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Ethical Approaches to Codes of Conduct and Equality in Work

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­­­Code of Conduct

The code of conduct is that every member of an organization to understand standards everyone will be expected to uphold a confidentially at the organization and not outside the organization. The code promotes a good social also and a good professional culture by all means demonstrating how people are expected to act at work. The importance of the code of conduct is also the standards of ethical business behavior. The codes talk about different conflicts of interests and keeping all information confidential.   All Different organization has a code of conduct and if you weren’t to follow it you could go to prison.

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The importance of Code of Conduct is also the standard of  ethical behavior for all the company’s employees. It’s about setting the highest standards of ethical business behavior.  All the Codes talk about expectations to speak about how to obey the law, different conflicts of interest, insider trading, and keeping information confidential, every employee’s decision can impact on the business’s either positively or negatively. the codes of ethics that reflects a company’s views, and many of the decisions that are made by employees will positively affect the business. The code of conduct provides a clear set of different standards it is to protect people who use health and care services, the public and other people from harm.

Ethical decision making helps us all make a difficult choice when we could be facing an ethical dilemma, in a situation which is no clear right or wrong answer. For an example, would it be ok if a CEO keep a bonus when the business is making a lower- paid for colleagues and redundant ethical decision making typically examines three perspectives and the ethics of obedience; the ethics of care; and the reason of ethics. The ethics care engages our emotional intelligence of empathy in deciding from other perspectives.

The equality acts protect us from discrimination these are what they cover which are: ethnicity, gender, including, transgender, disability, religion, and belief, age, sexual these are used very common.

Fair treatment does involve different activities and people do make others feel that they are treated reasonably/acceptable. Fair treatment of workers does involve respecting everyone’s rights and privacy, giving feedback regarding their performance, also avoiding discrimination of any different kind and ensuring that employees get exactly what they deserve.

These are the code of conduct that is expected from the healthcare support workers in healthcare organization that are relevant and show ethical decision making, equality and fair treatment an As a Healthcare Support Worker or an Adult Social Care Worker, you make a valuable and is very important to deliver the high-quality healthcare, care and support.

  1. be honest with yourself and others around you about what you can do,  and recognize your abilities and the limitations of your competence and only carry out or delegate different tasks agreed in your job description.
  2. always make sure you main the privacy and dignity of other people who use health and care services, from their carer’s and others in the care home
  3. you need to recognize and respect the roles and of your colleagues both in your team so that you can make sure you deliver the best care for the patients within the health care sector.
  4.  You have to make sure you maintain a clear and accurate record of the healthcare, care, and support you provide. As soon as possible report to a senior member of staff any changes or concerns you have about a person’s condition
  5. working in a health care sector you are not allowed to discuss or disclose any information about anyone who uses health and care services and their careers in accordance with legislation and agreed on ways of working. 
  6. health and safety legislation. A safe practice also important in dignity in care. There number of legislative measures and regulations and to support health and safety at the workplace.
  7. Making sure you are Continuing personal development: this is the way of which a worker can continue to learn and develop their careers, using their skills and knowledge and ensuring they can also work safely and effectively.

They are also written rules that people should behave with a professional workplace and do not violate the codes of practice, it shows the behavior and attuites that you could expect to experience from workers signed up to the code. It also provides safe, and care and support for everyone in the society.

An ethical framework is a different set of codes-based individuals and to guide to his or her behavior ethics are used to distinguish right in from wrong in a way we must interact with the society in different a different manner to go by all frameworks  it’s very important we go by these codes of conduct because it’s a good framework which will help us have guidance within the organisation give us the protection we need these are all in good practices  and the decisions about what’s right and wrong and permeate everyday life, these are different ways that we could use in this case:

The Rights Approach

This is an important approach to the ethics it has roots in the philosophy 18th century thinker Immanuel Kant and the others like him, which is focused on the individual’s right to choose for herself or himself. They can choose freely wand what they do with their lives, they also have the fundamental moral rights to have their choices respected, it is said that we choose freely, but other rights may include things as rights to the truth, privacy rights are a right too.

