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Green Banking: An Evaluation on Rupali Bank Limited

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Green Banking- Way to Sustainable Development: An Evaluation on Rupali Bank Limited


Background of the study

Green banking is a process of promoting environment friendly practices by different banking activities. Bangladesh is a most climate change vulnerable country in the world and green banking is a tool for acquiring reputation. Green bankers are concerned about sustainable development and it is a special agenda to take care of environment of the earth. Green banking is a proactive and effective step with a vision for future sustainability. Green banking activities are sustainable banking, ethical banking, green money market account, mobile banking, waste management, remote deposit and green financing. Green banking focuses on green transformation of internal operations of all banks.

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Bangladesh falls into the group of most climate change countries in the world comparison with other developing and developed countries. Bangladesh Bank issued green banking policy guideline in February 2011 to conduct environment friendly banking activities in the country. According to these guidelines, all financial institutions and banks need to take effective measures to conduct environment friendly banking activities in Bangladesh. Bangladesh Bank issued a common reporting format to all commercial banks to report green banking activities in a structured way. Banks and other financial institutions have to submit a quarterly report to Bangladesh Bank on their performance of green banking activities. According to green banking policy of Bangladesh bank, banks have to determine vision, mission and strategic planning covering in house green banking activities like follow green architecture, use energy saving technologies, reduce dependency on grid power and green financing practices like providing green loan to promote solar energy, bio gas plants, develop green banking products for clients, increase online and mobile banking etc.

Rupali Bank Limited performs several green banking activities like in house environment management, green financing like installation of EFT, Bio gas plant, establishment of solar panel etc. Rupali Bank Limited also involves in green marketing activities to ensure environment friendly activities like plant tree, finance in environment friendly projects, pay bill via online, be paperless etc.

Objectives of the study

There have been some objectives set forward in doing this report. These objectives help to determine Bank’s green banking activities to maintain sustainable development growth. The objective of the report can be divided into two parts-

Broad Objective:

  • To identify the degree of green banking activities of Rupali Bank
  • To identify the further scope of green banking activities for Rupali Bank

Specific Objective:

  • To get an overall idea about the green banking policy and green banking unit
  • To identify funds for green banking activities of Rupali Bank Limited
  • To identify others green banking activities like online banking, in house environment management activities, incorporation of ERM, CSR activities, green financing, green marketing etc

Rationale of the study

Climate change is the most complicated issues in global world and Bangladesh is one of the most climate change vulnerable country in the world. Climate change has compelled us to think about protection of environment and conservation of energy. To reduce pollution and save energy, green banking activities are very important in Bangladesh as well as in the whole world. I have chosen the topic titled “Green Banking- Way to Sustainable Development: An Evaluation on Rupali Bank Limited” for providing overall ideas about green banking activities, green banking policy, green banking unit of Rupali Bank Limited. This study topic is very worthy of study because it provides guidelines of green banking activities, procedures and ways to sustainable development in Bangladesh.

Scope of the study

This report has been prepared for determining green banking activities of Rupali bank and how it helps to increase sustainable growth. Overall knowledge of green banking activities of Rupali bank limited has been determined by this study. Several procedures and ways of sustainable growth are found by determining appropriate green banking activities of Rupali bank Limited. Further scope of green banking activities of Rupali bank ltd also critically analyzed in this study.

Limitations of the study

Almost every study report has to face some limitations in its completion. I also face some constraints to make this report. These constraints are described here.

Time constraints

Covering the entire Green Banking performance of the bank was a difficult task within the time allowed for the internship program. I have to complete this report within 5 to 6 weeks. So I have not included all aspects of green banking activities in this report.

Lack of published materials

I do not get available information about green banking activities in Rupali bank in their websites and personally contracted with their office. As a result this report is in lack of some specific information about their green banking activities.

Lack of experience

To make a comprehensive report of green banking activities and determine ways to sustainable development, I require a great deal of experience and banking knowledge. As a BBA student, I do not have that kind of knowledge and experience.

Organization of the report

This report will be described about overall activities, scope, problems and some possible solutions of green banking activities of Rupali bank limited. Introduction part describes rationale of the study, scope of the study and main limitations of this study. 2nd part is literature part and literature part is evaluative report of information found in the literature related to my selected area of the study: Green banking- Way to sustainable development: an Evaluation on Rupali Bank limited.

In Methodology part of the report, I will be provided an accurate description of the materials and procedures used to develop this study. This study will be both quantitative and qualitative study because different facts and figures are needed to discussed and analyzed here.

Organizational overview is the next step of developing this study. In this stage, descriptions of Rupali bank limited like history, mission, vision, present conditions of bank will be provided.

In Findings and discussion stage, the results of this study will be found in summary basis and this result will be presented descriptively by using tables, graphs or figures. In discussion section, I critically evaluate my findings and assess the accuracy, representativeness and significance of findings. Conclusion and recommendation part will be described the outcomes of this study and given some suggestions for further research action to be taken.

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