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Quality Of Life, Livelihood And Poverty In Pakistan

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Published: 13th Apr 2017 in Economics

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Pakistan has been in existence for nearly 64 years and has been evolving ever since. Since the partition, many people lost their livelihoods and had to reconstruct their mode of living from scratch. The refugees faced severe accommodation problems in the beginning resulting in confusion and chaos in early periods of the migration. This instance greatly affected the newly established economy of Pakistan as new businesses initiated and the 1st government had to support these new establishments as well as old settlers in order to accomplish stability and control in the region. This inflow of aid from the managers of the newly established region lacked efficient allocation and as we can assume that no one is fair and greed runs deep within this tough exterior of the skin. There came an income gap between the rich and the poor. Hence the known problem of the developing nations emerged from within, poverty.

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The quality of life is not the same in Pakistan. It encompasses many varying sects of society which involve different ideologies and perspectives hence different measures of quality. Being agriculture based country; naturally income is not high in the sector; therefore little livelihood and more mouths to feed causes imbalance in the order of things. Lack of resources creates a flutter of panic amongst the people and causes disturbance in the society. This is the quality of life in Pakistan where the rich keep getting richer and the poor keep getting poorer. However Pakistan is trying hard to minimize this gap by undergoing massive policy changes and development expenditures to create more jobs and to be able to educate people to the level of helping to eradicate poverty from this nation. Poverty is like a quicksand, once you set foot in it all your efforts pull you towards it. Development and equal resource allocation is the key to alleviating poverty however it may seem extraordinarily hard but it is not impossible.

Historic evolution of different types of poverty

Poverty is a state of severe deprivation of basic necessary needs, which includes food, safe drinking water, sanitation facilities, health, shelter, education and information. It is dependent not only on income but also on access to services. It also comprises of lack of income and resources to ensure sustainable livelihoods. Poverty is a multidimensional phenomenon and is not a single line of ants. Rather it is the effect that occurs when you obstruct a single line of ants and they have multidirectional effects. However some may assume the concept of poverty to be one-dimensional. There are advantages and disadvantages to both aspects. One-dimensional approach based on income poverty is relatively simple to use. It encompasses most though not all of the issues around poverty. Multidimensional measures produce a much broader perspective on the complex nature of poverty and a possibly richer array of clues on how poverty can be tackled.

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Poverty is the hand where there is no food, poverty is the mind where there’s no thought, it is the hand with no money, it is the land with no order, and poverty is the nature when there’s no life. Whenever we think of poverty only the monetary definition comes to mind. Poverty is not only the lack of funds that cast us down to that level when we may be called impoverished, it is not only when one lacks basic necessities but poverty can be of various types.

Some poverty types are economic poverty, bodily poverty, mental poverty, food poverty, cultural poverty and political poverty. Economic poverty deals with the fact when one lacks resources or monetary terms that keep them from attaining the basic necessities of life such as food, cloth and shelter. The economic poverty only deals with the linkage of monetary terms and basic necessities. Continuing bodily poverty is when one lacks the physical health status and also is deprived of access to healthy living conditions. Mental poverty deals with the lacks of thought that arises due to poor or no educational standards hence the quality of education. Food poverty is when malnutrition occurs in a society due to lack of food variety and/or demand. Cultural poverty is the lack of togetherness that results in a society and which further separates the relations that hold us together in a community. It is basically the lack of mutual understanding in events and cultural gatherings. Political poverty is when there is lack of knowledge of how the system works. The basic lacking variable is the knowledge of how to cast a vote and effectively elect a leader.

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