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Productivity improvement: Operation management is the important activity of management if its works proper and perform its duty in a well worse manner than it will be enhance the productivity ratios of the organization as well as. Operation management is related with the overall management process and as well as functions so this function helps a lot in improving the production efficiency of the organization.

Total quality improvement: Total quality improvement is one of the crisis managemenet reason being that the total quality should be improved in any which way with the help of the operational management. The operational management process can be improvised with the help of TOI

LO1.2 Evaluates the success of existing operations management processes in a chosen organization. Describe its effectiveness in meeting the organization strategic objectives.

Management based on operations so operation management is the core function of management. Creation production distribution and delivery are some activities that are connected with the organization's operation management. Managers process are known as management operation process which is generally involving the motivationg,controlling,decision making, organizaing etc.The basic operation management process is as follows:

Plans and objectives.

Objectives is the main target of any organization so it is important to focus on the target of the organization.

Establish the Activities related the work to obtain the

To attain the objectives it is important to establish certain activities that are related with the work so that the objectives can be easily achieved.

Groups classification in terms work pattern:

The manager should use the decentralization power and classify the groups that are related with the work so that the specific gropu can perform better task related to their group.

Delegation of authority:

To share the work burden the organization's authority must delegate means divide their work burden in to the sub ordinates.

Maintaining the relationship on the basis of hierarchy of .

The manager should tale care one thing that the relationship and power delegation must be hold in the hierarchy wise.

After studying these points the organization must consider one thing that is the continuous evaluation of the operational process so that the efficiency can be sustain in the process in any which way. Time to time auditing should be there to have a check upon on the operational process of any organization. The plan the activities and the groups and the delegation must be a part of the evaluation of operational process management.

LO2: Understand the importance of managing quality in an organisation

LO2.1 Explain the importance of effective quality management in achieving organizational objectives

1.1 Quality Management

The organism which is primarily focused on the quality related to the specifications, standards, and customers expectations in the most effective and efficient approach.

If we want to establish a effective quality management in core business area of an organization so we need a set of policies, procedures, process for example ISO 9001:2008 is a perfect example of Quality Management System. QMS is the process move toward for project completing and it will help to improve the business performance.

1.2 Importance of effective quality management

There are certain importances of effective quality management which are as follows:

Quality assurance.

Customer satisfaction.

Improvement in the works of employees.

Augment in production process.

Diminish in risk.

Help to achieve the strategic objectives.

Set the standards near to international quality management.

Suitable registration of drugs.

Profit maximization, higher market price, capitalization etc.

Maintain to establish the customer loyalty.

After studying the quality management system it is clear that the QMS will be very helpful in achieving the organizational objectives.

LO2.2 Evaluate the success of existing quality management processes in a chosen organization. Describe its effectiveness in meeting the organization strategic objectives

The quality management system is based upon the quality check. But before the valuation of quality management process it is important to know about what is quality process. So very first here is the description of quality management process:

Process The Quality Management :

List the targets of quality to achieve

Listing the techniques by which quality should be measure

Measure the quality

Try to enhance the level of quality

That is the quality management process now its time to elaborate that what is the techniques for the evaluation of quality management process.

Evaluation of Quality Management Process in the Organization

If the organization wants to evaluate the quality management process than the organization can take certain actions by which it can easily analyse the quality management process:

Techniques for evaluation of quality management process

Efficiency of process criteria

Evaluation of quality culture

Evaluation of principles of management for sustained success


Efficiency of process Criteria: This technique is based on the two tire system that are: Efficiency & expenses that are related with the process. If we are discussing about the process criteria than efficiency and as well as the expense of the process plays an essential role in this matter so very first step is that to have an check on efficiency and expenses of the organization with this technique the quality management process should be evaluated effectively.

Evaluation of quality culture: After evaluating the efficiency of process criteria the next step is to evaluate the culture of quality by two basis that are: Interviews and Surveys. With the help of interviews and surveys the organization can analyse the culture of the organization whether the people will satisfy from the quality or not, so with help of questioning at the time of interviews and with the questions at the time of form filling in surveys it would be very helpful to evaluate the quality management process of the organization.

Evaluation of principles of management for sustained success: To evaluate the quality management process, the evaluation of management principles is also necessary because the QMS is also based on management principles.