The fairness approaches

Fairness approach to ethics has the roots in the teachings of the accident Greek philosopher Aristotle, you should teach everyone in the same way or not show favoritism or discrimination also favoritism gives benefits to certain people without a justifiable reason for leaving anyone out; discrimination can impose on people who are no different whole on whom burdens are also not imposed on. Favoritism and discrimination are just wrong, it focuses on how fairly and unfairly our actions benefits and burdens. Treat everyone the same unless there are relevant differences between them. The fairness approach just shows how to treat everyone with respect no matter what.

Kant’s theory

 is an example of a deontological moral theory–according to these theories,  and also the rightness or wrongness of actions does not depend on their consequences and whether it fulfils our duty, in Kant theory  he believed that there was a supreme principle of morality and t was referred to the categorical imperative.

The Utilitarian Approach

The utilitarian approach shows that a ethical action is the one that can provide the most good or does the least harm or produces the greatest balance of good over harm. The ethical corporate action is the one that can produce the greatest good and does the least harm for all the ones that can be affected.

Each different approach can help us know what standards of behavior that can be considered ethical. We may not agree with the same set of human rights. We might not agree on the constitutes the common good, the second issue is that the different approaches may not answer all questions, in the same way, each of the approaches gives us important information that determines what ethical in a particular   way but certain of the approaches do lead to a similar answer.

In this case study I feel that the I have chosen

Reading this case study, I felt that the three ethical theories I chose would be the most appropriate ones to use as they all would have different approaches but potentially the same outcome. The three theories that I chose for the case study which follows:

The rights approach

This approach shows you people can make their own freely decision, in what they do regardless of what you tell, we obviously do what’s right by the induvial and at the same time respect them because we cannot force them to go the right way of things but can advise upon this I mean with the girl we can’t really assume he could hurt anyone but then maybe she’s just delivering a parcel that contains a letter and something inside but then at the same time you cant just assume they are at risk on initially  hurting anybody but only dropping his parcel to someone she may know or not know , but we are just be protective over the society and due the people around it.

The fairness approaches

Using this approach which was taught by the Greek philosopher which we have to treat everyone the same we can’t just judge a person on what they look like which is discrimination this focuses on how unfairly and fairly people are judge quickly, from this I understand you would call the police and approaching her straight away wouldn’t be a nice look you would approach her calmly with smile and talk her to her normally without scaring her you could advise her in a good way making her see sense.

Kant theory

The Kant’s ethics   were used in Kant’s theory that the rightness and the wrongness and clearly this girl is up to something very bad and that you would have to call the police straight away and also to get justice and if she was to try attack you, anyone would make sure that she does not run away or do anything.

The Utilitarian Approach

This approach shows you could avoid anyone from getting in harms way like like children with their mothers or any elderly person in the way, you can call the police and make sure justice is served but if she runs off instead before the police can arrive on the scene you wouldn’t chase her you would protect the people from harm’s way especially.

Job advert- refugees hostel workers

Hierarchical morals allude to the moral esteem installed in the authoritative procedure of the board (authoritative plan) and the structure of the association. It is not just a dynamic moral esteem shape yet, in addition, a static moral esteem frame. As a dynamic, it exists in the planned procedure of the association, which is communicated as a conduct ethic; as static, it is likewise contained in the hierarchical structure, which is communicated as an ethical esteem objective, that is, target morals.

There is a need to reinforce the responsibility and importance of each employee within the process of hiring which includes people with disabilities and age diversity in the labor market. It has been demonstrated that the job opportunity of Refugees Hostel Workers (Yang & Konrad 2011, p.38).

“Promoting equal opportunities for all and fostering a work environment and customer service, without discrimination. Publication is an important tool in this process, clearly addressing how to put these values ​​into practice”

The laws for equivalent rights among ladies and men have existed since the beginning of the European Community. Since the 1970s, a sum of 13 authoritative records has been embraced with the point of guaranteeing reasonable and rise to treatment for ladies and men in the work environment. These laws cover various zones, incorporating square with treatment in applying for a vocation, parallel treatment at the work environment, insurance of pregnant laborers and moms who are breastfeeding, and additional maternity leave and leave parental (Sanchez and Brock 1996, p.719).

