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“Social casework is a method of helping people individually through a one-to-one relationship. It is used by professionally-trained social workers in social work agencies or organizations to help people with their problems of social functioning. Problems of social functioning refer to situations concerned with social roles and their performance. (Mathew 1991)”.


Vinimay trust is situated in Koperkharaine, navi-mumbai (Maharastra State). Established in 1981 and registered in 1989. It is a social work organization [NGO] working for under-privileged children and youth staying in, and emerging out of, child welfare institutions. It is an organisation which run and managed by volunteers. Today it has more than 250 volunteers. It is working for children and youth welfare. It has a 3 storey building in Koperkharaine name Tarun Sadan, where the boys stays It is primarily working for child welfare and youth child welfare it arranged the many activity, like birthday celebration, organising games games and picnic and various event in different child welfare homes that comes under the child welfare department in Mumbai, beside this it does youth welfare activity as rehabilitation of the boys through a facility of lodging, saving and various programme, which helps them to fit themselves in the larger society. The boys here come from various child welfare institution with various background they need various support through the government, through the society and Vinimay trust is just an experiment of that. It is fair to say that the flaws in the child welfare institution, leads to the creation of these type of institution. There are not so many after care institution in Mumbai and in these type of scenario, Vinimay trust took a step forward toward a just society. There are capacity for 52 boys in the Vinimay Trust who stay there for three years from the date of admission and this process is going on since its establishment Though these boys have no identity and address proof or other documents which are very critical for living today and in the lack of these basic documents, they have to face several hurdle in the life So the boys who come here must have to open their bank account, Aadhar card, pan card, voter card within six month from the date of admission here. Though Vinimay trust do these work and for that the local government body play a pivotal role in the process.


I have selected the case of Gajanand for the assignment. Though he was new to Tarun Sadan. Usually boys there played cricket, watching TV in group. Prima facia he was also in the group but never talk much to anyone. Within three month he ran away four times four times from the Tarun Sadan. Though his background, that were written in the file of Tarun Sadan and that information itself come from previous institution says that he has experience of running away from home and from some institution. He is employed but he didn’t go to job regularly and he left the job thrice.


  • NAME- Gajanand ( name has been changed for the purpose of confidentiality )
  • SEX- Male
  • AGE- 18
  • RELIGION- Hindu
  • Name of the child welfare institution– David Sussane Industrial School
  • Family information- no family information
  • Date of admission in Tarun Sadan- 5/04/2013
  • Mother’s name- no information
  • Father’s name- no information
  • Skill 6 month fitter course from Maharastra State Board of Vocational Examination in June with First class.
  • Harmful habit- Tobacco

Job detail

  • Current employment- Tayyar Ho. K, Juinagar
  • Position- housekeeper
  • Monthly salary-8500
  • Earlier Employment Detail- Anand Hotel, Koperkharaine

Life history

He was living with his family but he didn’t know about them. He ran from his home with his friend but he missed his friend somewhere in the train. His native place is Islapur, Nanaded. He think his family is living in his native place. He went to Pune once to meet his uncle but he took him at Sarva Seva Sangh 0rg. He also ran away from this organization.


There are seven stage are involved while doing casework with individual. These stage are as follows:-

  1. Engagement
  2. Assessment
  3. Planning
  4. Implementation
  5. Evaluation
  6. Termination and
  7. Follow-up


  1. Listening
  2. Observation
  3. Interview
  4. Home visits
  5. Relationship


  1. Acceptance
  2. Assurance
  3. Facilitating Expression of feelings
  4. Encouragement and Reassurance
  5. Being with the client
  6. Emotional support

In my field work there are very large scope of doing the casework study because its work for institutionalised people.

First stage is Engagement in which there is a systematic study of client, his/her situation related to his or her problem. In this process, I collect information like what is the problem with the client and what can be the associated problem can be arise with the problem. Though the first step is the most difficult step for any individual. How to interact, how to build rapport with them, how to make him free to speak up. When I first met with my client, it was confusing moment for me. As I tried to talk to him, when I says hey bhai, idhar aao, he looked at me and ran away from there and all the boys who were playing cricket there, laugh at me. After that whenever I tried to talk with him, he didn’t respond me appropriately as if he was fearing from me. He never looked at me properly but when I went to nearby park with some other boys of Tarun Sadan, I took him also and that trip was the ice-breaking between us. During the process of engagement I used several tools and technique on various occasion. The basic tenant for any social worker is acceptance and listen to them, what they are saying. In this stage I used listening, interview and observation by using almost all the technique. Earlier the client was not talking to me but through these techniques, it create an environment there where he feel comfortable and then my interview take place. Though it was not a onetime interview, it was an ongoing process. There I observe some behaviour in the client and that is

