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The place I am working is call car grooming company and I fell that I have no job satisfaction in this job. I am managing the whole business and also getting good money like profit sharing on the top of the wages but some how not completely satisfy and almost lost the passion for that particular work. I have been noticed and recognized what I am doing and also performing well in my job. There is no issue with boss and money. My personal relation with my boss and staff is also good. I also handle my staff nicely. Even having all the factors in my favor I feel that I am not satisfied with my job. I believe that is has more to do with my personal traits. The question is why I am not motivated to stay longer in the job. Most of the factors related to the motivation and getting job satisfaction is in my favor and ever though the feeling of job satisfaction is missing. I questioned my self one-day. Am I getting lazy? What are the factors not driving me towards job satisfaction? And now I got the answer, which I have mentioned in my evaluation exercise.


Action Plan for job satisfaction:

Action Described:

I am not passionate about my job and not much motivation to do the job. I feel that few different motivation factors affecting my job satisfaction. I have no desire about the high pay particularly in this job. But I noticed that actually the type of job I am doing is not driving me towards the job satisfaction. The job is to deal with the employee in the car park and it not that much challenging, looking to the education and experience I have.

I think to increase my job satisfaction I need to make the job more challenging and setting some target and goal in the business. Tying to improve my performance for my own satisfaction.

People centered manager skills that I will develop:

Its importance that I should develop my skill which will drive me towards the job satisfaction because if I do not have the passion for the job even I am performing well, its will give negative impact on my staff and there will be great impact on their performance. I will try to understand the reason, which is not driving my passion regarding the job satisfaction.

Example of new behavior you will display given this new skill:

I will evaluate the values and reason for not getting satisfaction towards the job. I will try to find out the job involvement that extent to which my individual is personally involved with work role. Try to focus more on job goal rather than always thinking about not having satisfaction about the job. Trying to find out the way of motivation like hygiene factor if responsible for my job satisfaction

Resource you need to implement action:

Creating challenging job, focus more on goal and how to achieve more target and how to improve the business culture to feel more comfortable environment in which I am working. Reviewing the team feedback toward my attitude to them. I am sure that if I am not satisfied with the job my reaction towards employee will be not good. Design of working area and environment. Try to enhance the job satisfaction by observing the requirement and knowledge.

Action’s specific benefit to an organization according to the theory:

By building a self esteem in our self and other can have positive impact on performance.

Intrinsic motivation occurs when an individual is turned on to ones work because of the positive internal feelings that are generated by doing well, rather than being dependent on external factor such as incentive pay or compliments from the boss (cited by Knicki & Kreitner 2009 page 151).

Job enrichment such that an employee has the opportunity to experience achievement, recognition, stimulating work, responsibility and advancement will help achieving job satisfaction (Cited by Knicki & Kreitner 2009 page 15)



This is regarding my self-reflection regarding the treatment towards staff. After doing the exercise I feel that I moderate but not very fair in regards to the staff treatment. My problem is that I do not have fair job satisfaction and when it comes to the staff treatment it reflect on them. Because of lack of my motivation my staff is not being treated, as they should be. My employees hard work appreciation when they performed well, their respect for the work and time they are giving to the organization to achieve the goal their questions and problems are not always been taken fairly and I have understood that employees always have a habit for complaining about the things and I was not really trying to sloe problems. My lack of accurate feedback to them were not motivated them and affecting the result in the business. After evaluating the exercise I have develop the action plan for my future improvement.


Action Plan for giving Fair Treatment to the employee

Action Described:

I usually do not give good feedback and appreciation to the employees. I was always thinking that if you appreciate your workers than they will slowly led towards the less performance. This is was my belief but they do need motivation to perform well that is what I learnt from the different motivational theory. I need to treat my employee very fairly and not just the moderately.

People centered Manager skills that I will develop:

I will develop my skill to motivate my employee. Employee will know this and we will try to improve the productivity and creativity. I will distinguish between fairness and equal treatment. I will give accurate feedback to the employee and rewards to performance.

Example of New Behavior you will display given this new skill:

I will introduce the system like a performance chart for the individual employee to see improvement in their performance. Appreciation of their hard work and solving their problems and taking feedback regarding their performance. If any training or mentoring is needed I will make sure to provide them. Their suggestions are consider seriously and try to find out the best way suitable for them as well as for organization.

Resource you need to implement action:

Learn the theory of motivation and their expectancy. Considering the practical experience and put in to the theory. Considering and reading the vroom’s expectancy theory. Reward people for desire performance. Design challenging jobs. Monitor employee motivation through interviews or anonymous questionnaires. Make sure employee can achieve target performance levels.

