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Political System Of Vietnam

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Published: 18th May 2017 in Politics

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In every class society, the power of the ruling can be carried out by a system of institutions and certain political organizations. It is the political system. By political system we mean the system of government in a nation (Hill, 2007). The political system in our country is a tool made ​​ownership of the working people under the leadership of the Party. The political system in our country today, including: Communist Party of Vietnam, the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and the socio-political organization. The politics of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam is a law-governed state. The President of Vietnam is the head of state and the Prime Minister of Vietnam is the head of government, in a one-party system led by the Communist Party of Vietnam. The CPV was founded on February 3, 1930. Over 75 years of its existence, the Party has been renamed several times: the Vietnam Communist Party (February 1930), the Communist Party of Indochina (October 1930), the Vietnam Workers’ Party (February 1951), and the Communist Party of Vietnam (December 1976). The current political system in Vietnam included these components of political power: Communist Party of Vietnam, People in the political system, State Socialist Republic of Vietnam, National Assembly, President, Government, People’s courts, People’s Procuracy, Socio-political organizations and mass. Each component of power has the own function in the political system. In terms of Communist Party of Vietnam, it is the faithful representative of the interests of the working class, the working people and of the nation. Regarding to People in the Political system, they make their power mainly through the State; management of society by the State law under the leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam. On the subject of State Socialist Republic of Vietnam, it is a central organization and is a pillar of the political system. It takes the responsibility for managing all activities of social life and performs the function of internal and external. In relation to National Assembly, it is the highest representative body of the people, the highest state power bodies of Vietnam. As regard to the President, he is considered as the head of state and is elected by the National Assembly from the National Assembly to act on behalf of Vietnam in terms of internal and external. Concerning to Government, it is the highest state administrative agencies of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. The role of Government is managing the implementation of the tasks of political, economic, cultural, social, defense, security and foreign policy of the State. Last but not least, the Socio-political organizations and mass is the organization representing the interests of different social communities to participate in the political system according to the principles, purposes and characteristics of each group officials.

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A legislature is a kind of deliberative assembly with the power to pass, amend, and repeal laws. This is one of the three main parts of the political system in Vietnam. Legislature have many different names, most commonly Institution and the National Assembly (parliament). In Vietnam, Legislature is considered to have the equivalent power and to be independent of law with the executive. Legislative power is the power to make laws, legislation and enacted laws are applied in all fields of social life. According to the Constitution, in addition to through the law, the Legislature has the right to raise taxes through the budget and other expenditures. The delegates of the Constitutional Convention argued that if the two separate groups – one group representing the federal government, a group representing the people – must approve any draft law, it is almost not also the risk of the National Assembly passed the law in a hurry or carelessness. However, there are some specific prohibitions from Constitution to the activities of the National Assembly. For example, Congress is not allowed to put any tax on exported good from any states, to suspend command demanding arrests.

At the side of Executive, it is one of three main rights in the State power structure. Executive power is exercised by the State administrative agencies executed to ensure completion of their functions and duties. Executive power consists of two rights: the right to establish rules and administrative rights.

Despite being a one-party state, Vietnam’s political system has often been responsive to peasants, workers and others pushing for better economic, social and political conditions. Although Communist Party of Vietnam has acquired many success in the these nearly years, it is not sure that Vietnamese Communist Party and its government are now responding appropriately to mounting demands to further improve a majority of people’s lives. To improve the political outcome of the country, not only the Government but also all the components of power should be reconsidered about the role and the functions. Are authorities listening attentively to these and other public political criticisms; are they responding sympathetically and responsibly? Some are, but national surveys and other sources of information indicate that a larger proportion of authorities are not. There is still hope that the Vietnamese Communist Party government will again become more responsive and less repressive, although the outlook is less optimistic now than it has been in the past. To meet the requirements of the new stage of development, it requires the entire of the political system in our country must be integrity. The basis of our political system of our country is the working class. That means the organization of the political system both take stand on the view of the working class. As the result, the tasks, functions, orientations of the political system are to ensure ownership and benefit of the working class. In the socio-political system today, notable new features compared to the structure of the political system as it is the presence of large social institutions of the people, especially the association in the field of economic and social organizations, professional associations, business and social services … Although not directly implement political tasks of the Party and the State, but in terms of socialist democracy, to protect the rights and legitimate interests of the members, these organizations have a growing impact to major political and economic life of the country. Therefore, the legal and political mechanisms to operate the link between the political system and social system as stated also been identified as a basic element in the structure of the Vietnamese socio-political system today.


Socio-political system of Vietnam is a system of political institutions, the socio-political and other social institutions, including the Party, the State, the Vietnam Fatherland Front, mass andsocio-political organizations, social organizations large people; mechanism of operation of the institutions under the leadership of the communist Party of Vietnam for the purpose of a prosperous people, a strong country, social justice,democratic and civilized. The concept of socio-political system like that is formed on the basis of the link between the two systems of social institutions of the political system (the system of grassroots direct exercise of power politics) and System society. In terms of building institutional practices and ensure people’s power in our country today, the binding of these two systems into a larger system is the socio-political significance and should be deeply research focus in both theory and practice.


In conclusion, in the socio-political system today, the social organizations play a more positive role than a centrally planned economy. The social organization is not a channel independent of the political system that increasingly strong participation, a great impact on the performance of the political system. Therefore, the role of the political system is to ensure consistency of the will, aspirations and power of the people and to ensure human social systems and the diversity of social life.


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