.

One style of character would be strong and big. This character would use signature moves like; running DDT, big boot, sidewalk slam, dragon sleeper and old school (arm twist ropewalk chop). The finishing moves are chokeslam, Hell Gate and tombstone. He wears black trouser and a black v on his top. A good example is the character ‘The Undertaker’. Also there is more characters who are big and strong for example Batista.

Another style of character would be high flyer. This character would have signature moves like baseball slide, arm drag, bulldog and bronco buster. The finishing moves are 619, frog splash and west coast pop (springboard hurricanrana pin). An example of this style would be ‘Ray Mysterio’. He wears shiny trouser and mask. Also there are more high flyer characters, for example, Jeff Hardy.

Another style of character would be diva. This character would have signature moves like bodyscissors, camel clutch, bow and arrow stretch and kranium buster (flipping neckbreaker). The finishing moves are last call, California dream (muta lock) and snapmare driver. Melina Perez is a good example of this character. Also there are more diva characters for example Layla.

Another style of character would be legend. This character would have signature moves like back body drop, cobra clutch, spinebuster and Texas piledriver. The finishing moves are Stone Cold Stunner ((Sitout three-quarter facelock jawbreaker, usually proceeded by a kick to the opponent’s midsection), Stun Gun (Flapjack dropped into a hangman) and Million Dollar Dream (Cobra clutch). This character starts locked; the game has to be played on Season Mode to unlock. Stone Cold Steve Austin is a good example of this character; also there are more character legends, for example, Hulk Hogan.


The genre is sports. It is third person, easy to use and you can see what everything going on.


The player and the COM (Computer player) NPC (Non Playable Characters) they both will show the HUD to see their body life. For example the Undertaker hits Kanes head and the HUD will flash the colour light yellow, which confirms that Kanes head is a bit injured. Keep hitting him more to do more damage. Different ways of causing damage are grapple and Signature moves; big boots, corner clothesline and dragon sleeper. Then the HUD will flash orange to confirm that Kanes condition is half way and he is injured. After that keep hitting him and the HUD will flash the red, to confirm that Kanes condition is really badly injured. Finally the Undertaker can pin him or do finishing moves then pin him. Kanes body will be slow and weak.


The player can get rewards by winning a game and gaining strength to use on Season Mode. The player must complete the missions, and will gain the reward or break a record. For example, the player has to do three finishing moves and will get money, which the player can use to buy better moves.

Borderlands (Action FPS)

Game-world and Setting

The planet is calling Pandora. There is few wildlife and lots of bandits. Lots of rich people left the planet. The planet has lots of barren wasteland. There are many colonization ships to set up life and mining on the planet. Somebody found the ancient history of the planet, they used the aliens vault to make more powerful weapons. This vault has been lost and people are now looking for it.


There are four playable characters; Brick, Moricadi, Solider Roland and Lilith. They all have different type of weapons and the strengths.

The Brick character is a Berserker and a tank style character. This character has very strong melee combat. Most of the time, this character uses explosives and rocket launchers as weapons. This character has a special ability of berserker rage mode. He use his huge hand to beat his enemies to death and he is in a crazy rage.

The Moricadi character would be a Hunter style. This character is very strong at melee combat. He would use sniper rifles and revolvers. This character has the special ability of getting help from his pet Bloodwing, who uses its long range to attack his enemies. Also this character can scavenge for loot.

Roland is a soldier style character. He was a member of Atlas Corporation’s private Crimson Lance army. This game is best used with a Soldier. This character is very strong using melee combat. He uses shotguns and assault rifles. This character has a special ability of using a automatic gun turret and can upgrade the range of this.

The Lilith style character is one of the six known Sirens in the galaxy. This character has superhuman powers but cannot cope using them. This character is very strong in melee combat. She uses elemental tech weapons and guns. This character has a special ability of using phasewalk to run faster around the planet and make her invisible.


The genre is action. It is FPS (First Person Shooter) first person means when you can see your own feet, that is first person.


The player can fight the enemy and both will show a HUD of their life. Also the player will level up to get better skills, for example, make one of the special abilities stronger. The player can target the enemy Skag to shoot it and it will show the hit points that are taken off the Skag’s life.


The player can get rewards by kills the enemy and it will drop weapons and money.

Crash Bash (Third Person Platform)

Game-world and Setting

The character must complete all 28 levels to win. The character player has challenges on each level to beat the other players. The aim is to win the trophies, crystals and gems. There are five Warp Rooms that are locked and the player can to unlock to gain the prize and it will open up new challenges.


The two good style characters are Crash and Coco from Crash Bash they are strong, quick and have spinning abilities. One boy has an orange body and blue trouser. The other one has big blonde hair and purple clothes.

Some characters are the same in ability, but one is good and one is evil. The good character is Tiny, and the bad one is Koala King. They are both powerful, muscular, slow and have a kicking ability. Tiny has an orange body with a muscular shape, and green pants, Koala King has a gray body, with a muscular shape, and a red vest and yellow trousers.

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Another good/bad set of characters are Dingdoile and Rilla Roo. They are both strong, slow with a fat look and spinning abilities. Again, they both have the same movement and moves, the only difference are how they look. Dingdoile is a combination of Dingo and Crocodile, with a brown body and brown trousers. Rilla Roo is a combination of Gorilla and Kangaroo with a brown body and red and white striped trousers.

Another set of good/bad characters with the same abilites are Neo Cortex and Nitrus Brio. They are both srong, quick and have a shooting ability. Neo Cortex has a large brain, with the letter N on his forehead, and wears a lab coat and has a black gun. Nitrus Brio has a long head with nuts and bolts, wears a white lab coat, and has a purple gun.

These playable characters all have the same abilities of being able to walk, jump, spinning or kick or shoot and throw boxes.


The genre is adventure, action and platform. It is Third person look at that person where to go to and wide range.


The player and the enemy NPC (Non Playable Characters) both will show the HUD to see their life and points. For example Crash picks up the box and throws it to Rilla Roo. The effect is Rilla Roo will be hurt, fall and his life will decrease. There is another example, Crash has to get on a pogo jumper to jump on all the boxes and gain points not life. Crash has rocket to shoot the Rilla Roo which will try to bomb him and slow him down.


The player can get rewards by attacking an enemy to get; a good rocket to shoot the other player, a pogo jumper that moves faster to get all the boxes so other player cannot get them, and slow them down, meaning you can quickly get more points.


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