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The Leadership Of Sonia Gandhi

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Published: 9th May 2017 in Politics

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Leadership is an influencing process between the leader and the followers which can be achieved by organization objectives through change. There is no universal definition for a Leadership, it is complex; it can be studied in different situation. For this assignment I have chosen a Sonia Gandhi as my leader,

The world known as “Sonia Gandhi” born on 9th December’1946 as an Edvige Antonia Albina Maino at Lusiana,Italy and grew up as older daughter of her parents. She live a normal life in a Lusiana in roman catholic family and attended a catholic school (BBC News, 2009[1]).Her story started when their parents send her for study English at the “Bell educational trust” language school in the city of Cambridge where she meet Rajiv Gandhi in a Greek restaurant in 1965 (Glen Owen and Nick Meo, 2004[8]), where she was working and they fall in love at first sight. Rajiv Gandhi was enrolled as an engineering student at Trinity College at university of Cambridge. According to Peter Popham, 1999[4], against her father objection she went to India and got married in 1968 and move to her mother-in-law house Indira Gandhi who was consider as “The First Lady” in India. As her husband does not have any hunger for the politics but the accidental killing of his brother sucked into the politics in the year 1980 and the killing of his mother bring him in the highest office in 1984. Sonia Gandhi never wanted her husband in the politics but the vortex bring Rajiv in the politics, the reason for her oppose was that she fears that her husband will be killed same her mother had been. The assassination of Rajiv Gandhi in 1991 stays her away from the politics in spite of so many requests from the congress party member. According to Christopher Thomas, 1991[7], after her husband death in 1991 she made herself away from the Indian politics but in spite of request by the congress leader she refuse to stay away from the Indian politics. The request of the party member to join Sonia Gandhi to congress was as they believe that she can romp the power on the base of sympathy, and the party will plaster her image to get the sympathy vote from the people of India. According to Christopher Thomas, 1991[8] her husband was not also a natural politician, but a polite, shy personality but acts he was a reluctant touch barer for his party and after his death his wife Sonia Gandhi was offered that touch to enlightens who never have any interest in politics nor attempted to act as a welding any political powers. According to Daniel Lak, 1998[5] Sonia Gandhi joined congress party in 1998 because the unity was under threat and the resignation from many of the senior congress leaders from the past years. She started her political career in 1998 from the same place where her husband was killed “Sriperumbudur “a palace near Tamil Nadu (Now Chennai) in India. According to Peter Phoham, 2004[6] during her maiden speech in 1999 election she readout her speech partly in English and party in Hindi .The election was disastrous for the congress party not due to the lackluster new leader but due to the congress worn out its image due to the corruption scandals, sharing of power internally and too arrogant to share the power with the smaller parties in the past which results again lost for congress party in the general election 1999 ,(Associated Press,1999[10]).Some of the senior member blaming her Italian origin for one of the cause of party defeat in the election of 1999,a uprising situation within her party. After the defeat of 1999 general election and the rebellion against her in her party boost her and she was listening of her inner voice. Her next planning was to restore the unity and harmony in the party, she started working strategically with the party member for the next election and the entry of her son in the politics boosts her strength. She never thinks to become a prime minister but to strength the inner structure of the party. (Luke Harding, 2000[9]) the entry of Sonia Gandhi and the defeat of congress party in 1999 election critics Sonia Gandhi leadership qualities, many of the party member do not have a trust on the new leader and they alliances with the rival party. They believe that she might imitate like Indira Gandhi which was consider as an authoritarian style of leadership. According to Mark Ellis, 2004[24] During the 2004 Election her tireless campaigning and due to her believe in her party attract crowds toward herself campaigning on the basic issue of water, electricity and sanitary and also made herself popular help to win the general election of 2004, according to Stephen khan, 2004[12] she turn down from the post of first lady after a tremendous win on the general election of 2004 and in spite of the requested by the party member she leave side the thrown ,after congress party selected Dr. Manmohan Singh as a Prime Minister of India in 2004.According to Michael Sheridan,2005[25] Dr. Manmohan Singh is a brilliant economic reformer but the actual control was in the hand of Sonia Gandhi, Mr. Singh plan to open the Indian rigid economy but the control button in the hand of stalwarts Sonia Gandhi. Mr. Singh Proposed privatization but she vetoed them, there are some rivalries but both communicate with each other with complete understanding. Now her target was to win the general election of 2009, This time she introduce so many grandstand scheme for the poor people which includes the debt waiver for thirty million poor farmers, a massive job creation scheme for the rural unemployed peoples, According to Jeremy Page, 2008[26] the 225 million pound project of railway carriage which can generate a ten thousand job opportunities for the rural peoples. The congress was talking about the welfare for the poor people but UPA Government led by Sonia Gandhi and the Mr. Singh also was watching the inflation rose. In the Year 2008 the inflation has rose to 7.8 % it was the major alarm for the government. The Reserve Bank of India has a comfort level of 5 % (Financial Times, 2008[27]) the solution for this is not lies on the short term monetary policies but for the long term promote for agriculture productivities, energy efficiencies and the restructure for the transport systems, meantime Congress under the leadership of Sonia Gandhi to stop their rival opposition BJP party not to gain momentum. After above all analyses the situation the question arises that what is her leadership capabilities to stay in so long in a power and managed to be the most powerful women of the world at Forbes 2009 list. (Heidi Brown, 2009[31])

