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According to the author, Mullins suggests that the structure of the organisation can be described as the overall pattern of the relationships between the various roles and responsibilities which allocate to serve the work to sustain the competitive advantage in order to achieve the direct activities and the organisational goals. These structure which resembles the members of the organisation to plan, compromise, organise the various activities to control and uses many principles with the derived classic and as well as the scientific management issues and changes. The overall structure of the organisation which is both architectural and structural which is visible and also invisible which mainly competes with the other entities which mainly defines the various functions and the entities which represent and provides the various useful insights into the underlying design principles in the management section within the organisation. This is a formal structure which not only focuses on the various principles involved in the management section within the organisation which resembles and which is an integral part of the design mainly to compete with a complexity.

The various revolution involved with the other entrepreneurs followed by the hierarchical and the responsibilities and controls the structure models within the organisation which centralises the various divisions of the members in especially in the management section mainly to promote and improves the various activities involved with a driven force in order to reinforce the capitalist profit in order to stabilize the major contribution involved in the development of the various stages involved in the organisation structure. The major factor involved in the design process within the industrial process which is a general and scientific process to compete with the classical view around the globe. The various virtues which resembles with the general entities which are analytical, empirical and reductionist involvement in the overall development of the various linear structures in order to gain the operations involved with a structure made by the various layers in order to compete and sustain the competitive advantage within the organisation.

The various bureaucracies which is involved with the various principles, authority and notions which is able to control and consider the various rational approaches which is long-term planning process which is of high sensible and desirable with a competences within the other layers among the members of the organisation. The various approaches which resembles with a structured and involving the various aspects in order to empower the various functions and aspects involved which is a mechanistic approach and process which is more flexible in the design and working on various functions and ranges in order to shape the major initiatives with a major structure involved within the organisation. The various roles and responsibilities involved inside the various structural which is divisional with the various strategic business units which devolves into the various divisions or units with the management section inside the organisation in order to compete and sustain the competitive advantage among its competitors in around the globe. The various processes involved with the various energy approaches which may decentralise the various synergies with an advantage with the various units so as with its core competencies which is being shared in order to corporate the various cohesion maintained and appears to be continued with a process of involvement which resembles and describes with a high performance by creating the various empowered and the various ad hocs, process- based approaches in order to endeavour in order to break within the traditional bureaucratic approaches among the members of the organisation. The most and important innovative approach which resembles and emerges within the organisation structure which composes for its main purposes and goals of the organisation. According to the author, St Lukes, which deliberately emphasis on the various traditional linear issues within the organisation which is of form-based approach with the various cells organised among the members of the organisation.

Each cell among the members in the organisation has its own purpose within the cell structure which is able to develop and endure the overall macro structure which is also a company shared which basically shifts and forms into various cells with the organisation. Each of its cell has its own responsibility.

The organisations structure will be characterised by having a minimal number of the various layers which operates with the few possible with all the responsibility with a flat structure which plays and ensures a coverage of the various members of the organisation. In particular to the seamlessly with the various colleagues which expects with the various staff in the organisation which needs to compete so as to sustain the competitive advantage. The organisation which needs to operate with the various staffs of the organisation so as to position with the other business environment. The total management which is super-flat management in the overall organisation structure with a high ratio or with full skill which operates with the knowledge economy which struggle in order to adapt the super-flat structures which responds with the changes with the management environment. For an instance, the total management system with the various difficulties with the overall direction in particular to the various levels of the responsibilities which feel to freedom and to follow the overall agendas and helps to attain the competitive advantage.

The various difficulties in assessing the performance with the members of the organisation in order to check the various qualities of the various products which the firm resembles. The various members of the organisation which defines the quality and to attain the sustainable advantage which can sustainable the members which prefers to specialise the various operations with the flat structure with the members which enables with the ability to access the information and to reduce the various effects potential which ensure with varieties with the frequently switch projects and help out the colleagues which operates with the super-flat structure.

One of the most important benefits for the developing with the efficient knowledge, that allows the other members of the organisation which control the various direction which is the ratios of the various directors with a low and subsequent which helps the lower level staff which understands the volume of work operating with the super-flat organisational structure.

Hundustan unilever limited:


The Hindustan Unilever Limited which is one of the major multi-national organisation which is the best and fast moving consumer goods. This organisation has a major distinct varieties of products such as food, home and care products and also in beverages. This firm is best organised by the government of India which exports to various consumer goods mainly to renown from it competitors.

