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Interpersonal Skills In Business

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Published: 15th May 2017 in Business

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“Without highly developed interpersonal skills it is impossible to succeed in business”

Success in the business environment is usually attributed to gaining a promotion or pay rise. To some people, success can be defined as achieving independence, power, acclaim or even friendship. A successful business-person does not always possess highly developed interpersonal skills. Without these interpersonal skills it is near impossible to work in the business environment let alone succeed.

People in business can succeed with a limited or developed understanding of interpersonal skills.

A person with highly developed interpersonal skills will have a better understanding of the people that they communicate with when compared to a person with only limited or developed interpersonal skills. This understanding is unlikely to severely prevent the possible ‘success' of the businessman.

Interpersonal skills are vital in the business environment as they enhance the quality of message reception between clients and staff. A better understanding of interpersonal skills will benefit any individual. It is possible to be successful in business with only a developed set of interpersonal skills. Therefore interpersonal skills are an essential part of the businessman's toolkit and develop with use in the business situation but their level of development does not stop the attainment of success.

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Success is not entirely based on the use of interpersonal skills. Whilst the measure of their success, and the way the success is achieved may differ it was not impossible to accomplish. Interpersonal skills include but are not limited to perseverance, flexibility, independence, motivation, negotiation skills, enhanced listening and clear written and oral communication abilities. (http://ie3global.ous.edu/alumni/alinterperonsalskills.html) A lack of any one of these skills would indicate that the businessman does not have a highly developed set of interpersonal skills, however, their understanding of these skills may be developed enough to allow them to succeed in business.

Interpersonal skills are vital in business. It is extremely important that the receiver understands the message being sent by the source Berlo, (1960) in Eunson (2008, pg 10). In some cases this could be the interaction between a client and the staff representing the business or even communication between staff within the business. Most modern training providers such as Derek Stockly PTY LTD offer courses in interpersonal skills and effective communication to ensure that their students understand the importance of these abilities. As with every subject, some people excel and others may just do a mediocre job. Those who excel in business communications (and therefore have a more highly developed set of interpersonal skills) will more than likely be better interpreters of information and communication. It is expected that a highly skilled Butcher will pass knowledge to his Apprentice in the same way, an excellent business communicator with highly developed interpersonal skills will pass on his knowledge and understanding to those with lesser knowledge. Therefore, interpersonal skills are always being improved and developed.

A businessperson cannot survive without some understanding of interpersonal skills as it plays such a large part in business. It is extremely difficult to find a real life example of an employer with little knowledge of interpersonal communication. One example could include Mr. Burns from the American Fox television series “The Simpson's” who frequently misunderstands his employees, fails to recognise his long serving staff and possessing little, if any, negotiation skills.

Without highly developed interpersonal skills it is impossible to succeed in business” The level of success is not measured in this statement.

Therefore it is assumed that the individual defines success according to his or her own personal values. That is to say, the level of interpersonal skills does not define the level of success, rather, the perceived level of success by the individual is the defining factor. One person can possess a lesser understanding of interpersonal communication and be just as successful as a person with highly developed interpersonal skills.

In conclusion, there are various factors that contribute to success, interpersonal communication is just one of those. Its inclusion in the attainment of success does not require a highly developed set of these interpersonal skills, merely an understanding of its importance and implementation of it's basic principles. People in business can succeed with a limited or developed understanding of interpersonal skills. Other factors must be taken into consideration when defining success.


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