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Human Resources Planning: Tesco

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Published: 16th May 2017 in Business

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In this report, I am mainly presenting the human resources planning and development of TESCO DIRECT in general human resources strategy.

Human resources is important and needed in any organisation. In words we can justify that without human resources there is no business will run. The biggest asset for the company is human resources. The highest chances to get success and profits for company/organisation when the company thinks human resources is important in always for development.

Human resources performs one of the important position in organisation. it is important that any oraganiisation will be the best in human resources or emplyees must be productive to generate the best results for an organisation.

In this report I have explained the major activities that takes place in organisation. The planning and developments, are the two important models in human resources models and significance.

The human resources makes improvements, development, success and profits to my company/ organisation. human resources monitors effectively success for my organisation.


HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT department is a key role for any company/organisation , human resources creates a successful business in all functions and departments. HRM department maintain and control everything in the company. Human resources is not only for selection, recruitment, promotions and training in any company. The personel management is development, directing, controlling, organising, planning and the separation of human resources to the accomplished objectives.

Everyone know that personnel management is nothing but human resource management.


Human resource management is biggest asset for company and the key to success , and it approach people in the management, and keep effective management to success of the company.

Human resource management is defined as it is the head of the department which is concerned by the people at work and with their relationship to provide a effective organisation.

I have selected the company/organisation is “TESCO DIRECT” for the purpose of this assignment.

Human resource management is a key role for any company to successful in their activities and growth. Human resource management is a part of the organisation department which activities each and every employee and employers and handles the organisation from starting in recruiting the employers and emplyees.

Tesco direct follows three main principles that helped to their successful working staff and for the company .

They are:

The company believes that the success of the company and also the important for the company assets is human resources.

The objectives and the goals of the organisation makes success and achievement when the personnel policies and procedures are linked.

Finally, the HRM of the company will concerned to integrate and getting all the members of the organisation will involve and working together for the success and to achieve the goals.


For any company, to be successful in their business must be there activities or in all there department functions. There are so many number of activities continuously going on in the human resource management department, for without any obstacles and disturbances the HRM department only will concern the wellbeing for the workers and for the smooth going company. First of all every organisation will give training to employees to improve their performance and skills, So, they can achieve effectively that all the goals in the organisation and the employees are concerned by HRM in the organisation.

The three main activities that occur in the Tesco Direct Company are:





These are the four major activities takes place in my company, to achieving the target and strategic goals and satisfying the employees and try to use human resources more efficiently and effectively and provide worker friendly and employee oriented for development of my company by using these activities.

Now I want to present brief note about to maintain the management of the company and the employee balanced which the activities takes place in company/organisation.


Maintaining a company human resources is very important, it is very important to create for employees to work much effectively and they should work as it is their own company and making them a commitment for the company to work under conditions . to reach their goals in a company.


Motivation is important for every employee/individual, the human needs in order to satisfy in their needs they need to use motivation techniques so that the employees are satisfied and the company will reach their tasks/work to be done by the employees.

Motivation mainly involves:

Satisfaction in job.


Work to be done in behavioural and structural techniques.

By giving increment, promotions and bonus for the employees.

By asking suggestions and new ideas.

Providing new technology.

The employees are motivated the company can reach their goals and strategic objectives more effectively and can gain more profits and development for the company.


Acquisition will begin the planning and acquiring the human resources for the company. That means the human resources will find where they needed the workers and how many employees to be recruited and get trained to begin the job. The process is started now



Training will give at the beginning of the job.

Socialization of the employees.

These four are the main steps and process are followed in my organisation of the human resources for acquisition when required.


The development is mainly involved in the management development, giving training to the employees, and to develop the career of the employees, it is very important in terms of advanced technological skills makes employees to learn and know more so that more knowledge will be gained by the employees by this activities. This will be important in the company that every employee is well trained.

Thus these are the four main activities of the human resource management in Tesco Direct Company, the human resources of this company using more effectively and productively.

TASK 1 B: Recruitment, selection and retention

Here I am presenting the main objectives of these activities; there is no activities/functions and objectives achieving with effectiveness will not be done without any ibjectives.

The Acquisition activity is the main objective to get talented, well known, and employees who are eligible for the company, it is very important in addition to the company needs that the employees are skilled, and the committed employees rather than the normal ones. It should be like working for the company not like working to the company. When the company urgently required staff they must have more staff in order to regulate the work. So, these are the objectives of this activity, the effective working of the human resources is must need for all objectives.

