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Transition to IFRS

Conclusion from Review



In this section, we reassess the literature on the blow of IFRS on the value significance accounting statistics and the stage of retribution administration in Cyprus.

The Stakeholder Model vs. the Shareholder Model

There are several portions that have been planned so as to illustrate discrepancies in financial reporting workouts in a variety of nations. Nobes and Parker (2000) distinguish four of these as the largely vital:

  • The nature of the legalized preparation,
  • The information requests of assorted providers of finance,
  • The relationship among corporation taxation and
  • Exposure in accessible financial reports and the scope of specialisation (Ali and Hwang, 2000).

Conventionally, the evolution of accounting standards in any homeland falls inside one of the following 2 factions: the stakeholder representation and the shareholder representation. IFRS are founded on a theoretical structure related to the shareholder representation which is established in general law nations (Barth et al. 2007) and consequently every study on the worth significance results of the implementation of IFRS by a code law country unavoidably engages a dialogue of the code – law vs. universal – law literature. In nations that pursue the stakeholder model the progress of accounting standards is simply a state’s concern. In these nations, regularly known as code – law nations, the stock exchange has a negligible function in the funding of firms’ actions; the banking system is the chief resource of outer finance to businesses. Governments compel the countrywide accounting standards via legislation, typically following discussion with the key community associates (banks and other fiscal establishments, trade relations, etc). Public revelation is not of huge significance and executives employ superior diplomacy as to the matter that is to be unveiled in the yearly accounts (by means of or lacking the backing of the management). Moreover there is a well-built connection among financial reporting and taxation. Actually, the economic establishments use information made available in the financial statements so as to settle on taxable earnings (Alexander et al., 2007). In the nations that accept the shareholder form the progress of accounting standards is simply completed by the specialized bodies. In these nations, frequently considered as common – law nations, the stock exchange has a very important responsibility in the funding of firms’ performance and, consequently, community revelation is of the topmost significance. In these nations, the administrators are deemed to implement less prudence to the stuff that is to be unveiled in the annual accounts.

Transition to IFRS

Experimental examine on the development of financial statement eminence owing to the adoption of IFRS can be characterized into 2 diverse groups:

  1. Those that inspected the impacts of intended adoption of IFRS and
  2. Those that inspected the impacts of compulsory adoption of IFRS.

Hung and Subramanyam (2007) scrutinised the impact of the deliberate adoption of IFRS by Cyprus scheduled organisations in the era 1998 – 2002. They described that the adoption of IFRS didn’t recover the value relevance of book value or net earnings. Nonetheless, they reported that book value (net earnings) is dealt a considerably well-built (slighter) valuation coefficient under IFRS as compared to that being reported under Cyprus General Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). This is reliable with IFRS sinking earnings perseverance. They also observed the aptness and asymmetric suitability of earnings calculated under IFRS and Cyprus GAAP. They accounted that IFRS earnings are more provisionally traditional that the Cyprus GAAP given that under IFRS financial losses is accepted in a relevant mode than under the Cyprus GAAP. Bartov et al. (2005) viewed the relative value relevance among IAS, US and Cyprus accounting standards. In their example they incorporated, Cyprus organisations that were scheduled on the Stock Exchange and trailed the Cyprus GAAP and, next, Cyprus organisations that were scheduled on either the Stock Exchange or the Newer Market and had toggled willingly to IAS or US GAAP during 1998-2000. By means of returns models they made a conclusion that the value relevance of IAS and US founded earnings is superior to that of Cyprus GAAP-modelled earnings signifying elevated accounting eminence under an IAS or US accounting administration. Barth et al (2007) scrutinized whether use of IFRS is linked with superior accounting excellence. They united statistics from 21 nations that implemented the IFRS and accounted that organisations pertaining IFRS confirmation minus earnings administration, well-timed failure detection and further value relevance of accounting info.

In Cyprus, the assured income workings are valued in a different way than whole reported earnings. As it frequently ensues with sample of studies, on the other hand, the consequences reported were both nation and time definite.

Conclusion from Review

IFRS do not authorize strange earnings to be revealed independently in the income statement whereas Cyprus Accounting Standards need that it is revealed as detached. Ballas (1996) informed incidental verification that astonishing earning is charged in a different way than other earnings by Cyprus investors while a few claimed that it doesn’t have any information about it. Given that surprising earnings is purely temporary in character we crave to examine whether it is charged by investors or it is completely disregarded in the valuation process as the theory claims. In Cyprus, any speculation in the shares of another corporation was reported for utilising the cost system, regardless of whether it symbolized a long – term venture or it was supposed to be for trade intentions or it was an obtainable for sale protection. It pursues that in the prior to – IFRS period, monetary earnings comprised of two key essentials: the earnings apprehended from the sale of securities and the dividend proceeds. Since 2005, organisations are entailed to relate four diverse means in accounting their savings in shares and the fiscal earnings shown in the income statement is a mix of comprehended and un-comprehended earnings. In this learning we investigate whether this novel notion of monetary income is of additional value relevance to depositors than the earlier one.


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Nobes, C. and Parker, R. (2000). Comparative international accounting, 6th edition, Harlow: Financial Times/Prentice Hall.

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