  • Being introvert
  • Shy
  • Not speaking to most of the boys
  • Not doing the job properly
  • Some little Memory of his family
  • Strong determination to go to his family
  • Individually tried to trace his family
  • Bad memory of child welfare institution
  • Not good perception on women
  • But he was very humble when he became familiar with me
  • He didn’t complain too much about anybody
  • No girlfriend and not focused on that
  • Says he will marry as their parents wish

In second stage, it includes assessment, which aimed at finding answers to three major questions: what is the problem? How it has arisen? What can be done to solve it? The need of social assessment is that of making a conceptual picture of the problem, which will help in deciding the action plan. It is the need to understand the structure of the personality and factors influencing and obstructing personality development. In this stage I figured out various incidents impacted his believe system and a strong attachment to his memory of his family. He ran away from his home, from Pune and from Tarun Sadan. The factor leading to leave his home was just a flow with his friend but after that he realised that what he is missing and that familiar care and support, that attachment to his family. Though the time he left his home he was 8 years of the age and he has little memory of his home. Only he know is his village and some memory of the station where he catches the train from his home. But one thing is clear is that due to his inner urge to go to his family leads to various other situation where he is not loving his job, running away from Tarun Sadan and being shy is a product of that. Though he stays with three room mate who has family in his village and other has sister, so this repeated expression of the attachment to the family of his roommates also forced him to think about his family.

Through during almost every process I used all the techniques that written above and regarding tools except home visit I used all. So the major problem I found in his situation is that

  • Familiar memory
  • Psychological support
  • Lack of confidence
  • Not believing on others
  • Fear of unknown
  • Hesitating to talk with other

Third stage is planning in which worker should make the plan for proceeding the case that how they proceed and how they start. So, my planning was

  • Counselling support
  • Tracing his family
  • Create an environment where he feels comfortable and doesn’t hesitate to talking with others
  • More engage in jobs and recreation activity
  • Try to search a better livelihood option for him

Though in my case assessment, planning and implementation overlap many a times. In some cases what I understood about my clients some aspect of his behaviour earlier was changed after some incidence. I am just giving an example of him is that when I first though that it’s his laziness that why he is not wanting to go to job but with rigorous engagement and analysis of the situation it came that it was his obsession for his family that captured his mind so much that he doesn’t think beyond it. So earlier what I planned changed as I came up through new aspects.

Fourth stage is Implementation or intervention in which there are the helping activities for the client known as intervention. This step has to blend with the plan of action following social assessment. There are many ways through client can be helped like assistance in terms of emotional and concrete support, material things like money, articles, medicines etc. non-material resources like information and knowledge, by bringing change in human and physical environment and through counselling to facilitate change in the feeling, thinking, knowing, speaking and doing behaviour of the client. In this stage I implements all the plan that I took, as tracing the family, counselling supports, better livelihood options etc. though in the Tarun Sadan there is facility of Counselling by a NGOs Disha Kendra. But he didn’t go to that session regularly and also he speak not too much there. In nutshell according to him “ye sab chutiappahai”. I took several session with group and individual on self-assessment and motivation. Whenever I interacted with him I tried to give some input of thinking in him and make him aware of many reality.

I tried to trace his family, I discussed with my field work superintendent on this issue, how to trace his home though he has experience of tracing many boy’s family there. Still I didn’t able to trace his family, though several fact which are needed to correlate and understand the real fact is really a hard and time consuming job. Once again I blame the time but I know blame is not outside its inside me. Regarding the livelihood option I went through several processes of finding the jobs and contacting many agencies that provide job. Still I am in the process of implementation.

Fifth stage is Evaluation in which we look at the result that we can achieve our goal or not? Till this stage I couldn’t reach. The implementation part was so long and the time that I spend on the case work was not too much for me to finish this case work. Though I used to evaluate myself on the fact that either I achieved the task that I took. Though in my case I evaluate my own approach and where I am going every day whenever I interacted with my clients. Though final evaluation didn’t taken place.


As a social work student who has to discuss things about my client to supervisor had dilemma regarding the how can I ensure the confidentiality.


There were lots of resistance which was actually improved through communication, rapport-building & home-visits.

Transference and counter transference was not observed.

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