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The motivation activity is the main objective is to be work done by the employees must effectively and efficiently to get more profit and more share to the company that which the work done by employees. This can be put company on good position and the company will give more salaries for providing good performance appraisals etc.. the effectives of the employees in working makes a large difference by motivation that why motivation takes a main role in all company/organisation. Motivation will involve to get more work, more productive from the employees and to get more performance gives the satisfaction in job to the employees. Thus motivation activity will done what the company expected from these objectives.

The task given to the staff given by management will evaluated in response by this objectives. The management taking feedback from the employees whether the employees are working with commitment or nor and the employees are treated by the management.


The maintenance is the main well-being activity of the objective, human resources management maintaining employees human relations, the employees who help without any obstacles and work more effectively to make the working conditions easier.

In other words to maintain the main objectives:

Health and safety.

Objections and relations.


Equal opportunities of the employees.

Taking feedback from the employees can be calculated in this objective and the results of the objectives that the company completed that they had, for the workers the management is doing well or not.

Thus the evaluation of the effectiveness in completing these objectives in the company have been done by this objectives.ls

TASK 1C: Discuss the significance of two HRM mode

I am presenting the significance of the HRM models they are:

Harvard model:

The Harvard model mainly focuses on the oriented employees, as it gives importance to the human resources. We cannot compare the other resources and human resources that they have same way like human resources in this model. That it says the stake holders in the organisation are significant to the employees, and they have their own concerns along with other groups like shareholders, people and they have their own needs.

The main outlines of its significance are four policies shown in this model.

Recruitment, Selection, Training, Promotion, Placement and appraisal flows in Human resource.

Benefits, Motivation and Initiatives etc. in Reward system.

Employee influence – power, responsibilities and the delegated levels of authority.

Work system- design of work and alignment of the workers.

The significance of the Harvard model is based on the policies and the we can know that it is mainly focused on the well-being and care of the human resources, rather than the management.

Matching model:

The matching model is opposite to the Harvard model and it is also called as Michigan model. This model as less humanistic edge, holding the human resources as like other resources and it is also called hard model of HRM. The role of HR in the organisation and under emphasises the functions and the importance of the other factors and societal in this model. The hardness towards the work oriented rather than employee oriented lies in its hardness towards the significance of the human resources in this model.in other words we can say that there is no sentiments, feeling and human values towards employees in this model. Thus these are the two models of the HRM and its significance.

TASK 2 A: Examine three HR planning and development methods that occur in and organisation of your choice:

There must be development and planning of the human resources is important for any organisation and the human resources is the real asset for organisation. The human resource is the process of ensuring that the requirements are identified and the plans are made for satisfying those requirements of an organisation as defined by Scott and Bulla (1994). The most important strategic resource in an organisation is human resource is based on the belief of that people of an organisation’s.

The aims of the HR planning are:

The number of people are required to attract and retain with the expertise, competencies and appropriate skills.

The od deficits’ of people to anticipate the potential surpluses and the problems.

To adapt an uncertain and changing environment in organisations contributing to develop a flexible workforce and well trained .

Human resource planning methods:

The planning methods of human resource that occut in my organisation are:

The relative requirements to the human resource, they should know how they are going to get it and where it is getting in organisations. They are:



Socialization of employees.


Recruitment is necessary for any company, works to be done in time. As my company is leading Retail Company, company requires human resources and more staff ready when human resources are required whenever they need they can use them.

The human resources are recruits in many ways in my company. Now I am presenting the recruiting ways of human resources will do in order to get human resources to my company.


My company will do advertising in various ways like, advertisements will be place in my company site, place the advertisements in media read by the particular groups and given information about the company, job title, job description, contract hours, job roles, talent screening, and the job specification are included.

Employment agencies:

The additional screening can be affected through the employment agencies like public and private will think.

Employee referrals:

The employees who are working in organisation we provide the word and honesty to the employees in my company. So, the employees friends and relatives are also a good source which can be drawn from employees. In additionally my company gives increments, guest path prizes, and bonus for any referrals that the more staff is required urgently who are hired.

Casual applications:

The voluntary applicants, both by the gate and by mail TESCO DIRECT Company will gives important to those applicants as well.

The recruitment is also consists of institutions, schools, colleges and labour unions by other ways of recruitment.


My company will identify the needs to employ should up to the point of application forms post at the organisation. selection team starts the process choosing the applicants who are suitable for the role. The applicant is fit to the role can do and to do, and my company needs good skills, abilities, and knowledge and select the person who fit to the post.

