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Human resource management (HRM) is nothing but the strategic and coherent approach towards the administration of an organisation’s largely valued assets – the people. The Human resource management main role is to sustain employees of an industry is to make sure that the adequate employees levels by means of the right skills, correctly compensated and encouraged. All the activities of an organization are done effectively by the Human resource panel. Staffing purpose of an organization is done by Human resource management. It comprises of the activities of human resources planning, recruitment, selection, orientation and training. Nowadays numerous businesses are ramping towards Human Resources Outsourcing (HRO) since it removes the load of administration as well as changing their focus again to before the individual’s policies. Their main goal is to reduce the expenses and at the same time, organisations are also looking before the Human Resource Management to offer first-rate service to their employees. Below are some of the efforts of the HRM played in most of the organizations?

Considerable cost savings

Functioning efficiency

Industry leading expertise

Outstanding service to the customers

To a certain extent HRM tries to save the cost of the organization or we can say HRM plays an important role in cost cutting; HRM glance at every level of the organisation from the holistic point of analysis. HRM looks at an organisation where it could be extra capable, in which the organization can be able to work better. HRM helps employees to be more engages and productive by providing various kind of trainings, learning and development as per the requirement. We can say HRM main objective is to make organization work better at a lower cost.

Recruitment Definition

In simple words Recruitment process indicates hiring of a person or group for a particular position, it can also be said as activity that creates a link between employer and job seeker. Generally HR department team in the company looks to evaluate the logical, analytical, critical, commitment and responsibilities when searching for the candidates in the candidates while selection. Recruitment process can also be identified as bringing together the applications from the job seekers and selecting the best candidate for the role of the job identified. Actually it can be said the process of hiring employees. It can also be said as performing action of seeking fresh employees or members within the organization. Recruitment plays an important role for any organization to continue its efforts to make the organisation the finest organization.

Recruitment needs can be of three categories

Planned: The need of occurring since amendment in organization and retirement policy.

Anticipated: These needs are of those types in which movements can be forecasted by going through the movement in internal and external environment.

Unexpected: The need can arise when resignation, termination, illness or death of the employee

For recruiting the right persons following procedure should be improved and then needs to be followed.

How to advance ability for drawing the correct candidate

Which recruitment way and performance will get the largely competent candidates

How to strengthen as well as attribute as an employer

How to simplify the screening process

How to perform a reasonable and systematic application process

Recruitment Process

Recruitment refers to the process of recognizing and drawing job seekers so that to construct a group of job applicants. The main goal of the recruiter is to identify the right person for the said job and the recruiters can achieve their target by 5 important guidelines.


Strategic expansion

Searching or probing


Assessing and organizing

In most of the organizations, recruitment process operates various channels: But in most of the organizations companies will agree to the existing employee’s applications before trying to bring from the external resource. The main types of recruitment process are.

Internal Recruitment

Generally, as soon as a position opens in an organization, the HRM panel would normally place the vacancy under the company’s intranet as well as in familiar spot, such as cafeterias, break rooms, lifts and departmental information boards. If member of the organization gets attracted in the position, they will usually required to go through a related process same as external candidates interview. The employees will have to submit their CV to HR team, if they get selected they would have to go with number of rounds and finally with the hiring manager.

External Recruitment

In this case the company generally places the position on various external resources for e.g. Internets, newspaper, consultancies, educational institutes or campus selection and bring a friend referral to the employees then the HR panel would select the CV of candidates who have applied for the position. But in this case lot of time and money is spent. Generally, the interview and testing is determined as per the company’s guidelines plus procedures. Several candidates will be selected and shortlisted on a phone with human resource team and then they are asked take assessments, it can be personality, technical aptitude or academic assessments depending upon the job required.

Factors affecting internal recruitment

Recruitment policy

Human resource planning

Size of the firm


Growth and expansion

Factors affecting external recruitment

Supply and demand

Labour Market

Image/ Goodwill

Political Social and Legal Environment

Unemployment Rate



Selection means selecting the right person for the right kind of a job according to the company demand and person’s ability. It is the process of opting within the scores of job seekers with necessary qualification as well as competence to fill the position in the organization. Few of the selection process could be applied within the organization as a part of promoting and transferring. In selection criteria the candidates are cautiously picked up as per their ability.

Staffs play an important function in the achievement of any company. When an organization wants to achieve their goals and target in simple words if the organization wants to be successful and wants to win the race against the competitors, they need to hire the best of the individuals who can work effectively and efficiently. Thus a wrong person selected can cause a reputation loss or failure in meeting the goals. A cautious approach needs to be taken while selecting the candidate to be more successful in the market.

