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Job Satisfaction Among Support Staff Working In Education

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Wordcount: 2136 words Published: 23rd Sep 2019

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Tentative Title

  1. A Case Study: Job Satisfaction Among Support Staff Working In The Public Sector of Education.
  2.  To Be or Not To Be Satisfied/Dissatisfied


One of many challenges that the public sector of education is facing is job dissatisfaction of non-instructional office staff members.  Job satisfaction in a workplace is a feeling of contentment that an employee derives from his role and responsibilities in the workplace and hinges upon a number of factors, pertaining to personal, organizational and environmental factors. (Jawabri, 2017). There is an increased demand to recognizing knowledge and expertise of non-instructional support staff that bridge the gap between organizational tasks of students, administrators, and leaders. When considering the significant work required and demand of parents and students, support staff plays a crucial role.  Support staff is often the first point of contact of an organization. Support staff are the face and voice of a company.  However, a number of studies have found that discontent support staff attitudes such as job satisfaction were concurrently related to work performance, as measured by attrition rates, absenteeism, commitment etc.

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Job satisfaction is an important component to any organization, profit or non-for profit. It plays an important role contributing to positive or negative outcomes to the quality of the educational institution and work performance of non-instructional staff. To a higher degree job evaluates crevice between what an employee desires from a job and what the job reciprocate back to the employee.  Considering the job description and profile of support staff and demanding for quality and efficient work among education, the job satisfaction of support staff in education is affected.  There are 5 facets in the job satisfaction that are relate to job satisfaction.  These facets are not off the possible causes for job dissatisfaction, but, provide the most common relevant to the study of job satisfaction/dissatisfaction on public education. Having learning in research correlation does not imply causation.  However, more and more district staff members are feeling disconnected from the district for a number of facets which is the premises underlying this study.  When leaders and administrators fails to address job dissatisfaction this problem negatively affect the support staff motivation and increase the risk of lower quality of work (low performance) and errors.


 Job satisfaction for support staff working in school districts is one of the issues that affects educational institution and the quality of work.  There are a number of various factors that affect support staff. However, given the limited time and number of cases in this survey questionnaire that I will proposed, it seemed reasonable to focus on the most important facets identified for this proposal: pay, level of comfort, job opportunities and internal working conditions. Support staff prefer positive pleasant working environments where they contribution is appreciated which subsequently influence employees to stay committed with an organization. Such working environments provides safety, comfort and motivation to employee alike


The problems affecting staff support can be viewed in the central and school location when attending to students, administrators and leader in their location. For this study, it is easier to use the most common approaches to assess how job satisfaction affects the quality of work:

  1. Job Satisfaction Survey(JSS) – measure nine dimension of job satisfaction
  2. Job Descriptive Index (JDI) used to measure major factors associated with job satisfaction, i.e. co-workers –
  3. Job Diagnostic Survey –used to measure job characteristics
  4. Minnesota Satisfaction Questionnaire –used to measure an employee with their particular job


A number of studies have shown that job satisfaction is directly linked between productivity and the level of employee satisfaction through the examination amongst government employees and teachers and rarely on support staff. However, very little empirical research has been published that examines satisfaction of employees working in public sector of educational organizations. “Companies have to make sure that employee satisfaction is high among workers, which is a precondition for increasing productivity, responsiveness, and quality of customer service” (Ice, 2008). As evident there needs to be more research on job satisfaction.  “In the public sector there are key difference from the private sector such as the absence of market incentives, the need for high levels of accountability, and multiple and ambiguous goals of public organizations” (Bozeman % Bretschneider, 1986; Pan, Tan, Eric and Lim, 2006). A more holistic approach is warranted regarding job satisfaction.





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