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As per above article, Apples fraught with human right violations in supply chain. It is required to identify the ethical issues of Apple’s, investigate how it’s affected the stakeholders and identify the ways to solve it. Ethical issues such as chemical related health problems, enrol document issues and fault ID’s happened among in the internal or external of an organization. In additional, bribery and underage workers not only influence Apple, but also related with the legal issues. This has been affected by government-business and also business-business.

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Stakeholder analysis

Stakeholders perspective

Organization perspective


Insecure in an organization

Employees in an organization will focused on these issues and cause them to feel it is no longer stable due to they employ underage workers. Employees will feel insecure of their current position as they worry underage workers might replace their position. Due to these issued is related to legal laws, employees will feel the company doesn’t provide adequate safety measure, they tend to leave the current employment and prefer to seeks others better employment.

Employees turnover

As a result of issues impact the organization, the rates of employees turnover increase and cause lack of employees to handle daily works.

Employees benefits

Apple’s should take these issues seriously. By increase rate of employees, company should increase employees salary or bonusaa, to attain them


Protect the reputation of the organization

In order to protect the image and reputation of the company, manager should have best practise for managing and protecting reputation business.

Tighten the rules

Manager should tighten the rules and keep on eyes for every staff in company. Manager should have well observe in the company.

Conflicts of interests

The top management of the company believed that the managers might involve in corruption base on their self-interest. Their own selfishness cause the company fall into risk conditions.

Structure ethical conduct

The company should create an ethical awareness and also provide training in ethical reasoning for employees. Top management should give a full training to every of employees, so that every employees having same knowledge.



Customers notify the company were under risky due to they are touch to the legal laws. They tend to feel the company is dishonesty to social and there had loss of trust. Customers don’t dare to attach with above company because they knows these company were irresponsibility to social.

Provide better service

In order to retain customer, an organization should provide better service to the customers. Besides that, company should provide new offers and offers new products to attract them. Company should take this chance to improve the relationships of customers.


Lack of transparency

Shareholders should authorization to demand the company to increase the transparency of company. It is essential to have a transparency for supplier details, revenue report, annual report and so on. Shareholders should make sure the company not involve in any ethical issues such as employ underage workers to save costs.

Loss of confident

Shareholders were concerned on the issues of company. They will feel disappointed caused lost confident to the company. They tend to stop to give out fund and make invest for the company. Most probably shareholders might choose to leave due to the company already touch with the ethical issues. To prevent any losses or problems, shareholders will choose to withdrawal funds and leave as soon as possible.

Seeking new potential investors

The company is facing the issues of lack of shareholders. They need to seek other potential investors to maintain the company afloat.

Social Responsibility activities

The reputation and value of company already drops. The company needs to increase the rates of social responsibility activities. This can improve the confident of stakeholders, in the same times, it can rebuild the reputation of company.

Social responsibility activities

The organization might need to increase the activities of social responsibility to rebuild the reputation of an organization.

Apples Company ethical issues

There were find out the Apples’ company have several ethical issues such as chemical related health problems, bribery, enrol document issues, using fault ID’s, and employ underage workers. All these are seriously impact the stakeholders and shareholders.

Issues of chemical related health

The issues of chemical related health problems were seriously impact the employees’ health. Apples Company use any hazardous substance by replacing it with a substances that fall above its normal conditions of use, is not only dangerous affected employees but also others stakeholders will be seriously impact. Some of chemicals can cause damage to the reproductive system of employees, leading to cancers, infertility. For women, it will cause menstrual disorders and damage to offspring.

Manager of Apples’ Company might also get impact by the chemical issues. Their healths also get affected by hazardous, and managers feel guilty because their employees were under insecure conditions. They feel the burden to bared this issues.

Over use of chemical in the products will cause lots of issues for customers. Different ages of customers may have different health issues. Children are most at risk due to they don’t clear with the safety. Chemical affected children were common issues. Adult healths get affected likes causing fatigue, death of cell issues and get poisons.

