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How to Become a Successful Political Leader

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What is the strategy for becoming a successful political leader?

Heba Ziad

Before becoming a political leader, ask yourself why do you want to be a politician, set your goals and projects, and study the aspects of yours energy to achieve these goals and projects. A politician’s duties outweigh the rights as a citizen, so have your thought about your duties?

A politician is responsible for their party, homeland and themself, responsible to raise the level of their county and to address its issues. Responsible for the selection of parliamentary assemblies and to exercise their natural rights in their way. Political actions are a subject to man to exercise it. So did you study your facilities to ensure your success?

It’s not enough for people to consider you a politician, you have to ensure your answer to people that wonder; what concerns you as a politician? What are your hopes? Where are your efforts? Where is your opinion and your voice? Where is your approach to serve your country and your nation? What is your curriculum?

If you wish to be a successful politician, there is no success without ambitions. Aspiration not selfishness, to preach for motivation, adopt a vast of hopes and look into the future with determination, confidence and reassurance is not enough to spend your life as a member of a party or a minister, why don’t you become the party leader or the head of the ministry?

A successful politician should not be tempted or condoles the situation your country is at, you must have the ambition to work on expanding the fellowship of your country, to increase its resources, upgrade it, and accept the ultimate position between countries in the world.

Ambition is the key factor in the life of every successful politician, self ambitious, general ambition for the good of the country, the good of the world and the good of humanity.

The life of politics is all about sacrifices, and a successful politician is satisfied with sacrificing everything for the sake of a principle, a party or a home.

The life of politics and governance deprive politicians from corporate memberships, free businesses from the fields of the economy, from life comfort, convenience and peace of mind. Deprived of security, tranquility and safety, from taking care of their wife, children and siblings, from practicing their right to take care of their health and temper, from feeding their spirit with streams of science and literature.

A successful politician is willing to sacrifies all these luxuries for the sake of their success as a respectable politician.

The notion that politics is all about lying, flattery and hypocrisy is a weak sentiment, not one of the characteristics of a successful politician. Politics is frankness and sincerity, and not vice versa. A successful politician is an honest politician who can speak boldly of their opinion even if it cost him carrying the colors of harm, injustice and suffering.

Political positivity is successful positivity. A politician by the name “Nuri Said” says: “Political negativity is easy, it is in the capacity of every man to practice, however, political positivity is the touchstone of every successful politician”

It’s not enough to say no. A successful politician ought to say after what they want. It’s not enough to carry the pick of demolition, they should work on the building and construction, it is not enough to repeal, oppose and criticize, but they should take the initiative to lay the foundations to build something else in exchange.

There is no place in the ship of successful policy for what we can call ship mice; if it sinks, they flee. A successful captain is one who is responsible for the ship and delivers it to safety, overcoming what intercepted it from waves, winds and hurricanes. They ensure the safety of the passengers, steers the ship towards safety and does everything they can in order to ensure its path with all their voltage, experience and intelligence. Therefore, if the ship sinks, they are the last one to leave it, and they might drown with it.

The sense of responsibility and bearing it is necessary and a great thin in the life of both the ship, and the nations and empires, hence in order to succeed you must learn to carry responsibility.

If a politician has espoused a principle, they ought to speak boldly of it, are they an oppositionist or a supporter? Which parties do they oppose and which do they support? They should not favor where there is struggle, nor deceive where there is combat, they should not evade or run away, nor bury their head in the sand. Ergo, a successful politician is a brave politician.

A politician must read a lot. They should be enlightened in everything in literature, theirtory, philosophy, nature, poetry, the biographies of the great and the theirtory of art and music. Culture is like vitamins for the politician, it is their spine; it is a qualification in their conversations and speeches, and a reference in their researches.

An ignorant politician, no matter how smart, brilliant, popular or patriotic they are, are not up to success as long as their sleeve is lacking the main element of success, that is culture.

Do you want to be a successful political leader? Here’s what you have to do:

  1. Have a positive mindset, and direct yourself to solutions, actions and people; enthusiasm brings success.
  2. Embrace change; it is impossible for change not to occur. Followers tend to resist change, a successful leader must embrace change and seize the opportunity offered by it.
  3. Courage;

“A true leader has the confidence to stand alone, the courage to make tough decisions…” – Douglas MacArthur

“Courage is fear holding on a minute longer”

– George S. Patton

  1. Take risks; the greatest venture is to never take risks. Successful leaders resolve to win or try again.
  2. Listening; successful leaders listen and learn. Your potential followers know what they, so just listen to them.
  3. Communicate; successful leaders lean towards open communications, they use their minds, say what they feel and speak from the heart.
  4. Delegation and empowerment; leaders involve other people with their responsibility. They do not tell people what to do, but set and example for others to follow them. A successful leader encourages other people to develop, challenges them to take over new responsibilities, encourages them to succeed and supports them if they fail. A good leader understands that mistakes are only lessons on the path towards success that is beneficial.
  5. Understand others, yourself and your situation. Good leaders understand the importance of an open-loving mind for knowledge; the permanent pursuit of knowledge brings more understanding.
  6. Commitment; commitment is the catalyst that makes qualities of a good leadership a reality. To rededicate yourself to commit every day to commit is the foundation of becoming a successful leader.

Start small, and then lead a group or a committee. Do everything necessary for the success of ttheir group or committee. Repeat such acts again until they become normal. Respect the attributes of leadership and the influence of those who wish to reach leadership.


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