Selection process

It means the combination of measure taken, or procedure used as per the basis of some employment judgment. In selection process short listing is done as per the ability and performance of the candidate.

Below are the various stages in selection process,

Application: Applicants are welcomed by e-mail or telephone by the Human Resources team.

Selection Methods: Selection system will be carried out to make a decision by the HRM team for the selected candidates by the below stages.

Panel interview


Selection tests

During the course of selection all the academic and experience of the candidate is verified by the Human Resource team to ensure that they meet the compliance and integrity of the organization as well as to suit for the post of the job. Usually in External Selection phase this kind of procedure is followed. While during Internal selection, all the employees who are shortlisted and interviewed for the position if they meet up the important criteria for the job. During the internal selection employees if the employ is selected they are promoted or at least get a hike in their salary.

Equally recruitment and selection is the two segment of an employment procedure. The main distinction between the two is as follows:

The recruitment can be the course of looking for the candidate for the employment and invigorating them to be valid for the job, whereas selection engage in the various stages through which the candidate is selected as per the ability.

The essential intention of recruitment is to develop a flair of candidates who are talented enough to be able to get selected in the organization. While in selection the most important aim is to select the right candidate to fill the a range of positions in the organization.

Recruitment is always a optimistic process, encouraging many candidates to submit an application for the position whereas selection is a pessimistic approach in which it entails the elimination of the incompatible candidates.

Recruitment is apprehensive about the rhythm of human resource, while selection is concerned about the selecting the best candidate in the course of a range of interviews and assessments.

Recruitment creates no agreement, whereas in selection we can find consequence in a agreement between service provider and the job seeker.

Recruitment and Selection process interact with other systems

Equally recruitment and selection process are correlated for the success of the organization, as per the planning and strategic approach pursued by the Human Resource Management. Every organization believes that if the best of the candidates are selected for the given job then obviously the organization yield profit and at the same time customer satisfaction can also be achieved. Effective and Efficient employees plays an important role for the success of any organization and they can be selected only by the recruitment and selection system. Employees can also be trained or developed by means of various procedures like training and learning and development. The organization should create a effective procedure to select the best candidates for the position which needs to be filled as it helps to obtain the right employees which will yield the increase in productivity and thus they can produce the better quality products or services. To achieve the said goal selection of the candidate should be done and at the same time they should be given the benefits so that they work for a longer period of time in the organization which will automatically reduce the cost of hiring.

Recruitment and Selection process is implicated in every part of the organization. Every department in the organization needs employees thus recruitment and selection play an important role for the success of the organization.

HR implemented plans provides input to organization in all functions

HR has to play plan their strategies for the recruitment and selection in such a way that they provide a platform for the success of the organization. They need to find out the key areas through which capable candidates are selected. HR should be able to identify which candidate can perform the job in a best possible way. If in case their plans are not carried out correctly, it will affect the whole performance of the organization. Thus it will increase the expenses of the labour cost which is not a good sign for any organization.

HR team needs to put an additional crack for the development and implementation for the recruiting and selecting process. They need to be thoroughly approached for assessing the candidate to fill up the particular job for which the candidate should have the ability and potential. They should be fair enough while recruiting and selecting as they have the responsibility to make sure that no ill feeling occurs in the mind of the candidate as some time they feel they were discriminated inappropriately, which can turmoil the reputation of the organization.


During current circumstances, organizations are no more competing with their competitors, price, packaging and product. Their main competition is to look for the most excellent talent existing in the market. Nowadays companies with the best talent available in the market prevails for example HSBC bank has the load of talented people working that’s why during recession their layoff rate was so low in that scenario also as they knew with the talent in their employees they have still they can excel in the market. We can say recruitment and selection process plays an important role for the good hiring and bad hiring of the employees.

Recruitment and Selection process should be introduced in such a way that an organization achieved the goals and aims like group discussion, online interview. If we see the history most of the companies have decided on budding and convalescing the selection process for the job.

Rapidly varying economic surroundings, considered by such phenomena in the organization as well as customer’s weights and ever rising competition among the competitors is making the human resource to improve their performance. For improving the recruitment and selection procedures organizations has to en route for determining the performance of the managers, they should be remunerated as per the selection performance. During decision building, uniformity always enhanced the comparable category of capable employees and they are occupied by each phase of the selection process. Organizations should believe in expenditure which is acquired for recruitment and selection process as expenses but not as investment.

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