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Overview of Vietnamese Cuisine

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18/05/20 Cultural Studies Reference this

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If you ask what is the cuisine of Vietnam cuisine on the world map, perhaps it will not be too exaggerated to say that it is Pho. Pho – a short name but contains a lot of the essence of Vietnamese cuisine, and then just enjoy it once, people will keep remembering the rich flavor not to forget.

Pho is a dish that has existed for a long time, maybe no one knows exactly when this dish has been available ever since. However, only today, Pho has been present everywhere, from small roadside eateries to big and luxurious restaurants and hotels. However, in order to enjoy the best Vietnamese Pho, we must mention Nam Dinh and especially Hanoi, where the secret of cooking Pho has been passed down, stored and promoted through very generations.

I have enjoyed Pho in many places along the North to the South, and have also been reading through many secrets of processing Pho. Undeniably, to serve a bowl of true Vietnamese Pho is extremely amazing, sometimes it takes 8-10 hours to complete. A good Pho first of all must have a soft, chewy noodles, soft feeling, not friable. Next we have to mention the broth – the ingredient that is said to be the most refined is also the most elaborate. The water is stewed from cow bone, grilled ginger, grilled onion, grilled onion, grilled star anise, grilled cardamom, pungent paste, cinnamon stick and spices are carefully and carefully tasted. The broth will even be simmered for 8 – 10 hours and must be filtered through to get clear, odorless beef. In contrast, it is very rich and has a very unique flavor. It is not complicated to hear how to cook, but actually to cook such a pot of broth requires extremely skilled and experienced.

To the time of enjoying Pho, sometimes it is so sophisticated that it has been likened to “the art of using Pho”. First arrange Pho noodles first, then the beef or tendons, encrusted, dandruff … next is the layer of finely chopped scallion, then use the broth. When eating, must pick up more coriander, then add a little garlic soaked, vinegar, black soy sauce, chili and squeeze more pieces of lemon, that’s really Pho. Lacking a little flavor or material is hard to get a round bowl of Pho.

In addition to Pho, the most famous and familiar dish, Vietnamese people also have many other Pho dishes such as Pho, stir-fried Pho, but the way to make it is much faster and simpler.

Because of different quality and brand, Pho in our country is also sold at very different prices. There are simple Pho restaurants with only 20,000 – 25,000 VND / bowl, but there are also places that count 50,000 – 60,000 VND / bowl, some even up to over 100,000 VND / bowl. Tourists come to Vietnam often jokingly say that, when coming to Vietnam without eating Pho, it is considered as just arriving and not yet seeing the essence of cuisine here.

Pho is also a dish that has been recognized as one of the most attractive dishes in the world by Chefs, experts as well as foreign magazines and TV stations, worthy of the position of “soul” in culinary. Vietnam, bearing the Vietnamese name, is clearly defined on the world cuisine map.

Being a Vietnamese, growing up in the scent of rice fields, loving the scent of salty sea scent, appreciating the aroma of rice, and having enjoyed Pho, I feel more in love his country. Pho is just like the soul of each of us, there is simple but still extremely delicate. I always hope that the secrets of cooking Pho will always be respected, handed down, preserved and promoted properly so that Pho will always be forever and forever. At the same time, Pho, like many other Vietnamese dishes, will be more and more known and promoted more as one of the beauties of our culinary culture.

Health is a physical state of a healthy, disease-free person. When we have it, we do not feel it is precious, but when we lose it, that is, when we suffer from torment, we are no longer as healthy as before, we realize a spoonful and full of health. more than money, fame without any physical or mental power, and only then will we regret why we have lost or by one reason or another. the biggest in the world. Look at that young man next door to his neighbor, his muscular body, his body full of life, his limbs seem like an athlete coming to the arena; indeed a living statue. But after a short time, playing with friends, staying up all night long to indulge in a cup of wine, gamble, the boy became a soulless body, emaciated body, gaunt eyes, limbs. disappeared the round muscles but only a layer of skin covered with a tangle of shriveled flesh. He lay lethargy all day long to ponder over the treasure he had just lost: his health. He regrets the good times when he was still a bronze statue with infinite joy of healthy living! And when he sat sullen with tired spirit, with his weak body, it was then that he felt he was too foolish.

     The above-mentioned things show clearly the great importance of health in our life. When we are healthy, our real life is extremely happy and every effort no matter how big we will be easily done.

     When sick, life will be dark and sad, a job no matter how light to us will become difficult, full of fatigue. What’s more ironic, is that when I was healthy, I didn’t feel it was precious and when I lost it, I missed it but it was too late!

     The words are not ornate, sleek but filled with an obvious fact.

     For everyone living in today’s society, now is gold, speed is decisive, physical strength helps us to have a more affluent life and help us overcome the wind, sunshine, rain, full of uncertainties of life, catastrophes can happen suddenly to anyone. The poverty caused by natural disasters, droughts, floods is a surprise in life. Having good health, we will effectively deal with these difficulties.

     Let us consider a person who is always happy, polite, likes to associate with people who are easy to sympathize with because they are full of health and confidence.

     Mentally and morally, a healthy person can have many advantages that determine the success of things. Their intelligence easily develops, their minds become clearer, their thinking is quick and accurate.

     In the West, there is a saying: “When the image is weak, it controls us but when we are healthy, it is ready to obey us.”

     The soul of a strong person becomes noble because we are ready to destroy dark thoughts and malice. Love of fellow human beings, the ability of honesty, will develop fully. How much virtue, seemingly nothing to correlate with our physical strength but careful analysis, we see the natural result of a good power. Is that why people have said, “A healthy mind in a strong body” there. Health generates in us heroic spirit, confidence, courage, courage, enthusiasm to work and to fight.

     Yes, when we were full of health, we did not clearly see its effects and we could easily waste it, like money in our hands. Staying up all night, playing with friends, engrossing in drinking from day to day, there is no idea that after that unhelpful play, it is an emptiness of the soul. The tormented corpse, emaciated body, dull mind, dark. We still hear many people complaining: “Now I am sick, I know that before, when I was healthy, it was an infinite happiness!” happy life before! ”.

     It is clear that health is the most precious asset in the world for each person. Therefore, we need to value and preserve it.

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