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Analysing Technical Communication English Language Essay

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Wordcount: 3174 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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Technical communication is a form of writing that uses a specific type of writing style. Writing style refers to the way that a writer structures sentences in order to communicate using a specific method of choice. Usually in order to achieve a specific form of writing style a person will have to determine the sentence diction, syntactical structures and figures of speech. As a general rule, all forms of communications or writing style in this case are determined by two important factors: occupation and situation of communication. Indeed occupation is the single determinant for the specific type of writing style.

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A person must adopt and is imposed by constraints of the profession requirements. All research writing requires a writer to be factual and precise in this type of writing very minimal if any figures of speech are used. In law for example, the type of communication that a judge might perhaps need to use will require use of technical language as well as literary figures.

In addition, they provide the general audience with insight behind the reasoning of the verdict. This is very similar to the technical communication that we have learned in class. It requires someone to use short words, be precise and be user focused. However, on the hand the technical writing does not require us to make use of literary devises as is the case in law profession.

In the media industry, another form of writing style we use in order to grasp the attention of listeners or viewers in television. Journalist tends to use shorter sentences that have weight and which include use of colloquial terms. This is in order to grasp attention as well as for effective communications that is usually focused on emphasis and comparison.

In technical writing, there are hardly any colloquial devises that are applied or there are any emphases on words done. What happens in technical writing is that facts are plainly stated without the need of emphasize. Perhaps the only comparison between technical writing and media reporting in this case is in the way that the sentence structures are composed. In both cases we use short sentence.

In fictional writing such as composition writing the nature of writing style is seen to be drastically different from the technical writing. Foremost in creative writing use of figures of speech as well as literary devices is almost always the case. Thus the sentence structure is generally very long. In all this aspects the form of communication that is used in by this type of professionals differs with technical writing. As we have so far discussed pertaining to figures of speech and length of sentence.

The other factor that determines the type of writing style that one should adopt regards the purpose of the communication. This could be for condolence purposes, business proposal or friendly letter. In all of the above situations the tone of communication will be different for each case. This means that the writing style will also differs since the tone of communication is determined by the style of writing.

List and explain some of the techniques discussed in class that you might use when giving a presentation to make the presentation go more smoothly and be more effective. Include information about creating the presentation slides as well as managing the room on the day of the presentation.

For any form of communication, it is important for a person to choose the right type of style that is most appropriate for the audience. Indeed besides the presentation techniques the audience is the single most important determinant that influences the nature of presentation. Our focus in this section is going to be presentation techniques using power points or other similar applications regarding styles of presentation.

In this regard there are a total of nine areas that a person must consider before undertaking a presentation task. Each of these areas serves a specific task of making the presentation exercise effective in communicating. This intends message in a way that suits the audience. They include outline of presentation, slide structure, font, color, background, graph, spelling and grammar, conclusion and question structure.

The purpose of arrangement of these sections in a presentation exercise is twofold. One is to create flow of communication during the presentation. It enables the audience to quickly grasp ideas or easily follow the direction of the presentation. It also provides the presenter with an easy time navigating through the topic of presentation since the sections are arranged in a logical sequence.

Therefore, a well structured presentation provides advantages to both the presenter and the audience. It also makes the whole experience enjoyable and most importantly educative. In summary, the most important factors that a presenter must consider in each section involve specific issues. Those are more important than others and which should therefore be accorded more attention.

For instance, the most important aspect to consider in outline involves the design of the flow of the entire presentation. This includes in designing of slide the focus should be on visual impact, proper layout and content. An important skill in slide design requires one to have the capacity to customize slides in a way that would meet the needs of the presenter. This is because most slides are usually preset and do not require modification.

Another area of interest should be in the way that the font and color of a presentation slides are determined. It is important for a presenter to assume the position of the audience in order to determine the most appropriate colors and fonts to use.

Moreover, a presenter must consider all other factors such as the design of graphs, tables, use of correct grammar and appropriate conclusion. However, this is hardly the only factors that one should consider during preparation of an ideal presentation exercise. It is a very important factor involves room prepping to achieve the best effect during presentation. Activities in this stage will require a presenter to run the presentation slide while monitoring the visual as well as sound mechanics while standing at various positions in the room. This will prevent possible embarrassment in the day of presentation, for instance, the font must be increased in order for the far sited person to clearly see the text.