This organisation has nearly around few hundred people where it comprises of the several managers. With various products, the organisation gradually meets the daily needs of the people in various terms like hygiene, nutrition, personal care and home care products. Unilever with its branches which are distributed with the stakeholders which hols individually with the various financial needs and perspective with various different categories like all the various care products. This firm has major brands in the market where the entire products are manufactured and situated in and around the globe. The various distribution centres with its entire outlets wit a range of people with being the fastest raising organisations in India with the latest technology being employed.

The main code of the Hindustan Unilever Limited is by performing the various business activities and necessities with an integration and respect with the various goods being employed with a lot of reputation. The advancement in the technology ad the growth in evaluating the fast-growth in the market which help the organisation to improve their priorities in their business along with their competitors.

Organisational strategies:

The various strategies which determines the overall long-term targets with their objectives and aims within the enterprise and adopting the various technologies and the various terminologies mainly for the essential growth of its goals. For instance, the various basic levels with the major activities and the various decisions which tend to expand the various circumstances to be enlarged and the changes being take place. The various circumstances which include the various brands and also by considering the the various features of its competitors at present and also in the future. The foremost thing to be considered and the vision is that is to innovate the constantly the various new technologies which mainly helps to reduce the various consumption in various sectors in order to achieve from its landslides. The vision behind the organisation whcich describes the various mission statement which relates either with the a real substance or focussing entirely on the various resources available and the various technologies being used for a change in the organisation structure.

The organisation infrastructure which mainly deals with the general management, planning finance, legal affairs and the various operations being supported with the various operational features involved in the value chain. This organisation is very important and high producer of the fast moving consumer goods which help to represent the various brands of products being employed in and around the globe.

The various technologies being employed with the concern with the various utensils and the various technical skills being raised being related with the various products and the services being employed for exporting the various good and the services being considered as compared with its competitors so as to sustain the competitive advantage. The key aspect involved by this organisation which is able to improve the various terminology by investing and improving in order to increase its technology and making it a top most consumer goods in the global market so as to improve the business of this particular organisation.

The main concern involved in the procurement and gaining of the efforts with the various resources or the process being employed and obtaining the various different resources with the various primary activities. This involves in including the various expansions in the large extent by improving the various networks involved for the improvement and for the distribution of opening of various retail outlets which covers the major urban residents and even the urban population.

Aims and objectives:

The various objectives and the aims and culture which resembles the organisation structure in various different ways which can be predicted and possible of making the operations being simpler with the overall improvement of the performance. Based on the various size of the structure , the organisation will be generally developed and improved in the various different ways which are of the simple structure , functional structure, multi-divisional structure, matrix structure. The simple structure which generally refers with the centralised structure which have a control with the other individuals within the organisation which is best suitable for the small organisations. The functional structure which resembles and have a single core product and services being suitable and focuses on the various marketing, finance and the various production departments in the management section within the organisation. The various multi-divisional structure which resembles and categories into various different divisions on the various basic needs and necessities which mainly focuses on the marketing process of the organisation, financial status of the organisation, the various production departments within the organisation.

This particular organisation has employed the matrix structure which is able to provide the various huge organisations which combine the various brand of products and the services with the various divisions being employed in the different parts of the organisation. This organisation has high global standards which help in corporate with the behaviour with the various stakeholders in order to organise from its success rates. This organisation has a huge range of diversification, accountability, transparency, and the various fairness being considered in order to milestones from its competitors. The various working procedures and the aims which resembles with the efficient manner with a long-term success and process with the main keys issues being employed for the long-term achievement.

The various principles and aims which resembles in the expansion of the business which leads with the several issues relating to the organisation in order to take the overall responsibilities with the other rival firms in order to sustain the competitive advantage with the high necessity of the quality of the various products and the services in order to resolve the appropriate needs of the consumers.

Human resource planning:

In the company stated above the diagnostic approach to manpower planning quantitative planning techniqueues are used in combination with qualitative techniques to identify and understand the causes of manpower problems. This information can them be used to generate solutions equal to the complexity of the problems we have also seen that such an approach has the potential to affect organisational structure. The human resource palnning fully recognizes the potential of the people and their needs in the development of strategies and plans involving training and high reward and quality commitment.