Lawson equivalent rights among ladies and men have been supplemented by new EU enactment in 2000 which disallows separation on different grounds. Under these new laws, it is unlawful to oppress somebody in view of Racial and ethnic beginning, Religion and conviction, Deficiency, Sexual introduction, and Age individually.

These five zones of separation, alongside sex segregation, are incorporated into the Treaty of Amsterdam of the European Union as zones where the EU can act to evade segregation (Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart and Wright 2006, p.n.d.).

Lately, ladies have stopped to act just in the private condition, to likewise help the work showcase, with the enhancement in labor laws have permitted the development of this workforce. Over the most recent five years, joblessness has influenced ladies not as much as men.

Regardless of advances and accomplishments picked up for ladies, ladies still gain in normal men than men, despite the fact that they have similar capabilities and think about, are still casualties of separation in the work showcase because of sexual orientation imbalance, with a lower number of ladies. Cooperation in administrative and administrative positions in organizations associations still needs to push ahead.

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Clearly, there might be different reasons for separation, for example, conjugal status, salary level or place of habitation of a man. Segregation can likewise happen due to a blend of various elements, for instance on account of somebody’s age and sex (for instance, a more seasoned lady might be especially helpless against uncalled for treatment in the work showcase). On the off chance that you might want more data on the wonder of various segregation, this report may intrigue you (Tatli 2011, p.253).

Laws for the assurance of people against segregation on grounds of racial or ethnic starting point (eg in light of the fact that they are dark or tramp) cover work as well as different territories of day by day life where unjustifiable treatment may happen, for instance in schools, lodging, human services or access to items and administrations or, for instance, uncalled for treatment in shops, eateries, inns, and so on (Barak and Levin 2002, p.133).

All nations in the EU are obliged to receive these equity rules. Nations that join the EU should likewise pursue these standards. EU enactment on equivalent treatment sets least dimensions of insurance appropriate to all people living or working in the European Union. Nations can go further and make significantly more grounded legitimate move.

It has been breaking down that the Gender separation and additionally religion segregation has been polished in hunting down the lodging displaced people laborers in the association (Fiske 2010, p.52).

IT and community job opportunity

It has been believed that Diversity in the workplace must be practiced in order to cope up with the betterment in the society. Diversity will help in managing all the activities in an effective and efficient way. The correct use of terminology to address disability issues in the workplace goes far beyond the political correctness. The term chosen reflects concepts and meanings that determine the perception and practices of individuals and organizations when it comes to the inclusion of disabled professionals. In the IT & communication opportunity, it has been found out that the opportunity provides culture and age diversity among people (Malach, Lerner & Schwartz 2010, p.198).

The world of technology has traditionally had a strong male dominance, and several initiatives aim to promote greater female participation, a move that is likely to be in the long term. But the focus on diversity and gender equality has to be made in organizations at all levels

The Comparably platform aims to measure and compare employment strategies, benefits, and culture within companies, offering job seekers more information about the values ​​that govern an organization (Caruana & Ploner 2010, p.n.d.).

An institution committed to enhancing functional diversity and promoting the equalization of opportunities between people with and without disabilities opts to respect and adhere to inclusive principles and values, which are unique throughout the world and, consequently, to the UK legislation on the rights of disabled people. And this choice begins with words, for it is through their meanings that communication, the multiplication of knowledge, and the change of attitudes that will transform reality take place (Barak & Levin 2002, p.157).

In order for the actions developed by the companies to be coherent with the new parameters that underlie the management of diversity and inclusion, it is necessary that the premises that subsidize the practice are correct, beginning with the terminology (Barak & Levin 2002, p.133).

It is necessary to understand what is behind the old model – reflected in terms such as disabled, crippled, carrier, limited by disability, light deficiency etc – to succeed in replacing the actions ruled by it and that generate real disasters and wasted human resources, materials, and financial institutions in public and private institutions (Caruana & Ploner 2010, p.n.d.).

Companies that care about terminology tend to seek to understand their meanings and broaden their look at technical indicators and criteria that will help them to include them more effectively and efficiently, generating measurable results, including compliance with quotas (Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart & Wright 2006, p.n.d.).