Some other factors we discussed in the class are also important for an effective presentation. Such as checking and preparing the projector connects to the laptop to ensure it works properly. Opening every document that a presenter needs before presentation is probably a good idea. It is pretty embarrassing that having a problem to find your documents during the presentation. Presenter can also provide handouts and put them where he/she wants the audients to sit.

As presentation ends, always remember to ask your audients questions. Creating an ending slide with “Questions?” also helps presenter to do the task. Be prepared to answer the questions of your audients. If in case the presenter cannot answer the question right away, be sure to write it down and discuss with your audients after the presentation.

What are personas? Create an example persona and explain how you might use it to improve communication.

Rework the following text, using clear writing rules. Why is your version better, specifically?

Back Story: This except is from the original engineer-written version of an Application Programming Interface guide. This API assists developers in creating scripts to import and export data from an academic testing system. This particular method deals with authenticating the rights of the user identified in the script so that the script can import or export material to the correct location with the correct credentials. It is not necessary to be strictly “correct” as regards how the API will really do this. Feel free to “make up” further details as necessary.

Although your rewrite counts toward the word count, do not simply add a bunch of words to the rewrite and provide a short analysis. The grading for this question is evenly split between the rewrite and the analysis.

In order to use this method the Customer using the API must be logged in with Authority. So, if a Customer logs in to the API and uses this method they will get an error if they are logged in to the API without authority. The StoreImportKey method will know the action will be a Create (creating an Import Key), or an Update (updating an Import Key) based on the value passed into it. If the value passed into the method is an Encrypted Id, then the method knows it will be creating an Import Key. If the value passed into the method is an Encrypted Id, then the method knows it is going to be creating an Import Key.

Application Programming Interface (API) guide is a type of application software that allows program developers to transfer sensitive data between two locations within the same system in a secure method. The most important features of API are its ability to guarantee the safety of sensitive data during transfer through it foolproof login system. In addition it provides users with the flexibility to customize script that is used in the process of data transfer.

Since the whole concept of API guide is based on secure data transfer. It is important for the application to have strong security components that reliably validates the status of users to eventually allow accessing the system. This application therefore requires a user to enter a unique digital password which is matched to a profile. And it also must correctly be entered in order for the user to be authorized to access the academic testing system.

When any other person who is not authorized attempts to access it, the system is able to alert the administration of the intrusion as well as effectively deny such a person the ability to log in. This is what the API software program does in technical language. It uses a unique method of StoreImportKey to capture and interpret user commands after they have been logged in. Once the user enters the commands, the StoreImportKey analyze the information and is able to determine the action required. It is all based on the specific values entered in the system which can either involve creating an import key or updating an import key.


In the way that the exercise has been rewritten, there is a clear flow of ideas. The reader is able to systematically follow even though the subject of description requires very technical language. Note the use of simple language as well as how the first sentence introduces the topic as well as defines the software in the simplest method. This is important for two reasons. The reader is able to determine what the section is all about at a glance; in addition it provides a person with the definition of the term API. In the preceding sentences, the author gradually provides more information on the subject as well as the function of the software under discussion.

By the time the section come to an end, the reader has grasped important functions of the program. The reader has also formed a rough mental picture regarding how the API is able to achieve these functions. This includes how a user must navigate through it.

If we compare this with the previous section on the topic, there are many discrepancies. It is more likely that a person reading this section will struggle to read through, let alone to comprehend the content. This is because of it sentence structure and the flow of ideas. This section seems more like listing the facts about the API rather than educating a reader about the software or even it functions.

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Note how the first sentence opens with the focus at the heart of the matter. The writer does not even indicate the full meaning of API. It is the first indication we get that the communication is aimed probably to fellow engineers who are already familiar with all the features of the software. Therefore, it does not need further educational communication regarding the subject. As we get to read along, we begin to doubt if indeed fellow engineers might actually grasp all the ideas that the person intended to communicate.

Long essays (75 points each):

Pick 2 of the following 3 questions. Write at least 1000 double spaced words for each essay you choose. Write your answers in this document. Use headings, examples, and other devices to help your reader.

