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Canon Inc. A Japan based company which was founded in August 10, 1937 in Japan and the headquarters is based in Ohta-ku, Tokyo. Chairman & CEO of the company is Fujio Mitarai and the President & COO of the company is Tsuneji Uchida. The common stock of the company as of 31st December 2008 was 174,762 Million (Yen) and the number of employees employed in canon is 25,412 as of December 31st 2008.

Net Sales of the company was 2,721,094 Million Yen (Non-consolidated) and 4,094,161 Million Yen (Consolidated). It has generated a Net Income of 224,135 Million Yen (non-consolidated) and 309,148 Million Yen (consolidated), and the Ordinary profit was 359,086 Million Yen as of 2008 December. The total Assets of the company was 3,969,934 Million Yen.

In 1933 they have started the business in a very small apartment and within a simple room in Tokyo. High worth cameras were coming from Europe widely held from Germany. Their aim was to produce soaring excellence Japanese cameras in a small room with the young people.

History of the Company:

Canon Inc... A Japan based company is a organizer in customer imaging tools, professional and in information structure. Canon is one of the top providers to consumers, organization digital solutions business-business. Canon USA its parent touring company which ranked third as a top patent proprietor from the overall in US in 2008. In Fortune Magazine it has listed in the fourth place as a Worlds Largely Accepted companies in 2009. In canon they care as caring is very important to exists as one in harmony.

The history begins with the innovative strength to make the best cameras in the world. Canon continuous started growing under the leading business plan. It has launched many products which no had seen ever. It had also improved unprecendented technologies in order to create chance in different products which no other company has created. If they want to run the company in long run they need to improve its financial structure, R&D and also to introduce new business.

Products of Canon

It has a wide variety of products which includes.



Copying machines

Laser beam printers

Semiconductor-manufacturing equipment

Video equipment.

Main Markets

Canon operates its business across different countries globally.The main markets in which Canon operates business are







Mail Services

Main Technologies of Canon

Dreams come true with technology, it makes impossible things to possible with the use of technology to carry on successfully in the global market. Canon worked hard to improve and to buy new technologies that direct the era. A single innovation leads towards a beginning of innovative technology. In the process of inventing new technologies lies its steady position through a vision determined the future and also the loyalty to unusual technologies. The core technologies of Canon are

Image Capture

Inkjet Printing & Printers


Exposure Equipment

Compact Digital Cameras


SLR Cameras


Digital Video Cameras

Laser Beam Printers

Scanners etc...

Strategic Alliance

Strategic Alliance is defined as while two or additional companies are adhere mutually for a particular time they usually not in straight antagonism, but they have comparable goods or services which are focussed towards the identical aim spectators.

Alliance means "Collaboration among groups to produce enhanced grades to gain from business deal''. Strategic alliance is a most important structure of business strategies, it is a joint venture between different firms whereby capital, competence & ability are combined together to follow common interest.

Strategic Alliances could be prepared in wide range of ways based on the reason or function. There are three fundamental types of alliances they are:

Equity Strategic Alliance

Non Equity Strategic Alliance

Joint Ventures

Strategic Alliances facilitate industry to increase competitive benefit throughout admission to a associate capital as well as markets, people & technologies. Several fast growing technologies industries make use of Strategic Alliances to advantage starting from additional reputable means of allotment. Competition increases when global markets get united, small size companies requires more & more inventive with those companies whom they want to support themselves to enter into the market.

Forecasting for a Thriving Alliance

Before going into strategic alliance, sufficient consideration to be positioned behind the formation of the relationship and particulars of how those will be directed. You need to follow the planning process:

Describe likely result from association.

Describe an article fundamentals provided by the party and the advantage to a winning alliance brings.

Describe the results which are most helpful for the business which will cost the alliance and describe the structure.

Defend the company's rights to mutual agreements and limitations at the time of moving proprietary information.

Identify the fundamentals of how to operate.

Examples of Strategic Alliance

Energetic group of associations or credit mergers play a vital role as strategic alliances increase if worldwide contributors of technical support are dynamic across the country, they can encourage they make use of worldwide standards and also innovative products are the strategic alliances examples.

Successful strategic shares information by the providers of goods and services which ember the importance in structuring alliances through financial organisations. Flourishing strategic alliance practice and persuade experimentation as this is a very advance approach to services and rural finance, all the institutions cannot be conscious about the importance, advantages, options & risk which survive inside strategic alliance.

Long term procurement contracts

Canon have been endeavour for involvement in global prosperity as well as to be mankind as a beyond doubt global company for achieving this goal, they are putting every effort to continue the growth by improving selling and producing useful goods. For satisfying consumer wants procurement distribution working very hard with important suppliers and to increase the eminence of suppliers and decrease the cost by obtaining materials of best quality in a low price on a timely basis in a global point.


People who will be affected by a try and can influence it? But who are not directly involved with doing the work? In the private sector People who are affected by any action taken by Canon Company.

In 2008 the £306 million this earnings are got by selling photo copy machines, printers, cameras only on UK markets. That the canon company mainly depended on their customers that the customers are looking Areas tailored to needs of graphic arts consumers

Representing is largely wide-ranging canon collection until now consisting the initial global platform of its image runner progress expert light invention series

Innovative 'leap' cross media drive motivates printers to obtain their dealing in innovative directions


That the Canon Companies main credit suppliers based on heir porches due to that they cannot influence to the company as they needed as well as they contribute on less percentage to the all the process of the company because in 2008 that the Canon company get material £37 million so it should be a less portion to the all process of the company.


The canon company is multinational company there for that the numbers of shareholders may be impossible to calculate but we can assets it through the takeover but we can describe it by using take over 1st week on March that takeover of the canon company was £9.5 million. When we look at this should explain us this can be influence more to the company as well as it should highly effected to the companies decisions because that the total assets of the companies should be a £31.1 million.


The canon company pay tax to the UK government it's approximately £3.4 million in 2008. According to this they that the total profit of the company is £9.3 million. When we consider it according to the percentage it takes 30% approx so  that the government highly influence to the company's activities and government going to increase fuel price to the all the companies this will be affected to this companies activities      

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