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Reflection and Academic Skills

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Published: 13th Sep 2017 in Business

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1. Academic Skill: Mindmap about academic skills

2. Academic Skill: Writing Style about immigration

Immigrants in the UK create jobs, famous examples such as Jewish refugees from Poland and Lithuania who created M&S and Burton confirm this. Furthermore, immigrants between 2001 and 2011 actually overrun by migrants at all: taking in 10, 000 refugees would mean an insignificantamount for each town of only 10 families, which is barely noticeable. As it currently stands, the UK only receive 4% of all the EU asylum applications. The Syrian government is torturing itsown people, and it is those Syrians who are fleeing, not people travelling for higher wages. Countries next to Syria, for instance Lebanon, need help because theyare struggling under the high numbers they have taken in. Finally we have to remember that to an extent we are all refugees (Richardson, 2015).

Cape Three Points, a beautiful place for corporations to drill oil, but is so deplorable area for the community who lives there. In this place is no electricity, no potable water, no health post and the access to this community is difficult because of its bad roads.

The Small community expect from big corporations and government to solve the poverty problem. Also the environment gets worse each day because lots of waste which comes as a result of drilling, special plastic ones which affect the eyes of the people and, are very detrimental for fishermen who complain about the quality of the fish. Fishing and farming were the main sources for sustenance and occasionally for micro-profits within the community, but now they are affected by drilling. The government is expected to do something for this people but they already lost their faith and some of them believe that the government does not even know them (Andrews,2013).

4. Reflection: Citations, Referencing and Plagiarism

Citations are required in academic writing for several reasons: to be a responsible scholar according importance to researchers, acknowledging their researches, and to show the reader I have done a quality research by listing the source of information. Citations represent the surname of the author and year of publication. There are two types: integral (only the year in brackets and the author is introduced with specific words) and non-integral (name and year at the end in brackets, also, the full stop always goes after the last bracket)

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References represent a list of all the sources used in essay, including things like (books, journal articles, newspaper articles, academic websites, youtube videos, documentaries, etc.) References are longer than citations, they contain all the detailed information, and mostly we can found them at the end of any essay. There are many referencing styles, during my studies at LSBM I will use Harvard-style. Also the guides for this style can be found on SKILLS HUB (https://skillhub.northampton.ac.uk/).

Plagiarism means theft of ideas, using someone else`s work without putting citations and referencing. Furthermore, to plagiarise it is illegal in many countries, and is punishable by imprisonment.

5. Academic Skill: Synthesis on IMF

Larochelle (2000) states a strong opinion against the way IMF loans money through their ‘Structural adjustment agreement ‘ .Also the kind of development promoted by IMF is criticized. These policies means tax rising, cut public spending hoping to stabilize local currency. Privatization is a strong point of IMF’s program forcing indebted countries to sell state controlled industries to foreigners. Export increasing is what every country is looking for when they loan money from IMF, but this means destruction of ecosystem. For example in Indonesia has caused strong deforestation, destroying the ecosystem. Moreover SAAPs have had a strong impact on living condition and health. Public cuts drove medical and living standards from a low level into an even worse. On the other hand, Tortorice (2000) argue that IMF is such as cancer treatment, painful but essential. Monetary austerity being a part of treatment is a good idea to stop banking system collapse. Same, privatization is a good point because it has a desirable effect and provides a check to the governmental power. Further, environment is not such an important thing and, sometime people have to sacrifice it to increase their standards of living. However, getting out of poverty requires various sacrifices even with the damaging of ecosystem.

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Research represents the time spent in searching information, reading and acquiring it to build up a relevant material for a specific topic. Also, research helps you to improve the quality of your work. There are two main types of research: quantitative which refers to experiments, data, reports, information based on numbers, and qualitative which helps too for a point of view, to argue it and open questions. Likewise, exist primary research (when someone collect data by himself) and secondary research (when somebody use someone else`s data).

There is a variety of sources available to use: books, journal articles, newspaper, experiment, online databases and so on. The most trustworthy sources are those who imply a criterion of selection and long-time of documentation (e.g. book, journal).

For good research is recommended to use academic online databases like Google Scholar, Nelson, Jstor. These can be easy accessed online and we must use them to develop quality essays.

Ban the Box is giving ex-offenders a second chance to show that they are skilled and return them to work. It is a movement that started in the USA in the 1990s and then in the UK since 2010.Ban the Box is a legislation that would make a difference because ex-offenders find harder a job. A Harvard University study found that 50% of those who tick the box were called back, compared with those who did not. The objective of Ban the Box is to offer ex-offenders equal chances to return to work. Ban the Box is also beneficial for employers.


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