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Romania Economic Analysis

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Romania is a complex country with mainly influential geographic features. The country does use its own language, Romanian, but also often uses other tongues. Romania and its people are affected by the geographic features and also the political and economic choices and laws made by their type of government and population.


Romania is located in Europe. It is bordered by the following countries, Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria, Moldova and Ukraine.

Romania has many valuable resources that allow them to be a successful country. Resources that play a role in this include, coal, iron, copper, and clay. This provides valuable power sources, and trading opportunities. Romania uses hydropower, which is an effective, clean, renewable and sustainable energy source. They are able to use this form of energy due to their given geography. Hydropower requires 15 per/mile winds, and a large mountainous area. Romania has both of these; their main mountain range is the Transylvanian Alps and the Southern Carpathians. These mountain rages go directly through half of Romania. Romania is landlocked as well as Hungary, these countries are surrounded by the Carpathian, Alps, and Dinaric mountains. Romania also has arable land, that provides farming and green lands for grazing and other positive economic affects.

The countries infrastructure is fairly expensive and Romania includes, 103,671 km of road for transport and other everyday uses, 11,385 km of railroads also for transport and other exports, as well as 3.84 million miles of telephone lines in order to satisfy the constant growing technology use of the country.

Also going through the country is many rivers. A main river that also cuts through about half of the country is the Danube River which includes canals; which is valuable for transport across long stretches of land. This river opens up to the black sea, which results in Romania not being landlocked. The river connects with this body of water at the Mouth of the Danube, which is located at the south-east part of the country.


Romania has many different ethnicities. Their country is home to 6.1% Hungarian, 83.4% Romanian, 3.1% Roma, .2% German, .7% Other, and 6.19% Un-specified. This Jurassic difference in culture is most likely due to the mountain range that splits the country straight down the middle. This results in almost completely different cultures on either side of the mountain. There is a social change between the rich and the poor because the change has been slow and less-centrally controlled economic sporadic in nature. Romania is a parliamentary republic which means that the leader of the country’s the Prime Minister who is appointed by the president and is responsible to the parliament of Romania. The center of the parliament is in Victoria palace Bucharest. This form of government has its flaws on the country such as high levels of corruption, recently in Romania many protests are occurring due to the corruption; which is bribery to the government to get things done by businesses or more wealthy people. This causes the political systems to be weaker because of unfair laws and a bias government. As of the population of 18 million, 50% of women and over 25% of men are unable to read or write; they are illiterate. This makes the country less developed and unreadily for change to move forward in the economy and in the government.


Romania has many rivers but they aren’t all necessarily navigable. The largest river and the most navigable is the Danube which is 1,777 miles. This river also cuts through half of the country much like the mountain range. This river is good for trading due to the fact that water is the cheapest and goes through most of the country. This is mainly the only navigable river that is efficient. Transportation is definitely a barrier for trade due to the fact that mountains and rivers block half of the country from the others, which also effects being able to go to access the bordering countries. Though the market for the goods is not the best there has been an increase in goods in recent years. The population as said before is about 75% illiterate this results in mass illiteracy and rural education of the population. Most of the population is living in a rural environment we feel that this is also due to the mass separation between the country. For those who are educated often revert to Islam; we feel this is due that they have more access to information and variety of religions. The average population is 19,925,329 million which has often had a decrease of -.25% over the years. Romania’s per capita income is $9491 as of 2013. This means that from all of the money the country makes divided by the population the average income per person is $9491. This income is distributed by individual tax income and is in large differences. This means that many people in the country are making and gaining different amounts. The income has fluctuated between $9949 in 2008 and $1101 in 1992.

Other influences or facts about Romania:

Romania is in the Mediterranean climate which means that they have mild rain falls all year, and a wetter and cooler climate during the winter seasons. Romania is also closer to the coast which affects its weather patterns. Though it does not directly connect with the ocean the changes the weather has on the ocean the same changes effect Romania.

Romania and its features are very complex. Including the almost completely separate cultures due to its mountainous geography. The different languages and origins of the population affect how the government acts and what laws and income will be made by and for the people. Romania has many influences that affects the country in many ways.


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