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Key Capabilities of Sonia Gandhi:

In order to analyze the key capabilities of Sonia Gandhi, we need to analyze how effective she is? In order to answer this question we need to find the key capabilities which made her effective leader from 1999 onwards in Indian politics. According to Len Sperry, 2002 [28] Effective leaders are those which are more concern for the needs of their organization and their community beyond their own needs. They are more concern for balancing personal development for their follower and themselves. According to Kouzes and Posner, 2007[29] a exemplary leader are those which clarify the values, set examples, leads by example, envision the future, search for opportunities, experiment and take risk, create the climate of trust, strengths their followers, recognize contributions and celebrate the values and victories. They create the climate to turn opportunities into success. According to Fielder and Chemers,1974[30] analyze the performance of a leader in the situations in which they lead.They develop a frame work based on contingency theory in which leadership style are described as task motivated those concern with reaching a goal and Relationship Motivated those concern with developing close interpersonal relationship. According to Christopher Early and Elaine Mosakowski, 2004, analyze the cultural intelligence in which a person understand the other person culture and later adjust accordingly. There are three sources for it cognitive, physical, and emotional. The person those are motivated, alert toward the problems and poised to understand can able to attain the acceptable Cultural intelligent.

Now I am going to analyze the strength and the weakness of Sonia Gandhi:

Leadership Strength of Sonia Gandhi:

Sonia Gandhi definitely a transactional leader style, when she joins the congress party there was lack of leadership.

Ability to Learn from her mistake, the major defeat by their opposition in election of 1999 that’s allow her to learn her mistakes and help her party members to win the general election in 2004 and 2009.The Mistake which she meet in the electoral of 1999 by standing herself as a prime minister candidates in an anti Hindu nationalist.(Ray Marceleno,2003[11])

Sonia Gandhi is a Christian and to succeed Hindu dominated country like India she response with circumspection and cunning by pilgrimage to Hindu sites.(The Independent, The (London, England)/Financial Times,1999[2])

Power and Position is not the aim for her. After the astonishing victory in 2004,she turn down as a prime minister.(Stephen Khan,2004[12])

Sonia Gandhi is more courageous Torchbearer in the Nehru dynasty. Build the Party Image, after astonishing Victory twice in Indian History; she is indirectly serving the country. (James Lamount, 2009[13]).

Sonia Gandhi was the architecture for the congress party help to win the election in 2004.She motivates demoralized party into a compiling zeal and defeats the Hindu nationalist party in the general election.(James Lamont,2008[14])

She has a good Communication skills, a person mould herself from Italian origin to Indian land is one of the difficult task, as meeting with a people in village where Hindi is the only source of language and she work on her language skills and win the election twice.

She has a good negotiating skills, After the general election of 2004,she negotiated with the secular parties in order to conciliate the secular front to successfully formed the government.(Irish Times,2004[15])

She has very hard working person, her tireless Champaign in the sweltering heat for her party, and the wining in the election proves that she is not a handicap in spite of others believe in her Italian Heritage.(David Orr,2004[19])

The selection of Dr.Manmohan Singh for the second time in 2009 as a prime minister candidate without any internal debates indicate her strength for power and control over the government.(Economist Intelligence Unit Views Wire News Analysis (England),2008[17].

Leadership Weakness of Sonia Gandhi:

The is so many instance of Sonia Gandhi leadership weaknesses, one of the instance is that the entry of his son Rahul Gandhi in the Indian politics at one side he is a strength for her but on the other it create a feeling of nepotism which is a leadership weakness and all the party member is treating him as a future prime minister.

Some time power and position control by others make so many wrong decision, She refuses the prime minister seat and put in place a her behest Dr.Manmohan Singh to the prime minister seat but indirectly controlling all the decision for the prime minister post. The nuclear deal between Indian and America is one of the good examples for this. (Economic Intelligence unit View Wire News Analysis (England), 2007[16])

The turn down from the prime minister post also indicate her weakness of fear to get assassinate, The mother in law and her husband those assassinated during their highest office in India. The fear to get assignation might be one of the reason to get down from the post of Prime minister.(Newsletter (Belfast, Northern Ireland),2004[18])

She pointed out so many problems and if government overcomes this entire problem can able to make better India, but till now government as not yet started to work on these projects. This shows that as a leader she identifies the problem with no solution. This is also one of her weakness.(Financial Times,2006[20])

Analysis of Leadership capabilities and style of Sonia Gandhi:

To Analysis of different capabilities of Sonia Gandhi, first of all need to understand the characteristic of Her Leadership Style:

She is more focus on a social cause.

