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CapraTek Workforce Utilization Strategy

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CapraTek Workforce Utilization


CapraTek is a 45 year-old company who specializes in the manufacturing of computer server components. Its main manufacturing facility is located in a medium-sized city in Georgia. The employ roughly 1,000 employees who hold skilled, unskilled, supervisory, and management level positions. (Capella University Course room, 2018).

This facility is required by mandate to submit an EEO-1 report annually as well as a workforce utilization report. These items are required by the EEO to determine employment data according to race/ethnicity, job category, and gender. The EEO-1 report is also useful to the company to get a snapshot of their hiring practices and if they are fair and equal in their employment practices. The EEO-1 report also aids in the formulation of a workforce analysis as it breakdown job categories and groups employees to make calculations more efficient. The goal of this report is to track applicants against who is ultimately hired.

The EEO-1 report will help CapraTek determine any adverse impact that is happening. Adverse impact are indications that the organization’s employment practices, although seemingly neutral, are actually discriminatory.

Stock Analysis

This is the data collection of demographical employee information. This information is then compared to the demographic information of the company location. This locational demographic information is collected by doing research of recent census information and other demographical reports done on the region and area where the company is located and doing business. The figures below show the demographics of compared White, African Americans, Hispanic and Female skilled and unskilled labors.

These statistics shown are for both skilled and unskilled workers in three categories: Employed, Hired, and Applied. Based upon these statistics a conclusion can be drawn that there is a low representation of African Americans, Latinos and Females in all three categories.

Concentration Analysis

The concentration analysis shows the percentage of workers in different job categories. These statistics are arranged by gender and race.

Unskilled Laborers




Of Black



Of Hispanic

Percentage of

















Based upon this table data, it can be established that the female representation is less than the appropriate value. However, it also shows that Latinos and African Americans are within range in the unskilled category, but not in the skilled category. In the skilled category, they are less than the relevant value.

Flow Analysis

Capratek must make every effort to utilize the talent pool available to them. They can do this by promoting a workplace that provides a fair and level playing field, and also provides opportunities for all employees to achieve their fullest potential.

One very useful tool in examining the fairness and inclusiveness of an organization’s recruitment efforts is applicant flow data (EEOC.gov, 2019). Flow statistics are determined by applying the 4/5 rule. The 4/5 rule says that if the organization’s selection rate of the favored group is less than 80% then there is evidence of discrimination (Hodgson, 2018). As an example, the table below shows that a total number of 50 applicants applied for the Assistant Branch Manager position. According to the data, 30 of these applicants were male and 20 were female. And of those 50 applicants there were 30 total hires. 15 of these hires (1/2) were male and 15 were female. According to the 4/5 rule, there appears to be no adverse impact against females I the assistant manager position However in the Branch manager position there may be an issue. 40 total applicant applied for the Branch Manager position, of these 40 applicants, 20 total hires were made. And of those 20 hires made, 15 of them were male indicating that although the applicant pool was even between men and women, more men than women were hired for the Branch Manager position. This would indicate that there is evidence of adverse impact against females in the Branch Manager position.

                (Activity,Capella Courseroom, 2018)


Based upon the results of the above analysis, it would be wise if CapraTek reviewed its selection process as a whole to examine if there is adverse impact across the whole selection process. They should do this by applying the 4/5 rule to all segments of the organization’s selection process. Since adverse impact can indicate employment practices that have a discriminatory effect on a protected group, and may occur not only in hiring, but also in promotion, training and development, transfer, layoff, and even performance appraisals. It is important for Capratek to identify the issue and address it right away. It may be found that an overhaul of the entire hiring and selection procedure needs to be considered (Avesta, 2014). By using tools to measure adverse impact, it will help CapraTek understand how their hiring practices are working or not working. This allows the organization to make changes that will help include more diversity going forward. The ultimate goal of any organization is to remain compliant with the Uniform Guidelines for Employee Selection Procedures, which were set up by the EEOC, DOL, and DOJ in 1978. If CapraTek identifies an issue, it would be recommended that they speak to their legal team to ensure that the EEOC guidelines are being followed going forward.



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