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unitary and pluralistic frames of reference one can be able to analyze employee relation approach. According to the unitary approach, members of an organization have to have objectives, goals and values for the organization to be successful. This explains why organizations have goals and mission statements as they give guidance to the employees. The unitary approach is very important as it helps to promote the team culture in an organization and ensures that there are good employee relations within an organization.

The pluralistic approach supports the fact that there are different employees with different values and perspectives. The pluralistic approach is very important as it helps in conflict resolution in an organization. The unitary and pluralistic frames can be used as a point of reference to guide employees who have a wrong perception about the relation of employees in the organization. Through the frames, managers can be able to manage people whose interests coincide with the interests of the organization. For example with the unitary frame of reference, one can hardly find conflicts since with the reference frames managers can be able to identify the sources of conflicts and therefore know how to control and avoid them.

Reflect and explain how changes in trade unionism have affected employee relations

The trade union plays a very important role to employees. Its main aim is to protect the rights of the employees inters of pay and the working conditions. The union has come in order to help employees in an organization. It has played a role in ensuring good employee relations in an organization in several ways which may include:

It helps to prevent conflicts between employees as it acts as a communication channel between the employees and management. This helps the employees to stay informed and thus helps to prevent conflicts that may arise between the managers and the employees.

The union makes bargaining arrangements to the employees which may help the employee and thus may help to prevent conflicts among employs. This is due to the fact that conflicts may arise among employees who might be doing the same job and one gets more salary than the other. This has an impact on employee relations in an organization.

Through unions, one can have lay representatives who help to communicate managerial shortcomings which may help to prevent irresponsible managers which may help to prevent conflicts in an organization between employees and the managerial sector.

The union has taken many measures to ensure that there is a good balance between the managers and the employees and thus help to prevent conflicts since it is the main source of conflicts in organization.

Using a real life example of your choice, explain within context the role of the main players in employee relations issue you have chosen

There are different players in an organization who play different roles in an organization to ensure that there is good employee relations within an organization. The main players in employee relations in an organization are the managers, the employees and the organization. They are the ones that contribute to good or bad employee relation in organization.

For example for the case of a disciplinary issue whereby an employee has done an action that is illegal according to the rules of the organization. This issue will lead to an employee relation problem in an organization. In this case, the employee is the main contributor of the issue since he did what he was not supposed to do since it is illegal according to the organization. The other employees will have an issue with this and it may lead to conflicts within the organization. They will therefore play a role of taking the issue to the manager. The manager will then take an action according to the rules of the organization or the contract. His main role will be to ensure that the same issue does not arise again by punishing the employee accordingly. The organization plays a very important role since it is the one that come up with rules and regulations that will govern the conduct of the employee and employee relations within an organization to ensure there is harmony within the organization and that people are responsible for their actions. All the players of employee role relation should therefore coordinate to make sure that there is good employee relation in an organization for the well being of the organization as a whole since it is the employees who will determine the performance of the organization.

Task 2

Discuss and evaluate the procedures that should be followed by an organization when dealing with different conflict situations

Conflicts arise in organizations due to the different perceptions on different matters in an organization. In dealing with conflicts in an organization, there are procedures that should be followed in dealing with the conflict. This is to ensure that managers are able to solve the conflict with fairness without favoring some employees.

There are different kinds of conflicts in an organization and this is very important in solving a conflict. This is the first step that all managers need to understand in solving a conflict in an organization.

There are several factors that need to be understood in solving a conflict in an organization. One firstly has to understand the situation leading to the conflict. There are different conditions that lead to the rise of conflicts and it is important for manager s to understand them in order to know how to solve them.

After understanding the condition leading to the conflict one should then find out the effect of the conflict to the organization which may be either positive or negative. This will help the manager to weigh the effect of the conflict.

One should then understand the stages of the conflict process. Conflicts have different stages and the stage of the conflict is very important to be known in order for the manager to know how to solve the conflict.

After understanding all these, one can then find ways of dealing with the conflicts. One can assess the different ways of dealing with the conflict and choose the best way according to the situation at hand.

Discuss and reflect on the key features of employee relations in recent UK conflict situation of your choice

Conflicts may arise among employees in an organization due to many features. Conflicts have different features depending on the type of conflict. An example of a conflict in employee relation in an organization may be:

For the case whereby in a department where there are several employees and one employee does not to do some tasks just because they think that it is not right according to their culture to do some tasks. In this case the employee may be using others such that they are the ones that do most of the task. This case will lead to conflicts among the employees in the organization due to cultural differences. The conflict may be due to the fact that other employees feel that they are doing so much while they also have their cultures that they may be having and may want to follow. In this case this conflict may lead to many effects which may include reduced performance at the workplace and lack of cooperation among the employees. IN solving this kind of conflict, there are procedures that should be followed by managers to ensure that the conflicts are solved in harmony. One should also refer to the requirements of the organization by the employees. There should be rules that should be set to govern employees when it comes to cultural differences.

Evaluate the effectiveness of procedures used in the chosen conflict situation, making recommendations for areas found lacking and identifying areas of good practice.

Following the right procedure in solving the conflict in the situation above is very important for effective solving of the conflict. This is due to the fact that it is very important to understand the source of the conflict in order to know how to solve the conflict.

The manager should understand the reason why the conflict arise which in this case is cultural differences and the condition leading to conflict situation in an organization. The manager then needs to assess the effect of the conflict to the organization. One should then identify he stage in the conflict process. With understanding all these one can then indentify the best way of dealing with the conflict which in this case will be negotiating. What I would recommend in this case is negotiating with the employee to change his habits in order to be able to relate with other employees well. The areas that might be lacking in this case are specifying the conduct of an employee as far as cultural differences is concerned. In this case the area of good practice would be that everyone should respect everyone’s culture and should compromise in some cases for the sake of the work involved.