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The culture in Barcelona

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The culture of Spain today is highly linked to the modern bullfight since it has been influenced by those who conquered and fought for control of Liberian pensile, also those artists who flourished during the golden age greatly, contributed to the development of the Spanish culture. The culture of Spain depends much on its historical past. In these modern days, Spanish culture portrays a picture of frames and hierarchies. In Spain, culture and education are mainly viewed as the main weapons which helps in fighting against fascism and also culture gives room for republican government and revolutionary parties where they can add both elites and unknown whites into their enterprise (Thatcher, 1999, Pg 16). Due to its advanced cultural statures Barcelona attracted so many people into the city which mainly contributed to good economic growth within the city. Some of their cultural practices such as games, sports and other sought of entertainments within the city made it to appear unique from the rest of the cities in Spain and thus why it was ranked the second city in Spain.

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Since time in memorial till to date, Barcelona has been ranked as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Due to its overwhelming beauty, Barcelona has attracted so many tourists in the city which has consequently raised the standards of the city and has improved it marketability through out the world. Its basic over view has various attractive things which includes even its city centre since it has maintained its medieval street plan and other stunning modernist architectures and various beautiful building the city and has also many museums such as those which were dedicated to various important persons like Picasso, Miro and Barca. It’s also known of its famous Barcelona Olympics game. This enabled the Barcelona Olympics to be held in the city of Barcelona which made so many people to come to the city and appreciate its potentiality and other good aspects that the city processed. The cultural aspects of Barcelona city were appreciated by many during that time which promoted their culture a great deal.

Barcelona city is one of the cities which attracts tourists and leave them with unforgettable experiences since it’s so lively. Its rights are equally active as days which enable citizens and visitors to have a 24 hours operating time. The tourists were mainly attracted due to the physical features within the city such as sand beach which the tourists could go and relax. The city also and many industries and carvings which made them to appreciate the city since they could purchase many valuables within the city and those carvings which portrayed the culture of the city and its people (Wright pg 20).

The climatic condition of Barcelona is quite good all the year round which make people to enjoy visiting the city at any time of the year. The city has also sandy beach which enable visitors and citizens to have good places for relaxing while on holidays or over the weekends. Its geographically situated in a good geographical background which enables good accessibility of the Spanish city from the rest of the cities in the Europe.

Barcelona is the capital and most popular city of Catalonia and it’s the second largest city in Spain. Barcelona city is the one that houses the seat of Catalonia government and various leaders dwell within this city. Since it’s the capital of Catalonia many activities take place within the city which keeps it lively through out the day and night. Business within the city are carried out thru out since its experienced good security because most of the administrative bodies were housed within the city.

The city of Barcelona as a capital of Catalonia had a great role, to play and they needed agreement between the government and the council in order to maintain these roles. Barcelona with the help of Catalonia government established infrastructures in the city which enables good social cohesion of the capital city of Catalonia. There good and improved infrastructure facilitated good social interaction and attracted many tourists which consequently lead to a rapid growth of the Catalonia. The city council of Barcelona worked hand in hand with Catalonia government to improve social services and education. http://waytoownstate.blogspot.com/2008/02/558-pro-independence-in-catalonia.html as retrieved on 1 Mar 2008 08:29:16 GMT

Barcelona had a good industrial elite and therefore they wanted Catalonia to stay as part of Spain since its industrial market basically relied very much on consumption from the other Spanish regions. Therefore due to its good industrial market it has enabled it to serve as national market Catalonia was established by the state of autonomy in 1979. It’s an autonomous community which mainly covers most of the North eastern Spanish provinces such as Barcelona, Lenda Gerona and Tarragona. Barcelona being the capital city of Catalonia was formerly the principality of the crown of Aragon which played a very important role in the history of Iberian Peninsula. It was also a centre of Separatist Movement which many of he times dominated Spanish affairs.

