Reflective diary

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Reflective Diary

Ashley Morison:

This session was very informative for the students. Ashley Morison found a spectacular idea of locker repairing while he was working at another locker providing company. Locker trek is the name of Ashley Morison's company.

He did not have enough resources for changing his idea into reality but somehow he managed and used the resources available to him effectively. He shopped online rather than real stores through which he saved a lot of money because the products he purchases online were very cheap price wise. The marketing of Ashley Morison's company was done for free on websites. In practical life these are some of the ways in which one can effectively make use of fewer resources.

Derek Jones:

Derek Jone's company which is known as Acuigen is a really successful company due to his brilliant leadership skills. According to Derek it is important to gather information from people about the business one wants to set up when carrying out a research before starting up a business.

He said that a developing a strategy and brand is something which is really important for a successful business as a strategy gives direction to a firm's actions. He mentioned that if a business wants to capture the market then knowing the unique selling point of its competitors is important. In short he explained that one must carry out a detailed research about the market and industry where the business is going to serve.

Barrie Stainstreet:

Barrie gave us really important tips about idea generation. He runs a service which is government funded and is designed to promote entrepreneurship. One of the most important points that he told us was to file all the business work on paper rather than verbal agreements.

According to Barrie a pessimist approach is important to adopt in the initial stages of business and one cannot get it right for the first time. Barrie also provided some really useful information regarding unique selling point, executive summary, marketing strategy and reaching the breakeven point in a business within the limits of financial resources available. These were some of the tips given by Barrie which will be really very helpful for us when starting up a business.

Sophie Maughan:

This session by Sophie Maughan gave us a thorough knowledge about idea protection techniques. She works at Scott and York as a patent. She gave defined the protection terms clearly such as copyrights, patents and trademarks. Protection techniques are really important for any kind business.

She mentioned that patenting an idea is important because it protects the features and processes that make things work. In short this particular session was very useful as it gave a lot of awareness on how to protect ones ideas.

Alan Barrell:

Alan Barrell is a holder of the Queen's Award for Enterprise. He provided a lot of knowledge about entrepreneurship. He mentioned that an entrepreneur is always a risk taker. He/she should always believe in the idea and should take it further. Students really enjoyed attending his informative seminar.

He also focused on some of the ways of financing a business for instance business angles, venture capitalist, business loan and self finance. Most of these students were unclear about these concepts but Alan Barrell explained these terms spectacularly. Knowing and understanding these terms would be very beneficial for the students who are planning to create their own businesses. They would know which method of financing will be best suitable for their business.

Richard Harpham:

He is the founder of an online store which consists of sports equipments. is the name of the website. During the session Richard shared his broad experience of different roles in corporate life, as an entrepreneur and working with government.

He said that before starting a business it is extremely important to pursue a vision. He then gave a lot of tips regarding providing services to the customers. He said knowing ones customers is really important and one must provide them with a good personal service this would make them feel special. These were some of the tips provided by Richard Harpham which will be useful in practical life.

Dr Muhammad Aslam Nasir:

This was one of the most interesting seminars out of all. Dr Muhammad Aslam Nasir is the founder of I-gel. This particular device has gained worldwide popularity, acceptance and recognition with 18 months of its launch. Now it is being used in many major hospitals in almost every country of the world.

He mainly emphasized on intellectual property and told the students to be confident about their idea and creativity. The way he carried the session was really impressive. This lecture will help the students to increase their confidence levels when creating a new business. In short his message was “when there is a will, there is a way”.

Alex Cooper:

Alex Cooper is the inventor of 1upsearch which is a successful London-based agency that provides a range of online marketing services.

He focused on marketing techniques. He said that one should adopt the right method to promote ones products or services or else everything will be ruined. He told the students that marketing is a very important part of any business and it must be done carefully.

Charles Lovibond:

Charles Lovibond is a very extrovert person. He loves to build network of contacts because according to him “you never know when you might need to speak to somebody again”. Everyone enjoyed his lecture the way he spoke and communicated with the students was superb. His lecture was based on networking and its importance in the world of business.

His lecture was really interesting, informative and it wasn't boring at all. He mentioned one must be social and should have contacts in order to develop a successful business. One can practically make use of these tips.

Angelique Wright:

Angelique is a Chartered Certified Accountant. She founded her own accountancy practice which is known as

She said that it is important for the owner to know the costs and expected income of the business. Reviewing the cash flow regularly is also important. She also talked about some legal issues and tax inspection in detail which was quite knowledgeable.

John Bull

He is a Senior Business Manager for NatWest Bank Plc, Luton. This lecture was about finances and cash flow. This was one of the most disappointing lectures because instead of talking about cash flow and other financial terms John kept on mentioning NatWest and its policies. It seemed that he was there to promote NatWest and not to provide the students with valid and good information.

In short the message he delivered was that one must maintain a positive cash flow by taking care of drawings and other elements so that a business could easily get approval for a bank loan.

Jon Phillips:

With over 20 years experience in the HR, Jon has based his career on marketing HR issues both simple and straightforward. He has helped numerous new and growing businesses with a variety of employment related matters. According to Jon HR is all about employees, staff members need to follow the policies of any business they join. He told us about the importance of reading the contact carefully before signing it.

This lecture was good it made the students aware of many important things which one needs to consider while selecting a place to work.

Rick and Lisa Sanderson:

Rick and Lisa Sanderson are husband and wife and they together run an online business which is known as

This particular business offers locally sources products and services. The main objective of the business is really impressive. The main aim of the business is to benefit consumers' health, the local community and the environment. Rick was franchising his business to other companies although this sounds to be successful but Rick faced many problems regarding quality control.

Gary Jesson:

Gary Jesson is a qualified Chartered Accountant with more than 20 years experience at Ernst and Young in various areas of their business. Now Gary is running his own business successfully which is known as e-Financial Management (e-FM). Gary told us about the organic and in-organic growths of business which include mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures etc. He also described the prons and cons of each type of growth.

Gary mentioned the importance of licensing as well as state-owned and open market economy's advantages and disadvantages. Gary's lecture was very informative he made the students aware of different kinds of business terms and their use in practical life.

Rob Gower:

For the last 3 years Rob is managing the Costa Coffee Franchise business in the UK and Europe. Rob told us that a franchise does not have to spend money on promoting or marketing form the start the only thing required is to make people aware about the presents of the business in a particular area. Though setting up a franchise is very expensive but the advantage of goodwill is attached to them.

I personally loved this topic of franchising as it was very interesting and informative for all the students.

Gary Richardson:

Gary Richardson is the founder and Principal of Energize Transformation Services Ltd. He gave us information about innovation and creativity, leadership, social enterprise etc. Gary has gained experience in various fields, he discussed some of his experiences which were very interesting. He told us how one can become a good leader.

In short this session was good and the tips given on successful leadership will be useful for all the students in practical life.