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Reducing Environmental Impacts When Using ICT

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Published: 14th Sep 2017 in Business

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Environmental Impact Reduction


Electronic waste is becoming one of the more serious issues to date, for leaving things plugged in is causing so much harm to the environment, that it leads to leaving toxic chemicals seep into the earth surface, leading to contaminating not only soils, but drinking water too.

Within the last few years, companies have been dumping large amounts of technological waste into landfills resulting in hundreds of thousands of pounds of electronic devices getting destroyed. But there is a solution, instead of getting rid of old computers, or laptops, or even your phones, why not try to repair them, and give them to people in third world, or developing countries.

Power saving techniques when using ICT

Instead of shutting down your computer, or laptop, or current generation console like Sony’s PlayStation 4 or Microsoft’s Xbox one, you could put all your devices into sleep mode, it will greatly reduce the power consumed, especially when not in use, and you won’t have to keep powering it up or shutting it down.

Paper saving techniques when printing.


  1. You could avoid too much paper consumption from your printer by trying to print on both sides of the page, thus using only one page at a time for a lot of work, or you could shrink the text small enough so that more work fits on one side of the page.
  2. Another great way to save paper when printing is to have an electric diary saved onto your computer, and it will basically store all your work, and you can then transfer the data to a laptop or a mobile device.
  3. Make sure to print what you only need to print, and make sure it is the most relevant and key factors to the type of work you are doing, do not print useless or irrelevant data, if not necessary.

An example of a recycling facility in your area where electronic components and ink/toner cartridges can be recycled.



Dublin Electronic Recycling is a recycling facility that caters to the recycling of computer components and printer waste, as well as IT disposal, and does PC recycling too. It also has a facility to recycle servers when needed.

Recharge Ink Kilkenny is a shop that specialises in recharging ink cartridges. It also has an area to maintain and repair certain things like keyboards. They also do office supplies for when you are running low

Health and Safety when using ICT 


  • Always make sure to not have wires tangled up, for this can cause someone to trip and fall.
  • Electrical equipment must always have someone to test it once a year.
  • You should never overload the electrical sockets.
  • Electrical equipment must always have someone to test it once a year.
  • Always make sure the fire exits are free of clutter or obstacles.
  • Check to see if the computer desks are sturdy enough to hold the weight of the computers and the equipment.

Ergonomics in the workplace


  • It is always good to change your body position as to not cramp up.
  • Try your best to put your keyboard into perfect position in front of you as to let your elbows rest, and not strain your wrists.
  • If you can relax your body, you may avoid muscle cramps and straining your body.
  • Try to avoid ear to shoulder contact, and avid cramping your neck, if possible, use a headset to help relax.
  • Always keep your monitor, keyboard, and chair perfectly aligned, as it puts less strain on your total body.
  • Correct body positioning when working at a computer.


Step One: Your chair.

  1. Always make sure that you have your hips pushed as far back into your computer as possible.
  2. When you adjust your seat height, make sure you have it in such a way that your knees are aligned perfectly, and that both feet are flat on the ground.
  3. If you have arm rest on your seat, try and adjust them, so that both shoulders can relax

Step two: Your Keyboard.

  1. Make sure to sit close to your keyboard.
  2. Have the keyboard directly in front of your body, and not to the side, as to strain your spine
  3. Try to adjust the height of your keyboard to relax your shoulders

Examples of ergonomic equipment.


  • Always make sure to have a good chair, for it can give you well deserved back support, and helps maintain a healthy work environment.
  • Having a great keyboard tray can help keep the keyboard at a perfect height level for anyone who wishes not to strain themselves.
  • Keeping your monitor at eye level or slightly below your head is a great way to keep your neck from cramping up, and to help maintain a healthy posture.

Eye-strain and Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) and methods of prevention.


  • Eye-strain is a nonspecific condition that manifests itself overtime, and it can cause, migraines, headaches, and fatigue, and blurred vision. This usually occurs when you read for too long, or look at a screen for too long to.

Eye-strain and Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) and methods of prevention.  Continued


How to prevent (RIS’s)

  1. Check what way you sit, as for this can help greatly improve eye contact with the screen.
  2. Make sure your arms are by your side and you are sitting comfortably while your hands are able to move freely about on the keyboard.
  3. Taking a break at least once an hour or even every half hour for this this can help relax your eyes and body, so as not to strain you.
  4. If you try to exercise a bit more, your muscles can greatly improve, and remove the strain from typing for hour’s on end.

Practices for ensuring good care for your computer equipment.


  1. Always keep drinks away from your personal computer of laptop, because if the contents of the beverage spill be it from coffee, to water, or even fizzy drinks, the laptop or PC could have its circuits fried, and permanent damage could be inflicted into the internal or external hardware.
  2. Always have some anti-virus at the ready, for whatever you may download, could have a potentially harmful virus. Even if you think the software is safe and, and you know what it is, its just best to keep an eye out, anything can be picked up from the internet.
  3. Try to avoid eating food near or over your laptop or keyboard for your PC, for any crumbs you may drop could land between the key, and may damage your circuitry leave your keys looking dirty or may allow small bugs into your system to damage your keyboard.


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