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How have Laptops Shaped our World?

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Bilal Irfan

The invention of the laptop is one of the most remarkable innovations that has occurred in our modern world. A laptop is a little, convenient personal computer, that is portable and suitable for use during different occurrences including traveling. After the development of a personal computer on January 1st, 1971, engineers and scientists wished to on such a technology, and by the start of 1981, the first laptop known as Osborne 1 was released. Laptops have impacted society and shaped our world in numerous methods that we have only just started to discover.

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It is difficult to think back and say who invented the laptop. The idea of a computer can be dated back to when individuals utilized math device to do redundant count in 300 B.C. After more than 2000 years of enhancements, a mechanical computer was developed in the twentieth century, which played out a couple capacities and was immense in size. In 1968, the first laptop known as the Dynabook was developed by Alan Key. It didn’t get much consideration since it couldn’t perform many errands and was not very helpful. However, it made the stage for an imaginative development that would change the world. A decade later, in 1979, William Moggridge made the clamshell notebook computer, the Grid Compass 1100. Though these initial developments and designs faded out, only a few years later in 1983, the first device or machine to be marketed as a laptop was sold, Gavilan SC. Shortly after, rivaling companies emerged that improved and perfected the technology, leading to our present day laptops.

Laptops have extraordinarily affected the world. Two decades prior, who could have imagined that we would convey our very own personal computers with us wherever we go? They are a standout among the most helpful and affecting creations of the 21st century. Some time recently, one had to be in an office or at home with a desktop to complete work or peruse the web. Now, one can be outside, in a coffee shop, or wherever and still have the capacity to work. Additionally, students can learn and take notes all the more successfully in class now because of the laptop. Even in day to day things, laptops come as a convenience and save a load of time such can be seen in transportation. Airways, Roadways and waterways use laptops to control their operation. It saves time and relieves the severity of traveling difficulties. Other utility facilities like Electricity, Water, Agriculture, etc. are more sophisticated and improved by laptop influence. Laptops also serve a vital role in the medical field, as patient data and medical information is stored inside of a laptop. Despite the fact that the laptop is an extremely imaginative and valuable innovation, it has its faults. Laptops are difficult to upgrade. In this way, when one purchases a laptop he or she is stuck with it for 3-4 years after which the laptop begins having issues. By then the laptop ought to be replaced.

Since the moment laptops were invented, a world of new ideas, inventions, and ease was opened up. Yet, along with the many benefits of a laptop, there are evident and harmful drawbacks. Laptops and their relative ease to carry around and use whenever free has resulted in addiction for some users. According to the University of Stanford, 160 million American use laptops on a general day to day basis, with 5.9% of them believing that relationships suffered due to excessive internet use. Laptop addiction has resulted in various health issues including but not limited to shoulder cramps, vision fatigues, pain in the neck. Government agencies have started programs and invested money into researching about laptop addiction, and finding solutions to the problem without reducing the positive impact of laptops on society. In China, the government started a 3 week summer camp program where children are exposed to nature and wilderness, away from any laptops. This has resulted in a positive impact on the children’s lives, enabling them to understand the dangers of laptop addiction and how to stay away from it.

Laptops are one of the most revolutionary and useful items we use in the 21st Century. They have made our lives more convenient and easier. One can work, surf the internet, and carry out various other tasks almost any place you go. There are many advantages to having a laptop, however, everything has its disadvantages as well.  The advantages include its portability and convenience. Its disadvantages are that some of its features are not as strong as a desktop’s such as processor speed and memory. There has been great progress made in the computer industry which has led to the laptops of today and it continuing to be made. Laptops have a very bright future with many useful and innovative designs and versions to come. Laptops continue to impact our lives and society till today, and further advancements will only improve upon that impact.   

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