The city of Barcelona boosted Catalonia economy since most of the industries are situated within the city such as metal working, textile industry, food processing industries, chemical industries. Some of the main industries which were concentrated in Barcelona were textile, paper making and graphics, chemicals and metal working. Due to the growing demand of petroleum in Catalonia they expanded one of the oil refineries in Barcelona. Therefore, the city of Barcelona enabled the economy of Catalonia to grow which consequently enabled it to strengthen its political status.

The court Ramon Bevenguer IV of Barcelona was betrothed by the queen of Aragon Petronila, Catalonia and Aragon became united under the same rulers. After their union, Catalonia dominated trade in all the aspects and their interest dominated the union of Aragon this was achieved when the male line of court of Barcelona became extinct.

Catalonia gained autonomy and enjoyed its autonomy and cultural freedom. This was backed by the losing cause, Barcelona by that time was a republican which held strongly the antifascist sentiments and Catalan nationalism the time of Spanish civil war. During this time the Catalan lost their language and identity.

Catalonia war autonomy which was granted to it by the Spanish Cortes. Its efforts to revolutionize complete independence jailed but the restoration of autonomy was enabled in 1936. Catalonia’s loyalist supported the republic but unfortunately he suffered a lot of opposition from Franco. Barcelona by then was the loyalist capital and by 1939, Catalonia fell in the lands of Franco dictatorship, they were banned from using Catalans in public life. By 1980 Catalonia had elected the first parliament as an autonomous region. Increased autonomy for Catalonia was approved in the year 2006 together with its recognition as a nation within Spain (Snyder pg 51).

Barcelona being the capital city of Catalonia had contributed a lot to the growth of Catalonia as an autonomous independent country of Spain. It made various contributions in political, economic, social, and cultural aspects towards the build up of Catalonia. Barcelona was the central post for most of the activities taking place in Barcelona since it was the capital city and the centre of all the operations.

Economically Barcelona uplifted the standards of living within Catalonia since most of the businesses were carried out in this big city. The city operated for 24 hours daily which enabled many activities to proceed on well. Many businesses were set up within the city which facilitated trade. The population of people living in these areas had grown adversely which also boosted trade within the city. The city had unique and admirable scenes such as the carvings, sand beach and many other interesting places which attracted so many tourists in the region and this in return boosted the economy of Catalonia. There tourist could trade within the city which due to its diverse goods and other cultural aspects which attracted them such as carvings.

The city also hosted major industries which had great contribution to the economic status of Catalonia since it had good economic status which was mainly contributed by Barcelona city as a result of its good economic growth. Therefore, due to their good economic growth they enabled the Catalonia to grain its independence and to support itself fully.

Barcelona also hosted various cultural practices and ceremonies since it was the capital city of Catalonia. This attracted so many people to the region and consequently boosted its good relationship with other regions and this enabled them to come together and fight for their independence. Culturally they also intermarried with other regions which brought the different regions together and enabled them to fight for the independence of their region which made them to be declared a state within the Spanish government ( http://www.indymedia.ie/article/83637 as retrieved on 1 Mar 2008 15:21:38 GMT).

Barcelona basically acted like beehive of activities where most of the activities are organized. These activities brought various people together including leaders to discuss various issues which regards to fighting for Barcelona’s independence so that it can stand on its own. Many activities such as veteran meetings, demonstrations to fight for their independence, social gatherings were carried out in this capital city of Barcelona. These activities made people from different tribes who made up the Catalan government to come together so that they could organize themselves to fight for their autonomous independence.

Barcelona city acted as seat of Catalan government and this enabled most of the governmental activities to be carried out within the Barcelona city since it was situated in a good geographical region. Many government leaders could come to the city to attend meetings and conferences which enabled good ruling of the government.

Catalonia fights very hard to attain their independence from the federal government of Madrid. The hosting of Olympic Games in Barcelona paved way for many Catalans to fight for their independence. Few of the Barcelonans working class were able to attend the Olympics since a non working class could not have access to Olympic due to the high prices for buying tickets and other seats were reserved for multinational sponsors (Simonis, pg 29).

