Cross cultural communication

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This assignment is about Cross cultural communication and its impact on Eurotunnel.We will be discussing different cultures and the way how they communicate and their Respond to similar situations in different ways. How national cultures affects a society's Institutions, organisations and business practices. The case investigates the key problems Facing .The managers of Eurotunnel, the cross-channel tunnel and shuttle service operator, as It entered its 21st year of existence. The case shows how contrasting stakeholders Expectations, business cultures, and the differences in English and French Legal and Governance framework shaped the strategies followed by the management of this Anglo-French enterprises. We will be discussing various theories based on cross cultural communications according to their cultural characteristics and their impact when implementing a response. Issues and Common difficulties of cross cultural communicationsCommunication is a process of transferring information from one entity to another.Communication teachers and scholars, in 1995 developed a definition of the field of communication.‘'The field of communication focuses on how people use messages to generate meaning within and across varius contexts, cultures, channels, and media. the field promotes the effective and ethical practice of human communication.''Communication may vary from one culture to another. Depending on cultures people have tendency of thinking and reacting in different ways.

According to Hofstede's (1994a) Definition Culture is the collective programming of the mind which distinguishes the member of one human group from other ….Culture, in this sense, includes systems of values, and values are among the building blocks of culture.Cross- culture communication: the term cross-cultural implies interaction with persons of different cultural, ethical, racial, gender, sexual orientation, religious, and age and class backgrounds.‘'Cross cultural communication is a process of exchanging, negotiation and mediating one's cultural differences through langagage, non-verbal gestures, and space relationships. It is also the process by which express their openness to an intercultural experience. Clark and Sanchez 2001.''All cultures vary stereotypes about the idea model of communication. Communicative difficulties arise when member of a culture expect their ideas to be equally understood in other culture and refuse to make concessions when either producing or interpreting message.Interaction of different cultures may cause many problems because of their way of thinking and applying their believes to solve a situations for example in Eurotunnel involvement of Anglo-Saxon and French Culture. Having different approaches to cultures problem arises in the development of Eurotunnel.

If we look at communication as a process of coding and encoding of message its is most likely to happen that original message starts breaking at some point. When we have communications in differences culture, even if we use same language something's can go wrong.Diffences in culture effect communication in for example member from certain cultures are more likely to use indirection then other cultures. The Japanese are famous for being indirect, while Americans are famous for being direct.

Importance of different national cultural prospective and influence on cross-cultural management.

Every culture in the world has its own impact on national and international organisations. Good understanding of national cultures among multinational organisations can be a smart shift in corporate success. Typical relationship between the individuals and the group differs across cultures.

In Eurotunnel we can see the involvement of three different cultures, Anglo-Saxon and French. All three have different national prospective in form of dealing with the situation within the Eurotunnel.

According to Jodie r. Godill, France is the nation that takes immense pride in its history and prominent culture. France has a long and notable history of centralisation reflected in its geography, transportation system, government and business. This outlook originated in the power and authority of the earlier monarch and despite the democratic socity, remains a significant part of the French president today.

Individualism and individuality France's distinguished individuality is an important cultural characteristics that describes the French passion for uniqueness and freedom of opinion, both in society and in business.induvisualism in the French business environment means that a greater concern is places on social status and being judge as an individual.

Uncertainty avoidance one aspect of French culture that has a major influence on business in France is the country's attention to rules and regulations. The French have a low tolerance for uncertainty. Which for those wishing to conduct business in France, is significant in their reluctance to take risk.

Approaches to managing disputes, negotiation and ethical issues across the cultures identified in Eurotunnel.

There are often many disputes and conflicts where different culture are involved in a reading from part 1 and 2 we know every coluture have different belives and way of doing eurotunnel anglo-saxon and French culture are the stakeholders and shareholders.with british being a board of directors have a different approach and French having a biggest part of shares have different approach.

Conflicts are found in all human communities. As Nader and Todd write,' in all human societies there are persons who have problems of debt, of theft, of infidelity, of employment, of consumption, and of personal injury. many of these people seek to do something about their problems, and in so doing resort to remedy agents that the society has previously developed to deal with them''