Critically Evaluate The Operations Management Strategy Of Hard Rock Cafe Business Essay


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Operations strategy is the collective concrete actions chosen, mandated, or stimulated by corporate strategy. It is, of course, implemented within the operations function. This operations strategy binds the various operations decisions and actions into a cohesive consistent response to competitive forces by linking firm policies, programs, systems, and actions into a systematic response to the competitive priorities chosen and communicated by the corporate or business strategy. In simpler terms, the operations strategy specifies how the firm will employ its operations capabilities to support the business strategy.

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The contents of all hard rock cafe operations management strategy is reflected in the strategic decision as follows:

Design of Goods and Services.

When customers come to the Hard Rock Cafe at any time, they have received excellent service. The Hard Rock Café's menu changes regularly to give customers the sense of taste and variety of food. The atmosphere is also frequently change over time. The products they sell are always best.

For the design, creating products and services are organized and conducted by the three functions. These functions are really needed for the job not only producing products but also necessary for long-term survival of the business.


Not just providing products to consumers, Hard Rock Café also know how to create demand and supply and service orders on a single product.

Production / operation:

On providing product delivery to the Hard Rock Café where customers make orders when the customer needs and stay wherever the customer wants.

Finance / Accounting:

The supply of products to which customers are also simpler for customers to pay cash, and employees can get cash immediately to the bill from small orders, or customers can also use credit cards to pay for larger orders if necessary.

Managing Quality

Hard Rock cafe always attaches importance to product quality and service quality. In order for products and services better and better, they often set up surveys and solicit customers. This will also be integrated easily what customers like and dislike about products and their services, since there are additional changes to the better business to improve profitability.

Process strategy

Location strategies

Layout of strategies

Human resources

Supply- chain Management




Operation Management strategy is the area concerned with the efficiency and effectiveness of the operation in support and development of the firm's strategic goals. Other areas of concern to operations management include the design and operations of systems to provide goods and services. To put it succinctly, operations management is the planning, scheduling, and control of the activities that transform inputs (raw materials and labor) into outputs (finished goods and services). A set of recognized and well-developed concepts, tools, and techniques belong within the framework considered operations management. While the term operations management conjures up views of manufacturing environments, many of these concepts have been applied in service settings, with some of them actually developed specifically for service organizations.

Operations management is also an academic field of study that focuses on the effective planning, scheduling, use, and control of a manufacturing or service firm and their operations. The field is a synthesis of concepts derived from design engineering, industrial engineering, management information systems, quality management, production management, inventory management, accounting, and other functions.

The field of operations management has been gaining increased recognition over the last two decades. One major reason for this is public awareness of the success of Japanese manufacturers and the perception that the quality of many Japanese products is superior to that of American manufacturers. As a result, many businesses have come to realize that the operations function is just as important to their firm as finance and marketing. In concert with this, firms now realize that in order to effectively compete in a global market they must have an operations strategy to support the mission of the firm and its overall corporate strategy.

Another reason for greater awareness of operations management is the increased application of operations management concepts and techniques to service operations. Finally, operations management concepts are being applied to other functional areas such as marketing and human resources. The term marketing/operations interface is often used.

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Evaluate the challenges posed by globalisation on the role of Operations Management in terms of facility location, cultural differences, distance working, the management of staff and supply chain vulnerability./ Đánh giá những thách thức đặt ra bởi toàn cầu hóa về vai trò của hoạt Ä‘á»™ng quản lý về vị trí cÆ¡ sở, khác biệt văn hóa, làm việc từ xa, quản lý nhân viên và dá»… bị tổn thÆ°Æ¡ng dây chuyền cung ứng.

In this context the Hard Rock Café is a global company to provide the well being of society. These products take on a multitude of forms. These firms produce thousands of complex products every day- to be delivered as the customer ordered them and where the customer want them.

Critically examine the contribution of Operations Management to a sustainable organisation in areas such as purchasing & supply, transformation and logistics.

Cá»±c kiểm tra sá»± Ä‘óng góp của hoạt Ä‘á»™ng quản lý cho má»™t tổ chức bền vững trong các lÄ©nh vá»±c nhÆ° mua và cung cấp, chuyển đổi và hậu cần

Apply project management techniques and methods to Operations Management design, development and implementation activities./ Áp dụng quản lý dá»± án kỹ thuật và phÆ°Æ¡ng pháp hoạt Ä‘á»™ng quản lý hoạt Ä‘á»™ng thiết kế, phát triển và thá»±c hiện

Critically reflect on international transportation methods and their contribution to Operations efficiency./ Cá»±c phản ánh về các phÆ°Æ¡ng pháp vận tải quốc tế và Ä‘óng góp của họ để hoạt Ä‘á»™ng hiệu quả

Evaluate the impact of risk management policies and techniques on Operations Management strategic and day to day activities./ Đánh giá tác Ä‘á»™ng của chính sách quản lý rủi ro và các kỹ thuật về hoạt Ä‘á»™ng quản lý chiến lược và hoạt Ä‘á»™ng hằng ngày.

Evaluate the contribution of IT to supply chain efficiency and effectiveness/ Đánh giá sá»± Ä‘óng góp của CNTT để cung cấp hiệu quả dây chuyền và hiệu quả

10 Operation Management Strategy Decisions:

Design of goods and services

Managing Quality

Process strategy

Location strategies

Layout of strategies

Human resources

Supply- chain Management



Qs 2: In the light of the above, discuss the operations management challenges and opportunities for Hard Rock when considering an expansion of its business into Hanoi.


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