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Based on an activity from the residential weekend as recorded in your reflective log, identify and critically appraise your own personal development needs and the competencies in areas of leadership, team working, effective social interaction and communication.

(in your reflective log you should record and reflect upon your residential experience . entries in this log will help you to identify the skills and personal attributes where you already perform well and have evidence. It will also indicate the potential areas for your further development. If you wish you can use the template below.)

Reflection on residential experience:

What happened? Give an account of what happened

Reflection on experience

Looking back, why id the event or situations turn out that way?

What did you do?

What did others do?

What did you feel?

What do you feel now?

Learning from the experience:

What have you learnt from this experience regarding your use of leadership/team working / effective social interaction/ communication skills and personal attributes?

What would you do differently in the future?

Action plans

What action (if any) do you need to take as a result of this experience to continue the learning?

This is my Third week in Preston, I got admission in the university of central Lancashire which is the sixth largest university in United Kingdom. Before I go further I need to mention my name is VIPUL KHANNA and I am a student of Msc in Business and Management .I arrived here in Preston on 26th of September 2009 and then I got enrolled, I met my head of course next to next day and then He told me all the necessary things about my subjects and suddenly he told me that our Msc class is going to the Lake District on Friday on 9th of October 2009, there will be some activities will carried out and our presence is mandatory. On 9th of October 2009 I went outside to the green bank building where all the Msc and other MBA student should gather at 9'o clock in the morning, we spend 15 min there talking with each other and knowing each other, then we went for the Lake District at 9:30 in the bus. I got the chance to interact so many people in the bus because MBA class was also there I got to interact with them we were sharing our names and our backgrounds. When our bus reached to the Lake District there was an academy named DOVE NEST GROUP. We people have to stay there for 2 and half day. We met the whole team of dove nest group there and they told us that what are the activities (task) will carried out here and what are the rules and regulation will follow there.

On the very first task which was Ice Breaking they made a group of eight people and every group have to do their task individually, in this task we were suppose to go from A point to the B point without touching the ground and they gave us three crates and two planks, initially we all get too amazed that how that one can go there without touching the ground than our group came to know that we have to use those crates, we used three crates at the same time and two people were departing to the other point at the same, in this task I was showing my full efforts and my involvement to complete my task and in the end we completed that task very well and in time, but I found something missing that there was no planning at that time no strategy and no communication and lack of coordination between every group member.

Further on there was a activity with a name of -------------------------, so when this activity started we got the instruction and the objective of this task on one paper there was a constraint of time in this task. But what happened we were 7 people together and got only one paper so what happened was some dominant people in my group took that paper and start read it for us but I couldn't understand that what is the objective and they understood and then they were start given us some order that what you have to do and I personally dint know that what is the objective of this task I was just blank what is happening I was just listening what he was telling me to do if I could not understand what is the objective then how could I give my ideas and my views , I was unable to suggest them any thing that it could be done better if you go like this , I was just playing a role of a good team worker and the mishap which they made that they were just thinking of a starting part of the task did not making a view of how we will finish up this task and this is what happened we started and stuck up in the middle and we didn't know that what would be the next step and the other two group finished the task early and we didn't , that was the moment I feel so awful and helpless.

In my group one or two are the dominating people from the beginning they were putting the pressure on me and when ever the task started they always try to fulfil the task by their own they were not asking that what other group members feel what ideas they wanted to put they were just doing what they wanted to, they were acting like they got all the responsibility and other group members does not exist and this thing increasing after every task group was getting separated. After every task we have a group discussion and they always talk too much in the class with the tutor also they were too confident and have a good dominating skills. Somehow, I found that those two people were always be together and never involved me in any decision they made their own decisions they were least concerned what I was saying and what my suggestions and ideas are , Most of the people in my group were happily following their instruction but I was little bit reluctant because I want to be prominent in my team, I wanted to show my self I don't wanted that somebody just order me and I will do that I wanted to put my efforts my coordination my skills that's why some times I felt neglected between them .

There was a small conflict as well between 2 members with other 5 members, but then when we discussed that we will work together, rather we like personally to each other or not , the things became easy 4 all the members . Because a fight between any member of a group can cause serious loss of time , money and resources.

However, I am a little bit shy person may be I could not show others that what I feel and what's in my mind. I felt mistreated sometimes that was really discouraging me, this was killing me inside. At the break time I was sitting alone I give a thought that what exactly is going wrong with me why I am not able to give my full potential what are the threat which are stopping me so I came to know that this was purely my fault this is my weakness nobody is pressing me down, I realized that my class mates are doing the right thing what is required for the task, there was a lack in me I was hiding myself. Why I am not showing others that what I am then I realize that I should involve equally like others because they are same like me if they can do then why not me, this thought of mine really boosted me up. Then we got another task named Orienteering in this task we need to find some marks and write down the characters which is written in that marks we have given one map which were described where were the point are, in this task I putted my all effort with my full energy to find those marks and I found two marks and show my group my existence and I felt that they were actually noticing me and start considering me. After doing this I felt myself that I have a potential I should speak more with my group members give more involvement in every task. I noticed one thing in me that I am a self motivated person .I usually found myself talkative and very interactive kind of person I made lots of friends from other group's members as well. I was also start thinking that I could be a good leader and I can manage my team very effectively and responsibly and then fortunately I got the chance in the last task because in this task we need to change our leader n every 1 and half hour time. In my leadership I was very flexible I was involving each group member to give me their ideas their views so could come up with some appropriate solution. After this I come to know that this is one of my qualities to become a leader this is my strength. Now I can see some quality in my self by doing all this activity which was hidden in me, I have noticed that I have become much more confident, I can point out my weakness and can improve it and I notice my strength . I become more and more communicative more confident, I got to know that I can be a leader and can manage people easily and they also feel good in my management. I feel more relax with my class fellow now.