Besides that, due to the Apply Company over use chemical in the products cause lots of health issues and many of them were seriously impact. Shareholders also were get impact by diminished their value when Apples’ Company failure to appropriately account fot toxicity and health criteria. These issues can impact a company financial health. Those risks that can impact company financial well being due to failing to take into toxicity and health factors in business assessments. Shareholders not only lost the funds, in the same times they force to give out money to respond to the injury claims for health issues. Moreover, shareholders worried the products get ban because the products chemical already excess the standards. They tend to worries lost of sales.

Bribery issues

Bribery issues occur in the company will cause employees to feel insecure to continue stay with the organization. This is because the company doesn’t have well management causing bribery occur in the company. Employees feel the organization dishonesty and they tend to leave as soon as possible. Managers also get impact by bribery issues. Due to mishandle the organization, cause bribery activity get introduce from somewhere. This is a serious issues for manager, due to they fails to perform better in company. Manager stressed by this issues and this cause them to feel burden.

Customers notify these issue and they tend to get rejected and run away from the company. This is because they feel the company is dishonest and irresponsible to their ethical issues. They will find others better company. Automatically, attitudes of customers and also bribery issues occur made shareholders tend to worries. Their emotions get affected by these issues because they have giving out funds to this company. Once bribery issues didn’t settle well, affected shareholders lost everything from the above company. They started to feel loss confident and tend to withdrawal the funds and leave the company.

Employ underage workers issues

This is the major issues for Apples Company. One of the serious impact of stakeholders is employees. There are feel their position is insecure. This is because company employ large amount of underage workers with save large amount of cost, they tend to worry those underage workers might replace them. Besides that, their benefits also force to share with underage employees, this causes the violence conflicts in internal organization. Employees feel unhappy and unsatisfied with the offer of company. Unfair treatment of the company forces them to leave the company.

Manager also facing this issue, due to their overlook of the company employees causing the underage workers issues affected the company. Managers will feel stressed to protect the reputation of the organization because the company already employ large amount of underage workers. They feel hard to take the responsibility in the company, cause them choose to leave the company.

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These issues were less impact for customers. But nowadays, customers are intelligent and before make purchase; they will make the company research. Although this issues doesn’t impact them very well, but customer will not prefer with the above company. This is due to the company is having an ethical issues; cause them to change their mind set. They prefer to choose others company rather than an issues Company.

Shareholders also get serious impact on this issue. Once customers do not prefer with their company product, automatically the production of sales will drops. This can make shareholders to feel nervous. They already lost confident and tend to withdrawal the funds and leave the company.

The issues of modern indentured servitude

Apple audit revealed a system in which their workers have to pay recruitment fees that boned them to modern indentured servitude. These cause them to pay out lots of recruitment fees and force them to work with Apple Company. This issues is related with human right violations. Employees will feel reluctant to work with the organization, but they have no choice. These impact them to injure themselves such as suicide.

Manager of the company they also get affected due to they overlook the reactions of an employees. Besides that, customer will feel the company is like a devil, so that rejected continue to co-operate with them. They can see the company is dishonest and insecure.

Shareholders also get to affected by this issues. From the first time of invest the funds to this company objectives is to earn back more than the current amount of funds. But now, this issues has been so serious, they lost confident to the company and tend to stop invest the funds.

Egoism theory used to estimate the Apples Company

Apples Company can use egoism theory to evaluate the organization. Under these theory, involve lots of differ kinds of egoism, which is ethical egoism and psychological egoism.

Psychology egoism is claim that an individual which is act selfishness. They put their own self-interest priority first. Apples Company fall into bribery issues due to their important their own self pleasure.

According to Thomas Hobbes, psychological egoism is true. He implies ethical egoism. People tend to foster their own self-interest. Apples Company have psychological theory, due to the workers of looks for selfish motivations and refuse to recognize other kind. They were doing something without care of people to benefits their own selfishness.

Apples Company has ethical egoism as well. Ethical egoism is the idea that individual ought to pursue their self interest. It is different compare to psychological egoism. There are lots of people are not morally desirable course of action, but ethical egoism able to respond that if every people follow ethical egoism, creates self-interest to counter balance back the wrongdoing.