Action’s specific benefits to an organization according to theory:

Managers need valid and accurate performance ratings with which to compare employees. In accurate ratings create perceptions of inequity and thereby erode motivation.(Kinicki & Kreitner 2009)

Manager should use the performance ratings to differentially allocate rewards among employees. That is critical that managers allocate significantly different amount of rewards for various levels of performance. (Kinicki & Kreitner 2009 )

A positive self-enhancing culture is more likely to engender higher motivation and commitment that a culture dominated by suspicion, faultfinding and blame.



I am not good in giving feed back. Sometime I want to give feedback to my employee but I struggle to give feed back to them. I feel that If I give them negative feed back for any of their work done they may feel offended and feel embarrassing and due to that reason I am usually avoid to give feed back. But I realized that feedback is very important for the manager to give to their employee and feed back can help in performance of the organization. Its also good idea to get someone to check on work before it’s too late to make changes. Also by not giving feedback it can create confusion when something happens after long time and we will than thing that it could have better if I could have given a feed back on this particular issue actually when it happed. Therefore much time I feel the failure in particular issues are because of not giving feed back on time. My lack of feedback habit created problems in both ways with employee for not giving them feedback for their work they were not motivated and to the boss for not giving feed back thinking about the reflection of the feedback. I learnt that feedback is very necessary and important in the organization as well as a manager and I am putting the action in the following plan.



Action Described:

I am very poor in giving feedback to my employee as well as to the boss. I am not giving feed back because I always think that what will be impact on my employee if I give them negative feedback for their work. They may take it personally and I do not wanted to create any disturb environment in the organization.

But I really need to give feed back to them. My positive feedback will motivate them for their job and my negative feedback may improve their job

People centered manger skills that I will adopt:

Employees even after doing a good job they feel lot more confident of it after someone else tell them so. I will give them regular feed back for the work they have done it can be positive or negative and try to find out how they give importance to negative feedback to make improvement in their performance and how should I reward them by giving a positive feedback. I will identify attitudes and behavior that must change and define what attitudes and behavior will be acceptable in future. I will evaluate responses to make sure they are consistent with company policy and with the treatment of other employees.

Example of new behavior you will display given this new skill:

Feedback is objective information about individual or collective performance shared with those in a position to improve the situation. Subjective assessments such as you are not doing this and that do not qualify as objective feedback. Feedback should be given as an exchange of information about the status and quality of work product. It will provide a road map to success.

I will try to give feedback that ensures that the manager and employees are in sync and agree on the standards and expectations of the work to be performed.

I will enhance feedback by pairing specific challenging goals with specific feedback about result.

Resource you need to implement action:

Commitment of management by making employee reward and recognition. Advise to deliver frequent feedback to motivate workers. Newer approaches like upward feedback and 360 degree feedback. Review the work progress and culture regularly to give them feedback. Introduce performance appraisal system.

Action specific benefit to an organization according to theory:

Top management support and organizational climate openness can help 360-degree feedback programs success. (Kinicki & Kreitner 2009).

Focus feedback on things employee can control improvement not just result and performance rather than personality. Cultivate a fair and constructive climate by including positive feedback one or examples instead of dumping on employees and taking time to listen to employees can provide effective feedback.

Large scales at the U.S Naval Academy, where student leaders and followers live together day and night, discover a positive impact of upward feedback on leaden behavior. (Kinicki & Kreitner 2009).



I personally do not like conflict in the organization and I am always trying to avoid that and I am not at all good in handing the conflict. I am always worried about the effect on my relation with the employee and therefore I could not handle properly when conflict happens. I believe that completely avoid conflict is not a right thing and it can also not possible in modern life because it is became a part of human condition to occurs conflict at several levels. For me probably seems the lack of negotiation skill keeping me to avoid conflicts but when it happens it becomes a hard job to handle the conflict and being a manager it is very important to know how to handle the conflict and how to encourage the conflict. Conflict can be useful as well. For example conflict like functional conflict can be positive for the organization and conflict like dysfunctional can be negative for the organization. I need to learn that how to handle the functional conflict and how to handle the dysfunctional conflict. It is the most important thing for the manager and good leader to know the types and identify the desire outcomes of the conflicts. I have now prepared the action plan how I am going to improve the skill in handling the conflicts.



Action Described:

I am not good in handling when conflict takes place. I usually avoid happening conflict which every one wants but sometime to avoid conflict I am not giving proper feedback or I am not getting proper feedback and in fact I am blocking any inputs coming to the organization for the improvements.