In this Catalans viewed the Olympic Games as a perfect opportunity that they could use to plead for their independence from the federal government of Madrid. Many Catalans but not all had gathered where Olympic Games were carried out at Badalona some few meters from Barcelona town so that they could argue and protest for their independence from Spain during the meeting of multinational corporate Olympics. Catalan language was also used in Olympic due to strong political presence of Catalonian independence movement. Therefore, the city of Barcelona contributed greatly to the independence of Catalan since it hosted the Olympic Games which facilitated the struggle and fight for independence by the Catalans.

Barcelona had various places where Catalans can gather so that they can discuss their political strength. For example, coffee shops acted as stopover places where by local residents can gather to talk about the politics of Catalan and to socialize with each other. These gatherings sphere headed the struggle for independence for the Catalonia independence. These coffee shops also acted as prime sites for working class political discourse and serves as an awareness area for the local residents.

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In the city of Barcelona, there was a school which was located near the sand beach politically students from these schools were used to transport the production staff around the city. Some of the opposition of the Catalonia were in the boxing screw by the time the venue was assigned to three students to transport the staffs around the city. Some of these opposes were sympathetic to Catalonia independence movement and had their relatives who fought against the Franco force. Therefore location of this school within the city of Barcelona enabled them to sue students in their fighting for their noble independence rights.

The economic status of Barcelona also enabled the Catalonia to fight for their independence since the money that they gained could be used to fund the veterans who were used to fight for the independence of the Catalonia government. Due to the good economy of Barcelona they could fund and strengthen their own government either than relying on the federal government of the Spain.

Olympic Games can stimulate symbols of national unity and ceremonials like the ones which applied to Barcelonan Olympics since they were facilitate by the language and symbolism of Catalonian nationalism (Hargreaves, 2000, Pg 17)

Catalonia basically is not a sovereign body because its only a constitute of the Spanish nation since the Spanish state was created taking into consideration the national sovereignty of Spanish people to start with. Catalonian have developed quite a strong tool which helps them to defend their national character language and culture and at the same time it aims at improving the living standards of its citizens. Its aim is to establish good relationship with the national sphere which would encourage corporation within the Catalonia so that they can be able to come together as a nation to fight for their independence. Through corporation and good governance of the Catalonia people they can be able to come up with along lasting solution on how they can strive to be an independent. This corporation is the main one which facilitated them to gain their independence.

The status of autonomy mainly referred to Catalonian territory, history, language symbols and projects which are meant to be shared in future. It also refers to direct Catalan consciousness which is meant to form a differentiated community. According to statute, all Spanish citizens who according to the general law of the state are legal residents in he municipality of the Catalonia are the ones who should be regarded to as Catalan. (Montserrat, 2004, Pg 79).

Catalonia Independence from Spain and France is greatly supported by the Catalan independentism which is a political movement. The main pro-independence party of the Catalan was Catalunya which was established after the Spanish Civil War.

Therefore, Barcelona as the capital city of Catalonia and a very popular city in Spain has greatly triggers the attainment and growth of Catalonia independence. Since its the city whereby major activities took place which helped in triggering the achievement of an independence state. Since Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain, it had quite an influential role to Catalan nation which were the main occupants of the city. Barcelona also being the major economic centre, it could be able to fund Catalunya party which was the pro-independence party of the Catalan which was meant to trigger the independent of the Catalonia.

Barcelona is the main city in Catalonia government which houses the seats of Catalan government. In this the executive branches of the government, the parliament and the Supreme Court of the Catalonia. Due to these facts there leaders who are housed within the city come up with strategies which could enable them to attain independence. Barcelona city also acts as the capital of the country of the Barcelonese.

Due to the many roles that the city of Barcelona played, it proved that indeed it had great contribution towards the attainment of the Catalonian independence. Therefore, the city of Barcelona due to its good cultural, climatic, political and social background enabled the people of Catalonia to come up together for them to fight for the Catalonia independence.

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