Auditing: Auditing is all about the last stage of evaluation of quality management process. In the stage of auditing the quality check is based upon the standard of quality like ISO 900. Auditing is related with the cheeking of the quality on certain basis by which the organization could get the maximum satisfaction about the quality.

This is the complete process of the evaluation of quality management process.

Quality & Organization strategic objectives:

There is an unbound relation between the quality and strategic objectives of the organization reason being that quality management will have a great impact of the organization cost structure. There are three concerned areas of the organization: Resources, Material, and Opportunity cost loss.

Resources are very useful in quality management resources includes the equipments, land, space, infrastructure etc. The success of quality management may affect and effect on the resources, If the quality check is positive than the resources utilization will be optimum and if the check will be in negative than the resource utilization will be not optimum.

Quality is strictly related to the Material. One of the basic criteria of quality management is material, the quality of material reflects in the quality of the organization so it is essential to use good material so that the quality will be good and goodwill of the organization will be sustained.

Sometimes we miss the opportunity of providing the optimum quality just because we lost the opportunity to use the correct and good material as well as lost the use of optimum utilization of resources.

It is clear that the quality and strategies objectives of the organization is based on each other in effective manner.

LO3 - LO5 -

You have been appointed by your organisation as the new Quality team. Your responsibility is to

LO3.1 Plan a strategic quality change to improve your organization's current performance

Being a part of the quality team our first step would be, to plan a strategic quality change , the basic motive behind this, is to improve the organization's current performance. There are generally four steps f strategic quality change for the organization improvisation that are as follows:

• Categorize of the preliminary position

• Progress monitoring & measuring

• Direction check (whether the plan should be in right direction or not)

•Try harder to achieve the desired objectives and goals

• Categorize of the preliminary position: The first step of the plan is to assess the very first stage of the quality change process. So that we can easily analyze the present situation of the the strategic quality of the organization.

• Progress monitoring & measuring: The progress in quality management should be check time to time so that the quality can be monitor or measure in a right way .

• Direction check (whether the plan should be in right direction or not): The third step would be the direction check that means a proper check and evaluation of the procedure that have been opt as a quality change improvisation. If the direction , the methods , the procedures, the techniques have been use properly the quality management will be successful and achieved the desired objectives.

•Try harder to achieve the desired objectives and goals: The last step of the plan is to pave the path between the present situation and the desired situation of the quality change process. So that the plan will be successful.

Being a team of a quality change programme these steps are essential and prominent to fulfill all the requirements of the quality change to improve the organization's current performance.

LO3.2 clearly define what resources, tools and systems will support the business processes in your strategic quality change

Here the strategic quality change can be divided in to three categories that are:

Resources, Tools and System .Further we can divide these three category in to sub parts also like, Resources is further divided in two parts i.e. Financial resources and human resources, tools can be divided in two parts i.e. TQM & value manufacturing. Next is system which is a set of resources and tools.


Resources related to finance: The very first resource of business process that supports the strategic quality change is financial resource. Because finance is the basic need of any kind of the process and if the question is related to the quality change than finance plays essential role in the business. In financial resources the work is divided into two categories that are: Procuring of financial resources and utilization of financial resource so that the financial soundness will remain be there in strategic quality change.

Resources related to Human resource: The second important resource is related to the human resource. The HR is related to the man power , all the arrangements related to manpower , problems related to man power is determined and solved by the human resources. After arranging the finance , HR will be the second priority for the business functions.


Tools can be divided in two parts that are TQM & Value manufacturing. TQM is strictly connected with the quality perspectives and value manufacturing is concerned with the Value engineering and these two things are totally based upon each other.


In system the maximum focus should be on the satisfaction of the customer. The overall system is totally based on the effective resources and efficient tools. The perfect combination of resources and tools of business process is known as the "System" of strategic quality change.

These are the resources resources, tools and systems will support the business processes in your strategic quality change.

LO3.3 Evaluate the implications of your planned strategic quality change to your organization

The above plan for strategic quality change is now being evaluated in three parts that are:

Quality control

Value manufacturing

Operations management

Quality control: The quality control is the first criteria to evaluate the strategic quality change for the organization. If the quality is best than the organization could get the maximum success in it life time and win the customer satisfaction either.

Value manufacturing: This plan provides the complete value manufacturing. The quality is appropriate in terms of the value manufacturing.

Operations management: That plan is appropriate for enhancing the quality control and value manufacturing. In other words the operation management is the integration of two terms that are quality control and value manufacturing.