The use of the word disabled is wrong for two reasons: first, because it is contrary to the current concept of disabled person and secondly because it reinforces a stigma that does not contribute to the inclusive process. The social model of disability adopted by countries that follow the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, including Brazil, assumes that the person is not disabled but has a disability (Humm 2011, p.n.d.). This means that the person is not disadvantaged by a characteristic inherent to their physical, sensory, intellectual or mental condition, but that this disadvantage occurs in the relation between the Dc and the environment that does not offer the ideal conditions for their full participation in society.

The correct thing is to say that the person has a disability, which means to say that he has a functional characteristic that does not define it, but that in interaction with the environmental and attitudinal barriers prevent his full participation in society (Humm 2011, p.n.d.).

The term physical deficient refers to only one category of disability, which can be of several types: paresis, dwarfism, ostomies, amputations, etc. The categories currently considered in the world are: sensorial, intellectual, psychosocial and multiple. To refer in general to functionally diverse people the correct one is: People with disabilities and the abbreviation should be: PcD (In either singular or plural, one should write without an apostrophe and without S) (Humm 2011, p.n.d.).

While promoting as well as supporting the diversity in the workplace is said to be an important and significant aspect of the appropriate and good management of the people and it is related to the valuable asset that mainly everyone in the organization has some value as an individual person (Fiske 2010, p.52). Though in order to reap up the benefits of the diverse workforce it is said to be important in order to take participation and achieve the potential in the workplace environment. While the legislation of UK used to coverage, race, disability, gender, religion and sexual orientation among people in the workplace diversity. Workplace diversity has been practiced by the IT community job as they used to seek the employees and other people that are the student. The used to encourage people who have some disability among people in the workplace (Malach, Lerner & Schwartz 2010, p.198). The opportunity of IT and community usually set out the minimum standards which are said to be effective and diverse and it has some inclusion strategy that usually goes buoying the legal compliance and it will seek to add some value to the organization while contributing in the employee’s engagement and wellbeing.

The term disability should always be used as a noun which is part of the characteristics of a person and never an adjective that defines it. People are characterized, not only, by their deficiencies, as well as other aspects inherent to the human condition: gender, age, nationality, sexuality, etc. It is necessary to understand that the deficiency is a normal condition within the real standard of the existence of the human being and the chosen terminology reflects this.

Assorted variety and incorporation over business exercises in Walgreens, which is a lifestyle, profoundly implanted in our way of life. In various network retailers the nation over and in Puerto Rico, we need to mirror the decent variety in numerous territories – in the items and administrations we offer, the providers and different substances we work with us, and in our day by day association with us Customers, patients and one another.

We are guaranteeing that our way of life proceeds through our procedures to proceed with our current assorted variety activities and actualize new ones to keep up decent variety and consideration. Our people group grounds educational programs advance the decent variety of our providers, and our capacity to adjust activities is intended to fortify the business connections of the network.  There’s a large number of our corporate business bunches are focused on the decent variety and comprehensiveness of the working environment, supported by representatives and official colleagues. We are pleased to have the capacity to win a 100-level Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s Human Equality Index, and we have been perceived as the “Best Diversified Company” through decent variety/enrolment magazines for our work environment assorted variety responsibility. Walgreens has a long history of advancement – giving and reinforcing business chances to individuals with incapacities. Two of our most up to date circulation focuses, including the executive’s positions, are loaded up with individuals with incapacities.


To conclude, it has been analyzed that cultural diversity and equality has been practiced by IT community job opportunity in order to go through all the main aspects of Equality Act 2010. As per the Equality Act 2010, there are certain characteristics of culture and diversity which must be practiced between the people in the country. “Equality” is not “equivalent.” “Everyone is equal” cannot be understood as “everyone.” There is a difference between people, and this is the diversity of “people.” Each of us not only has differences in height, weight, skin color, but also differences in hobbies, personality, abilities, levels, etc., and this difference comes from the difference in the genetic code of each of our “genes.” It is required that everyone is the same in nature. In fact, it means human death. Human diversity is the premise of human existence and development. As the saying goes, “The ten fingers have lengths, the branches in the mountains have heights,” or “the ten fingers have lengths, and the lotuses have high and low waters.” In the field of public management activities in society, the requirement that “everyone is the same” will inevitably fall into the mud of egalitarianism.


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