Using the topics and concepts discussed in class, discuss the Toyota braking issues. What, in your opinion, are the engineering issues? How might communication have prevented failure? What place might engineering ethics have in this? How might testing and test cases have been part of the issues?

Toyota Motor Corporation is a company based in Japan and is one of the largest auto manufactures in the motor vehicle industry worldwide. It was incorporated in 1937 under a different name and has over the years developed to become one of the most reputable brand names with thousands of auto sales worldwide each year (Valdes and Kyung).

The current crisis that is affecting the company has to do with a braking pedal that is now regarded as defective, an issue that came into the international limelight in late 2009. In November 2009 the company opted to recall some of the automobiles that were considered to have the defective braking system in a move that saw thousands of vehicles returned (Valdes and Kyung).

The current issue on the braking system has now zeroed on the company most recent innovative vehicle model that was recently released to the market; the Prius Hybrid vehicle. The problem that has been cited in the braking system is a glitch in the Anti-lock Brake System (ABS). It is the type of braking model that has been used in this newest vehicle model. The company officials have finally described as causing minute delay between the time the brakes are applied and the time it take the vehicle to respond to the command. It is a defect that has not been detected during the production as well as the design phase.

What happens is that for a split second, actually for less than one second the ABS braking system fails to register the command. Or it perhaps takes that long to process it. The implications is that at a speed of 60 mph, it will take a further 90 feet on average before the vehicle responds to the command to decelerate which we can assume an accident would have occurred. The defects have certainly to do with this type of braking system. It is different from the ones used in most other vehicles since it relies on electric motors to function as opposed to friction pads.

Communication Role

One of the critical stages in software testing according to Leoni is the ability of a tester to communicate clearly the results of testing exercise. This is especially important in cases where defects have been identified during the testing process. In addition, the detailed report is required to exhaustively outline the defects that have been identified. This is to describing the processes or software application used. More often an investigator is required to document the systems used to test for defects and write analysis of reports towards that end. This is because long after the investigator has left, engineers or other personnel will be guided by recommendation outlined in such reports.

In the case of Toyota braking anomalies use of range of application to test the braking system would most likely have detected the problem. In addition, if such procedures are well documented through proper written reports or well drawn diagrams of the braking system design, a competent and experienced tester would be able to identify general possible defects. If Toyota company would have done both of this it is probable that the defects would have been identified at the design or manufacturing stages.

Engineering ethics

The engineering ethics has to do with the way that the company complied with the standard set by various regulators in the auto industry. This will involve the quality of materials. The auto vehicle manufacturing companies should use as well as the level of testing that should be done on each component. Another integral part in engineering ethics regards the obligations of company engineers in informing on their employers. They believe that there are defective concerns that the company is not doing enough to address. And they might at a later stage lead to loss of life.

However, there is clear conflict of interest even in such cases where legislations might be very clear on such issues. Since for obvious reason, an engineer owes his loyalty to the company and would be inclined to protect it as a way of safeguarding job security. Besides it is likely that it is stated in the contract that an engineer cannot divulge such information outside the company personnel. Perhaps this is the reason that no engineers come forward to inform about the ABM defects. However, it is obviously to be a problem by the company insiders as we know.

Testing Roles

There are five reasons why testing is an integral component in manufacturing for almost all companies. They deal in production of consumer machinery or even other products as beauty care and pharmaceutics. This is basically for two major reasons. One is to help the company determine if the product met the intended standards that the producers had in mind. Another is to determine if there are any challenges or side effects experienced by the consumers during it utilization that manufacturers cannot determine due to their nature.

More specifically testing is done because developers like all other human beings are not perfect and therefore their products cannot be 100% error free. Three, person developing a product are oblivious of their weaknesses which mean they are not in a capacity to identify defects for products that they have developed. Four, the cost of defective products can be very expensive to a company which therefore they cannot afford to overlook.

Finally, quality is a central feature that provides companies with the competitive edge that is required to remain profitable in their industry. Quality means non-defective products. A culture of testing in an organization involves both internal company testers as well as external testers. They will always identify the most glaring and serious defects at the earliest stage. If Toyota Company had a culture of involving external testers in all of it vehicles before they were released to the market, it is very likely that such serious defect would have been identified at least before the vehicle was released to the market.


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