She is more dedicated to her Husband dream to build a modern India.

She is dutiful toward the Congress party and especially depends on the party decision.

When working alone she is more dedicated toward her husband cause and the Mother -in-law cause in her mind to her safety and agreement.

Sonia Gandhi attributes transactional leadership style of Reward e.g. Many of the follower getting position in her ministry of government formation like Dr.Manmohan Singh as a Prime minister as two consecutive Period, P.Chitabaram as a Union Minister of Home Affair and many others get reward in term of position and money and punishments to them if they do not obey to them in terms of recent News of replacement of chief minister of Maharashtra Chhagan Bhujpal and Mr. Suresh Kalmadi CEO of Common Wealth Game.

According to D.Golleman, 2001[23] Extraordinary leader has different way of directing their group, some of them are analytical, others are charismatic and can go with their gut. Their leadership type depends upon the situation. The effective leader has high degree of emotional intelligence. It is a kind of sin quo non for a leadership. The emotional intelligence not only distinguishes from extraordinary leader but also link to outstanding performance. Research also proves that the right approach can develop their emotional intelligent. Thus in order to analyze the Sonia Gandhi emotional intelligent with the five components at works are as follows:

Self Awareness: This is the capabilities of a person for realistic self assessment. Sonia Gandhi has a high self awareness as she know that her Italian nationality will affect if she go for the prime minister post, it was also her self-awareness that she will be targeted like husband and her mother in-law if she will stay in the highest office.

Self Regulation: This is the ability of self control. As Sonia Gandhi has a high self control as one of the reason for her success. There are many instances where her Italian birth created a problem but with her trustworthiness and integrity she architect the party situation and make strong in the general election for 2004 and 2009,And with the self control she make a place in the heart of all Indian and proves that she is loyal to the country and her party.

Motivation: It is a passion beyond money and status to achieve success. Sonia Gandhi is highly motivated with her party, during the general election for 2004 she attended three to four companying in a day. When the future of the party was in danger she joins the party and her passion to success and believe in the people, analyze the basic problem which help party to win the election.

Empathy: This is the ability to understand the emotion of the others people. In term of Sonia Gandhi this empathy is lacking somewhere, in spite of the party member request to become the Prime minister she listens to her inner voice.

Social Skills: This is the ability of a person to make friendliness and pursue to move in their direction. It is building and leading a team. The above three component which includes self awareness, self regulation and motivation is all about the self managerial skills and the other two components of empathy and social skill is more about the people’s ability to manage the team. But the control of Sonia on the party is more than the social skills; it is more sense to say that it is a respect as a “torchbearer” of Nehru Dynasty in the party member than the friendliness which peruses them to achieve their objective.


The above evidence of Sonia Gandhi leadership style conclude that some time situation can develop a leadership quality in spite it is not your birth palace, sometime the vortex can throw into the politics and you have to control it effectively. The same situation is with Sonia Gandhi in which she started as a leader for Congress, a country in which Hindi is the First language , A country which is dominated by the Hindu’s and a person of Christian origin, A country having a one of the complex democracy in the world, obligation on her Italian origin, The tragedy of assassination of her mother in-law and her husband when they are at their highest office of the country which was not an easy task but with her charismatic style she made it, The entry of her in the politics and disastrous lost of her party in that election, revolt against her in the party, believe of few of the party member that she might be imitate as a Indira Gandhi which was consider as a authoritarian style of leadership qualities, A lady which is treated as sphinx after the marriage till the death of her husband. In spite of so many difficulties, lack of experience, she was motivated with her husband dream and decided to not to give up so easily, she is able to manage and learn from the past mistake, effectively response with the situation and with her transactional leadership style she architects the Congress party and shows a new direction to the country with her leadership qualities. She proves herself as a true Indian. But the entry of her son one side boost her political career but same time it is a feeling of nepotism factor toward her son, also the nuclear deal with USA is one of her weakness which will affect the development of the country in future. According to Len Sperry, 2002 effective leader are those which can balance the personal development their followers and themselves. Effective leaders have a high degree of emotional intelligence of five components at works research by D.Goleman, 2001,Sonia Gandhi have high degree of self awareness, self regulation and motivation but she is lacking in empathy and social skills which is a very crucial for herself as a effective leadership.


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