If these three points got implemented than the strategic quality change can evaluated in a right way.

LO3.4 what systems would you put in place to monitor the implementation of your strategic quality change

System and the design both are the same so there are four types of design for the process of originating and developing a plan for a product , structure , system and components. The four types of design are:

Product design

Process design

Layout design

network design

Product Design: Product Design is related with the specific product: The design, features, durability, and quality of the product. The product design is the generation of the idea, concept development, testing as well as implementation of the product.

Process Design: Process design is the physical transformation of the product. In process design there are four processes are involved that are: Raw material, Wok in progress, Semi finished goods & finished goods. The complete process of the production process.

Layout Design: The layout design is correlated with the location of the project. The layout design deals with the overall infrastructure of the organization. Layout connect with the demographic , geographic , political conditions etc.

Network Design: Network design is the assimilation of product, process & layout design .The network is based on three tire system of product, process & design.

LO4.1 Describe the implement process of strategic quality change

The implementation process of strategic quality change is categories in the four steps that are as follows:

(1) Be aware of presented business processes

(2) Analysation the business processes

(3) Comparison of the business performance

(4) Execute the ladder compulsory to pave the performance gap.

By the above steps the implementation process of strategic quality change can be done in an effective manner. The very first step is to get awareness of presented business process so that the organization could understand the present situation of the business. The next step is to analyze the business process that the process should be done effectively, the third step would be the comparison of the present situation and the past situation so that we can get the progress rate in strategic quality change of the organization and last but not the least that is execution of the ladder that can pave the path of performance gap. The gap must be fulfilled because after the fulfilling the gap the organization could get the maximum satisfaction in terms of strategic quality change.

LO4.2 What are some of the quality culture embedded in your plan to ensure continuity?

There are some quality cultures that can be embedded in the plan of strategic quality change to ensure the continuity. That are: Vision, mission, values, goals and strategy.

Mission: Mission is all about focusing on the present situation. The present performance of the quality change process should be in a great manner. Mission is connected with the fulfilling the goal , objectives of the organization in an effective manner.

Vision: Vision is connected with the future perspectives. Mission is the path way to fulfilling the visionary approach of the quality change. Vision is all about to reach on the position by which any organization wants to achieve in terms of the quality change process.

Goals: Goals are conferred with the acquiring the objectives of the organization. The goals is the current or would say that the present situation is always related too avail the objectives of the organizations.

Strategy: The strategy is the way to achieve the objectives of the company, Mission and vision of the company. How the organization may attain the prescribed goals. Mission and vision of the quality change process.

LO4.3 what steps is being followed to monitor the implementation of a strategic quality change in the organization

The points that are included in the implementation process same points can be included in the monitoring the implementation of a strategic quality change in the organization. The points that are needed to be monitored in strategic quality change are as follows:

(1) Be aware of presented business processes

(2) Analysation the business processes

(3) Comparison of the business performance

(4) Execute the ladder compulsory to pave the performance gap.

Awareness of the presented business process, analyzation the process of business, comparison of the business performance, execution the path between present and future scenario all these points should be monitored very effectively and efficiently so that the plan of strategic quality change process can be get success in the organization.

LO5.1 Evaluate the outcomes of a strategic quality change in your organization

The main goal of strategic quality change is to improve the quality and customer satisfaction.

The process is also based on the Efficiency & Effectiveness. Quality change is helpful to create and develop the effectiveness and abolishment the wastes in quality process. It helps in the proper utilization of the resources that can built the effectiveness in the quality structure and support the cost structure of the organization. In total that very system can helps to maintain the competitive advantage that can satisfy the customers. There are certain outcomes by the quality change process. The strategic quality change process in the organization is important because to get the maximum turnover the customers should be satisfy and if the organization wants to sustain than it can implement the strategic quality change process and evaluate it in term in result which will come always in the positive outcomes.

LO5.2 Recommend areas for improvement to align with organisational objectives

The recommended areas for improvement to align with organizational objectives are the mission and the vision and strategy of the organization, improvement in communications, and organization monitoring performance and the strategic goals. The system of quality change dose not only told us the framework but also tells us the reason by which the system can be improved. The areas that are recommended further for improvements to align with organizational objectives are: Internal surroundings & External surroundings of business. Which are related with the quality performing measures of the organization. The recourses, tools, system , product design, process design , layout design & network design are also the part of the recommended areas of the strategic quality change process.

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