I must face the conflict as a good leader and manager and find out the best possible result for the organization.

People centered manager skills that I will develop:

I want to make sure that I should not be the one who is the problem of the progress. If I were avoiding the conflict means no one would happy to give me any feedback and I would not give any feedback.

Conflicts are not always bad for the organization. I should be able to make out which type of conflict has taken place and what will be the out come of the conflict. Is this conflict is benefit to the organization or is it damaging the organization. I must pay attention when someone or showed little interest in their opinion

Example of new behavior you will display given this new skill:

I will investigate and document the conflict and take if appropriate, take corrective action like taking feedback, or behavior modification. I will avoid dragging coworkers in to the conflict unless it is extremely necessary. I will find out which type of conflict has taken place if the conflict is functional it can give positive output to the organization. These types of conflict support the goal of the organization and improve the performance. If it is dysfunctional conflict that I have to work for the best interest of my organization. I also have to be good listener and be sensitive to needs of others and co operative to handle the conflict

Resource you need to implement action:

Must know about the methods to handle to conflict like devils’ advocacy method and the Dialectic Method. I must understand the style for handling dysfunctional conflict. I must distinguish the important and concerns of every factor and apply the right theory like problem solving, smoothing, forcing, avoiding or compromising and find the best possible solution in benefit of the organization I am working for.

Action’s specific benefit to an organization according to the theory:

Avoiding conflict doesn’t make it go away the same situation is likely to continue and even to escalate. What then, is the alternative? For our present purposes it is sufficient to become consciously aware of our fears and practice overcoming them and understanding and acting upon the situation are steps in positive direction (Kinicki & Kreitner 2009).



I generally do not accept the organizational change. The system once introduced in the organization when joining becomes so habituated that it makes me very uncomfortable when organizational changes happen. I always worried about whether I will be able to change the new behavior or whether I will be able to learn the new system, which is going to introduce. I do not even try to find out that new system coming in to the organization whether it is providing any benefit or not. I simply feel not comfortable when ever changes come. To change work habit is difficult task for me and even rewarding does not work here for me. Once it’s introduced and when we get use to the new system than it’s a different story but initially I always feel uncomfortable with changing organization culture. In my company when the “waterless” product was introduced and the system of washing cars have been changed I was always feeling uncomfortable by the new product introduce and giving excuses that the old system was very good. I will put following action plan to improve my concept for organizational changes.



Action Describe:

I am very low motivated person when it comes to changing organizational behavior, I do not feel comfortable when ever changes introduce and always feel fatigue about changing the organizational behavior and training all employee once again and never sure about the out come of it. I also do not bother to work out whether this change is positive for the organization or not.

I need to change the way I consider my job. I should be always ready to accept new changes coming in to the origination. If I do not show enthusiasm for accepting the changes, I will not be able to motivate my staff and it will give very adverse effect on the organization.

People centered manager skills that I will develop:

I will try to provide as much information as possible to my employee about the changes. Inform employees about he reason and rationale for the changes. I will also conduct the meeting to address employee’s questions regarding the change and provide employees the opportunity to discuss how the proposed change might affect them. I will develop good communication skill with employees through the process of change.

Example of new behavior you will display given this new skill:

I will listen consider the benefit for changing or introducing any new behavior in the organization. I will always consider that organization must be ready for change. I will make sure that I am not making any implementation errors while changing the organizational behavior. There will be bump along the way but I will stay focus on the big picture. My awareness of the forces of change can help me determine when I should consider implementing organizational changes.

Resource you need to implement action:

Focus on the organizations mission and vision also the making strategic goals and target elements of change in the organization. Understand the methods of process with work flow and make the arrangement with organization with their policies and structure including rewards and training for the employees. Understand the Lewin’s change model and create the strategic plans, target elements of change and out put. Create the plan to achieving the vision. Anchor new approaches in the culture.

Action’s specific benefit to an organization according to theory:

Organizational change, whether large or small is undertaken to improve some process, procedure, product, service or out come of interest to management. Because changes involve learning and doing things differently. Changes entails providing employee with new information, new behavior model new processes or procedure new equipment new technology or new ways of getting the job done. (Kinicki & Kreitner 2009).

Increase global competition starling breakthroughs in information technology, changes to change the way they do business. Employee want satisfactory work environments, customers are demanding grater value, and investors want more integrity in financial disclosures. The rate of organizational and societal change is clearly accelerating. (Kinicki & Kreitner 2009)

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