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The selection process in my company consists of various steps: 1. online talent screening, 2. Initial interview, 3. Telephonic interview 4. Employment tests, 4. Background investigation 5.conditional job offer 6. Medical and physical examination 7. Permanent job offer 8. Working under policies and procedures. This are the steps will be done in selection process in my company as TESCO DIRECT company, my company needs effective employees, that why selection process is more effective in my company.

Socialisation of employees:

My company gives more importance to the socialisation of employees, the organisation systems and practices basically gives the decorate people to initialise. It includes giving proper co-ordination to the new employees norms to mould their activities and actions on socialising in line with culture and philosophy of the organisation.

In my company there are four stages in socialisation process.

Pre-arrival stage.

Encounter stage.

Metamorphosis stage.


In my company these are the different methods of human resource planning that occur that helps for effectively running organisation which lead to the effective human resources.

Human resource development methods:

Along with human resources planning, their employees are worth full is also very important in their development to reach their goals and can get more profits to the company.

The desired outcomes to achieve there is a change in the organisation, people, teams, knowledge and capability of people, seeks to provide the processes that purposely for learning to enhance the skills, these are the processes and procedures are mainly comprises in human resource development.

Which the employees are continuously helped and planned to development in the organisation process by human resources development context.

The various functions are associated to perform their present and expected future roles in order to sharpen their capabilities.

The organisational development processes develop their capabilities as individual activity and discover their own inner potential for their own purposes or organisational development.

In order to develop an organisation the strong relationship collaboration and teamwork in supervisor – subordinate and to contribute among sub unites are strong in wellbeing professional and pride of employees and motivation.

There are two styles done by human resource development in my company.

Autocratic style.

Permissive style.

Now I am presenting these two styles one by one briefly which the human resources development follows in my company.

Autocratic style:

The main strategies involves to follow the actions in this type of development




Programme insrtuctions

Permissive style:

In this type of development method, it mainly involves te


Question answer

Group discussion

Brain sttroming


Role playing

Independent study

In my organisation these are the two types involves in development methods. In my organisation these types of developments play a major role in order to develop the business profitably and effectively by human resources.

TASK 2 B: Evaluate the effectiveness of each of the methods in achieving organisational objectives:

We need to evaluate the effective evaluation in order to achieving the organisation goals, where we need and how much we need.

The human resource planning methods to evaluation of the effectiveness:

Human resource management plays a major role to get outcomes from the organisation effectively. So the human resource planning methods need for evaluation.

The two criteria are evaluated in human resource methods are:

Process criteria :

In this criteria how the things are done well, it shows the destination between effectiveness and efficiency that the things to done with efficiency in order to achieve the right things in terms of results with effectiveness.

The standards of the recruitment is working effectively, how they are following the process of recruiting the employees and how they are maintaining the relations with employees, and the human resource is evaluated with these effectiveness.

Output criteria:

The organisation made the process to impact and performance in effectiveness in operationally to the end result. The employees show the performance in HR planning effectively; to meet the company goals the HR put effectiveness in recruiting the employees to work effectively. The effectiveness of humanresorces planning evaluate the effectiveness in my company to achieve goals.

Human resource development methods in evaluation of effectiveness:

The human resource development process the development in need of evaluation of effectiveth is going on, my company gives importance to human resource management.

Organisational development can be evaluated by human resource development to reach their goals, how much effectively they are working to be done their tasks to getting the output results.

In othee words it can be evaluated in terms of:

Profit related indices.



Perceptual measures of goal attainment.

The above factors mainly evaluate the effectiveness in my company and human resources is doing and working.

Human resource is monitored to present about the performance.

Performance is one which has both result and behaviour emanates the result.

Performance management:

The integration of work and learning that every one learns in tesco direct to success in day to day activities. The performance of human resource management is monitored in TESCO DIRECT at different levels.

The individual group of stake holders derived in systematic collection and feedback of performance data.

In this one, my company first produce this one and then implments it.

The objectives can observe what exactly expected and defines how staff are working and what objectives and goals they are achieved.

From where the feedback is received and who will hand over the feedback should be made anonymous.

The performance management done by this method of survey in the organisation, what is the progress of work that they have done, the ratings, questionaires and how they performed will get from the past records. The data processing will hand over the feedback and further actions will be taken on the basis of feedback.


For any company/organisation human resource department is important, the man power which is given to the organisation, no business can run without man power.

Human resources will run effectively they need to implement and follow the above planning methods, development methods and monitor effectively, any company must increase its productivity to attain more profits and talented human resources from the above activities.


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