Recriutment and selection:

Recruitment is the process of generating a pool of capable people to apply to an organisation for employment . selection is the process by which managers and others use specific instruments to choose from a pool of applicants the person or persons most likely to succeed in the jobs given management goals and legal requirements.

Recruitment and selection have always been a critical processes for organisations with recent interst in how organisatons can achieve high performance effective recruitment depends on the extent to which overall management philosophy supports and rein forces an approach to HRM that focuses on the utilization and development of new employes once they have gained entry to an organisation.

As an organisatiion we make it our business to be the best companyin the financial services industry by being a grat place for our staff to work.

For our customers,that means our key CARE values to all our dealings with them.

Customer understanding—Building stronger relation ships with our customers and understanding them their individual needs.

Accesibility—being approachable , honest, straight forward and welcoming when ever where ever and how ever our customers want us

Responsibility—looking after our customers best interests delievering what we promise and respectingthe communities we serve

Expertise—offering services and products that are right for our customers with the expertise and efficiency they expect

Critical Analysis:

In order to improve the overall business environment, the organisation structure should be resolving its business trends with its various competitors. The Human resource management which is one of the best and which provides the solutions to the consumers and deals with the various issues which are mostly due to the members in the organisation which are efficiently approached with the various activities involved. The most important and key issues which relates by making use of the human resources which constitute which are planning of the human resource, recruitment of the various staff required for the organisation, performance management, giving training and development, relation between the members of the organisation. The various activities which the human resource management deals with the members of the organisation are allocating the various rules and the policies and the various means of the utilization of the human resource development. The various needs and necessities of the members of the organisation is to provide by adopting the various western ways of deploying the various practices with marginalisation of the various human changes at the work place with the concern with the various individuals at the behaviour with an interest in having a deal with the various norms and the various necessities which would prove to be successful with a rapid growth for a better successful growth based on the various technologies being implemented in this particular organisation.

The human resource management which is a key aspect for sustaining the competitive advantage with the various means of experiencing with the members of the organisation which is able to implement for the successful strategies being employed. Moreover, the organisations which would lead to the development and improvement in the various utilization. This particular organisation which is a important in the fast moving of the consumer goods which establish themselves in order to compete with the various policies to be followed in order to pay annually in order to improve the business involved and in order to pay the overall tax being employed for the members of the organisation.

The most common issues related to the human resource practices which is to be implemented in order to compete with the various forms and sources and providing awareness among the members of the organisation.

The organisation will take care of the overall human resource management process involved by taking suitable measures among the various staff and the members by providing services like addressing the issues related to the members of the management committee. These also deal with the external and internal factors which influence and which they require in key positions which refer and capable of positioning within the organisation and helps to reduce the overall cost effective nature among the various necessities. The human resource management also helps in giving the overall cross cultural training among the members of the organisation in order to improve the overall needs and the necessities which guide and provide and helps to settle down with the various adjustments in providing with a mentor and guidance to believe with most cross cultural training. The main task involved in the trans-cultural manager which develops a mind set that depicts the greater respect from the various cultures and which able to provide the various cultures and able to solve the issues relating to the members of the organisation. The overall trans-cultural behaviour will help to understand and lean the core values which differ from the various activities and finds the huge challenges and also be able to understand the constant change of overall culture and able to settle with the other competitors.

The various means which help in order to communicate with the other competitors and able to understand through various means of communication with a response of fulfilling the tasks assigned for the members of the organisation. The various strategies which illustrates and arises and able to struck with a long time. The main motivation involved in the overall cycle process which enables to compete with the various entities and works with the overall welfare system. The various aspects involved in the human resource management which relates to the issues and the solutions which is to be addressed with the various ethical practices and the various conflicts. This helps in pertaining the various trends and various methodologies being considered in analysing the various measures which cause to conflict the overall process involved in especially in the management section of the organisation. This would turn give the overall picture with the perfect environment to work with the various human resource practices and the various policies by adopting the various efforts the various lingual differences which ensures the various strategies involved in the overall business orientation.

This helps to improve the overall business process involved and the usage of the human resource management in the organisation which helps to ensure the perfect environment and with a discrimination of the various terms with the various implementation and the practices involved among the members of the organisation..


The various strategies involved in the business orientation of the organisation has clearly explained.

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