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Barbara Kruger Art Style Analysis

Barbara Kruger, an American graphic designer who brings to light modern day problems of society using her art as a message conveyor of societies problems.

Types of Traditional Chinese Dance

The Chinese dances are a very broad form of representing, conveying and preserving their culture. Within the three most important categories of the…

Forrest Gump: Marxist and Feminist Analysis

Forrest Gump is wholly masculine film and Forrest Gump is no doubt the protagonist, two important females, his mother – Mrs. Gump and his best girl…

The Psychology of Color

Consider it or not, bearing certain colors can help us elevate, make head way argument or encourage friends to share the latest gossip.

Examining The Pop Art Movement

In attempt to bring art back into American daily life, the Pop-art movement depicted elements of popular culture by using common everyday…

The 1951 Refugee Convention

When a person asks for asylum in the UK there are in fact asking the authorities to recognise them as a refugee

Fall Dance Concert Review Art Essay

The performance that was observed was not lively as evidenced by the various features. The performance did not make most of the people in …

Overview Of The Mona Lisa Art Essay

Mona Lisa is a 16th century painting made from oil and popular wood. Due to the painting’s mystique and technical mystery, it is one of the …

Exploring The Concept Of Cubism Art Essay

Cubism was one of the most influential art movements of the 20th century. It took place between 1907 and about 1914. The innovators of the …

The Three David Statues Art Essay

The paper explores the three David’s statues which are situated in different locations in Italy. The three statues of David are …

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