The GDP and the GNP

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France is the second major economy in Europe and the subsequent trading nation of Europe. France is in the center of evolution from a well to do contemporary market that has featured wide-ranging government ownership and involvement to one that relies extra on market mechanism. The government has incompletely or fully privatized many banks, insurers and companies and has ceded stakes in such leading firms as France telecom, air France, Thales and Renault. Economic growth is the boost in the value of the goods and overhaul which is shaped by a market Thus it is calculated as the percent rate of increase in real gross conjugal merchandise or GDP. The per capita GDP of the country is 33,300 dollars estimated for the year 2010. The GDP in agriculture is 1.8%, for industry is 19.2% and that for the services its 79%.where as the GNP for it is 2177.67 billion dollars (2005) where as the GNP per capita is 35854 dollars from 2005. The GDP is predictable to reach at 0.30 till the fourth half of this year. (France Foreign Trade, 2011)

Income and the spending:

A dissimilar varities or ways are applied for the measurement of the national takings and output. To know about or look about the total economic activities in the region or the country including the reckoning of net national income(NNI), gross National Product(GNP) and the gross domestic product. The approach for the total output of the nation to the total ratio of the people is receding there. The main source for the incomes are the employee reimbursement which includes wages, cost of fringe benefits. These were the ways of expenses of the French people. Now the approach for expenditure will be that firstly it is an output accounting approach. This method is so excitable and acceptable. (France Trade, Exports and Imports)

Major products and services produced locally:

The first obsession which strikes our mind after consideration of the name of the European country France is class, style, croissants, berets. But beside this France has gone far more behind all this. It’s the hard working people and their culture which is being admired in the whole world. France is something like a fleeting image or the picture of class chefs and the beautifully and even stylishly dressed beautiful women in beautiful and costly dress. Main land features of France are hills, ridges, valleys, mountains and Plane Rivers. In France people can make money by manufacturing of cars. France contains stunning perfumes; it is the major industry of perfumes and style. The cultivation of France is very large. Each region of France produces its own cheese. It is even the leading producer of milk and cheese. The French trade symmetry was productive in 1961 for the first instance since 1927, but succeeding to 1961 imports rise at a superior pace than exports. Trade deficit generally improved until the 1990s. As of 1977 to 1985, the trade scarcity nearly tripled. Amongst factors held answerable was heavy familial demand for customer goods not widely shaped in France, slightness of the range of chief exports, and attentiveness on markets not mature for development of exports from France, remarkably the EU countries. In the subsequent years a growing alter in the trade equilibrium urbanized, and the deficit lessened appreciably in 1992. By 1995, France had a operate surplus of $34 billion. In all, France is the world’s fourth principal exporter of goods and the next largest provider of services and cultivation. France is the prime producer and exporter of ranch products in Europe.

Major export and import and volume:

France has one of the largest trades in the world. It exports and imported the bottles. The major exports of the France have no one toward end like it. According to the latest album France exports machinery, transport equipment and aircrafts not only this plastics, chemicals and paramauticle product not only this iron and steels and beverages were some of its items for export. The total imported helped up to 532.2 billion dollars the important articles for import are machinery and equipments, vehicles and aircraft, plastic and chemicals and crude oils. The leading import partners are Germany Belgium Italy and Spain. Besides all this the French tourisms plays a major role in increasing the GDP. France rules this chart with the maximum number of tourists that is 82 million in number. Agriculture is the one of the strong points for France. The economy of France is not only one of the strongest in the Europe but also in the world. It is holding the fifth rank in the world at the place where economy is concerned. The standard and rules which regulates the import of the goods in France is quite stern and strict. It needs a huge quantity of raw materials for its various manufacturing industries. Precision tools are been needed by its high ends good manufacturing industry. Exporting goods from this country are another kind of profitable proposition. The products which are manufactured in France are a high demanding articles or things in the world. France is the trustworthy supplier of many essential and key items such as the submarines, jet-planes and the arms and ammunitions etc with the wide range of the manufactured products. One can easily find the buyers for the products of the French products not only in other European countries but also in Asian countries. It’s because many of the countries in Asia imports vehicles and other high-Tec equipments form France.

Major cultural aspects, cities and population:

The culture of the French has been trimmed by the geography, by foreign and internal forces, profound historical events etc. France, particularly Paris has played an important role for the center of arts and the high decorative since the seventeenth century. France has always played an important role in the fashion, cuisine and cinema. The most important of French culture has waxed and waned over the centuries, depending upon its political, military and economic importance. The total population of France is 60,737,000 people with density of population 110 people per square km. its urban population is 76%. The main and the most popular cities of France are Paris with 10,500,000 population and Lyon with 1,600,000 population

ANS 2:


There are at present several opportunities regarding NAFTA that clearly foresee something further than a simple free trade area (FTA). Furthermore, there are analytical exercises in a relative point of view with the European Union (EU) that bestow the advantage of the hesitation on the suggestion of a North American Community. If we have the same opinion that the NAFTA is a segment in the creation and its objectives are apt to be overtaken by the dynamics of the area, we are in commerce. NAFTA stands for North American free trade agreement. It is the chiefly wide-reaching and influential treaties in this world. It pedals the entire band of the North American deal and it has on its ancestry hemispheric collaboration on a scale which has by no means seen before. The key benefit of this amalgamation is that the merchandise which is been shipped between the three NAFTA nations i.e. The United States Of America, Canada and Mexico have the labels in print in them in the three language French, Spanish and English. One other prime benefit of it is that the NAFTA agreement ostensibly has encouraged for the greater immigration between the three countries so in recent years. North America has turn out to be a real district for safety reasons, for financial reward and for political wellbeing. The peak is whether the NAFTA has it’s possess model or its development reveals skin common to the European skill. In synopsis, what the NAFTA wants is a hypothetical custom to debate its advancement as well as its obstacles, in arrange to study its environment away from simple unenthusiastic mixing and assuming that the district Integration Agreement entered among the nations like Canada, the United States and Mexico, might completely progress towards a society with a stronger institutional arrangement. NAFTA is just same as the political and economic union that European Union is that is EU. But it’s not hundred percent true that NAFTA and EU are same. It can be said so because NAFTA is like an union of economy that fosters cooperation and great trade between some of the countries whereas EU nations have common currency not only this European Union has a political elements and even a government of their own and NAFTA is deprived of all these thus it can be said that these organized unions are different in many respects. But ever since the establishment of the NAFTA and EU the countries involved in it have shown a tremendous profit in them and their nation. (What is NAFTA?)

Italy, Germany, France mutual collaboration:

The reasons for the formation of these trade unions were to increase in the capability of the nations to trade by eliminating the custom duties on the trade related transactions between US, Canada and Mexico. And even on its parallel agreement related to the labor issues and the environment. Same was the purpose for the establishment of European Union’s so as to assume the free and easy trade between the European countries for the economic development of the countries. The main reasons for the establishment of the trade unions are to eradicate the custom barriers and to smooth the progress of cross border trade in merchandise and their services to assurance the surroundings for reasonable circumstances in the free trade sector for the increase in the investment policies among its member countries. Even the need for establishing this trade associations were to utilize the benefits of networking where one can learn different ways of trading which will directly help all the countries of the association. The main reasons for the establishment of the European Union were the reaction to the world war, a need for peace among the European countries who were enemies of each other. The other reason was the security against the rising threat of the Soviet Union after the Second World War. The political willingness of the European countries also was one of the causes for the formation of this union. The destruction of the economy of the European countries after the world war also gave a cause to create a free trade region for the economic development of the countries instead of competition they decided for the cooperation so this union got created which further provided to be a boon for the European countries and their development. Thus the main objectives for the creation for such unions are to create a free trade regime and even for the economic development of the country. (Global Marketing Basic Idea- Strategies, Evolution & Challenges, 2009)

If the profit, success and reputation continue for the company in the international market then one can go for the multinationals. So for this the need of the trade organizations is required. The main aim of the association for the French marketing is to promote the training and the academic research. Thus if a corporation which manages the production or the services or the deliveries for these three countries is created the companies and the employees of all the three countries will find it beneficial for their future because good communication is very essential for a developing business. Good and improved international communications among the suppliers, clients, employees and the foreign partners can contribute to excellent understanding, relationship, goodwill and relationship. And any negative point for taking into account the cultural and linguistic differences can cause severe suspicion, error, culture shock and lastly and most importantly the loss in the business thus the period after the post world war the conditions of the countries went totally pitiful so like many other countries formed various successful organizations for free trade regime so these three countries Germany, Italy, France should also collaborate at international forum for a better future.

The combined Research plan, which was set up in 2004 at the initiative of the French government, investigated the subsequent issues: as the euro region as whole records

Weaker enlargement than its main trade partners – the United States of America, the emerging Asian Economies and The republican of China, in particular – here are also disparity between the dissimilar countries of the euro region. The continuation of growth differential is still not problematic in itself since differences of the identical order of scale exist stuck between the varieties of regions of the United States as a consequence of the local industrial interest. The book show that enlargement cycles and short-term fluctuations in Italy, France and Germany are in fact highly connected: slowdown as from 2001 and revival since the second half of 2005. The three countries nevertheless present major differences in stipulations of medium-term expansion. By means of complicated econometric techniques, it should be closely analyzed the diverse business series measures, the significance of deliver and demand factors along with external trade’s contribution to these developments.


There are various problems also in the establishment of a multinational market among the countries like Italy, France and Germany because firstly there are no political understandings among these three nations. So firstly they need to maintain a good relation politically then only anything can be thought on this because if the governments are not satisfied with each other this project of multinational marketing organization will go in dark. So the first thing which is required is their political willingness in this project so as to make it successful. The trade relation between the companies among these three countries have never been good so this can also be one of the reason as the views of the companies not only view but they all have different policies so no collaboration is seen ever among these three countries so one more thing these three nations needs to correct is the change in their way of trading which should be beneficial for all of them so the companies need to compromise among them few of their policies for the sake of their future the bright future of the companies and the three countries. There is even no proper governance for the body that will be made and due to the lack of their political equalities so this can prove to be the hurdle in the formation of the combined body for the trade regime among the companies and the countries. Even it will be hard to decide among them for the rules which will govern the body are a successful way for the safe future of it and even the lack of a mediator who can lay the foundation for the formation of the multinational market organization. The neighboring countries unwillingness also provides hurdles in the path of the construction of that body for trade. Since the relation of these countries with other nations of their continent are not good so this will obviously provide a problem in the development of the body but somehow or the other if these three countries prove to establish that kind of body for trade between them surly the success will be at their doors.

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