Utilitarianism theory used to estimate the Apples Company

According to Kant, utilitarianism not only concerns the outcomes of moral decisions. It is based on the predetermined ethical rules ( Kant, 1785).

Apples Company are weighing up to determine how every of the stakeholders involve in the issues, would be affected. Aims of doing this to decide on morally right action (Hinman, 1998). Every aspect should be examined to evaluate potential good and bad of outcomes. If the goods outweigh the bad, then morally can be deemed right. If the bad are more, then the opposite applies.

How to overcome the chemical related health issues

Apples Company must have the responsible to handle the chemical issues. They need to take serious action to prevent this issues get affect the stakeholders. They should understand working with chemical is dangerous if didn’t take the correct precautions. Chemicals should handle by the experts and ensure it is safe to use. Chemicals can be very volatile, so it is essential to use it with under normal dosage. Besides that, Apples company should pass the knowledge of chemical for every of workers in company. So that rates of this issue can be minimised. Managers should give chemical safety tips for the workers in workplace. Other than that, Apples’ company should provides a fully safety tools such as goggles, gloves, etc. for every workers.

To ensure the issues will not affect the customers, it is essential for every of the products were adhere with the notes of safety precautions. Besides that, the use of chemical dosage should be mention, so that customers will feel reliable and safety to use.

Shareholders should give an idea to increase the transparency of the company. To gain back the confident of shareholders, immediate action of this issues should be taken and it is essential to shows the safety reports for socials.

Overcomes bribery issues in Apples Company

Apples Company should take this issue seriously because it will affect stakeholders. Arise of bribery issues due to the company doesn’t have well management. To resolve the bribery issue in workplaces, company need to identify how it occur. After that, determine the how serious of the problem and how does the problems occur. Company should knows how serious of the relevant affect the work environment. They needs to identify the easiest ways to resolve the problem. As workplace bribery is illegal, company needs handle it by using easiest and immediate way. If can’t handle well, company should take legal action.

It is a needy to meet every of managers and discuss the above issues with them. During meeting, they should addressed the problem and solve it. Besides that, company also need to have a meeting for every employee, so that bribery issues will minimise.

Overcome underage workers issues

Apples should not think of their own self-interest and hire underage workers. Children are being age of 18 cannot be employed for any organization. If the young person is under 16, it is essential for company to get the written permission of the person parents. Employ underage can save lots of cost. At the opposite side, it cause lots of problems to stakeholders. Apples Company should the serious action by terminated those underage workers as soon as possible. Company should have a discussion with human resources department and tighten the HR rules and regulation. Besides that, to increase the reputation of company, they need to makes the organization more transparency. Company should keep on eyes for these issues and prevent it happen again as this issue has been obey the legal laws.

Overcome indentured servitude issues

This means the workers are actually don’t voluntary to work with the Apples Company. They force to work with this company due to their already pay lots of recruitment for those sub agency, cause them waste of money and involuntary to work with the organization.

Apples Company should take this issue seriously. Employees who is involuntary to work, is better to leave the company. If not, in the future they had created many of issues. The latest issues of Apples Company are workers get to suicide. This can shows that they are actually unhappy and reluctant to work with the company.

Apples company should meet every of workers and give them a chance to give out their voice. Besides that, human resources should use an ethical ways to employ the correct workers. People have the right to choose which company they prefer to work. Apples company should treat good every of employees and giving them encouragement to increase their confident.


Apples Company had created lot of issues that can really affect the stakeholders. These issues not only impact them but also get to impact their own organization. It is essential to use these theories to estimate and evaluate the company. Besides that, theories also can find out how the company impacts the stakeholders. After analysis these issues, I was noted that every of the Apples Company are greatly obey the legal laws. There have several ways to overcomes these issues. Although they have ways to resolve the problem, but before that gave lots of problem for every sides of people. Apples Company must get the right penalty from government law and also forfeiture of rights with temporarily stops the business.

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